More Reasons Why We Love Kevin Richardson

It’s time for even more positivity and love! Because well, it’s very easy to give that to five men who’ve brought so many people around the world SO much joy for twenty-six years. I’ve done a post for Nick, then Howie, and now? It’s Kevin’s turn in my sequel series of posts. You can never have too many reasons to love a Backstreet Boy.

Now let’s take a moment to look at a few of the many, many reasons why we find it so easy to love Kevin.



5. He’s hilarious.

DId you watch the Grammy Museum Q&A? No? The good news is I have it here. Just click (in case it doesn’t start at the time, it’s 53:09 but the whole thing is fabulous) to hear Kevin’s amazing Ninja Turtle story. Kevin was always perceived in the 90s to be too serious. Funnily enough that was the opposite of who he is. Kevin can joke around and make fun with the best. When he wants to, he’s probably one of the funniest Boys in the group.



4. His Perfectionism

Kevin is nothing if not a perfectionist. He cares SO MUCH about the quality of what he’s putting out there. It’s sadly for this reason we haven’t gotten a solo album from him. (I will wail about this till the day I die if one never happens) Because he wants to make sure that the music he’s making, the show he’s doing, everything is the best it can possibly be. In a world where so much is about quantity? Kevin remains focused on quality.



3. He Fanboys ALMOST as Hard as Nick

If you follow him on twitter, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The man loves his football. Especially his UK Wildcats. You kind of have to just love it about him. Just like us, he’s a loyal fan to what gives him joy. Literally the only other Backstreet Boy that fanboys harder for anything is Nick. Kevin is a ride or die fan for life.



2. His Voice

We need to talk about his voice. We don’t get to hear as much of it solo as we do some of the others but when we do? Kevin has the kind of voice that makes you stop and listen. It’s pure silk. It’s as smooth as he is, honestly. Go listen to the bonus track of DNA called Do You Remember, come back, and then try to tell me I’m wrong. I dare you. The cover I linked? One of my favorites. His voice suits him and his old soul ways.



1. He and Kristin are Literally the Backstreet Fairy Tale

While all the couples are adorable in the land of Backstreet, there’s something magical about Kevin and Kristin. They were literally born (as a couple) at DISNEY. It doesn’t get more magical than that, am I right? She’s been there through the highs and the lows. When you watch Kevin show much he loves her, the way he talks about her…you just swoon. He’s our fandom’s version of soulmate goals. Kristin is an incredibly lucky woman.


I know there’s so many more reasons, and we could go on forever!

Thank you Kevin for being such a beautiful soul.


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