This Is How We Do It…Solo! (AJ and Howie)

So in the midst of all this wonderful DNA World Tour chaos that has just launched, Howie and AJ are keeping us on our toes.

I’m absolutely a little late on this and I’m sorry! There’s just a lot and I’m scrambling to keep up. I’ve pushed back my other posts where I dig into things cause my main focus is try and cover everything that is happening RIGHT. NOW. Which again, is a lot! If more solo projects pop up, check back as I’ll update here! I decided a fresh one will be better since for now…Nick doesn’t have any current or pressing solo plans. (Excuse me while I go cry in a corner...)

Anyway…so exciting things from Howie and AJ!



Howie has his Family Album. The idea is actually rather cute, as he wanted something his kids could listen to but adults could enjoy as well. The end result is his next solo protect Which One Am I? The theme of this is the idea of loving yourself for exactly who you are, which is absolutely beautiful. Some of the songs on this album will be featured on his upcoming music Back In The Day which debuts next year in January. Check out the new single below, and the adorable video that features his son James!


You can pre-order the album now which is out on July 12th. Now while you can do so on iTunes, or Google Play…I personally recommend getting it from his website. Mainly because there you can get a swag package, or if you wanna go simpler, just go for the autographed copy! So check those out here.




As I said in last year’s ongoing solo post, AJ has been taking on the country genre. His latest song Give You Away is just the latest in a string of well crafted songs. We’ve seen him go darker with Night Visions, make us cry with Boy and a Man and now he’s gifted us with a song you just know will be played at weddings to come…which is called Give You Away. Right now all we have is the lyric video and I don’t know if it’s possible to get a music video as he’s currently touring with the Boys. That said, it doesn’t take away from the love and beauty of this song. AJ’s never hidden how much he’s loved being a father or how much he adores his girls, but it’s showcased perfectly in this song.

No release date on his album yet…but when we get one, you’ll know it.

Check out Give You Away below.

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