Thoughts As Millennium Turns 20


Maybe it’s just me but just saying that makes me feel all sorts of ways. Oddly their US debut doing this did not.

Could be because Millennium marks the shift from when I went from a less involved Backstreet Boys fan, to taking my first dive into the hard core sect of the fandom. I’ve talked before about how Millennium changed the trajectory of the Boys in my last album reflections post. But if you weren’t there in the fanbase yet, or you were too young, it’s just hard to explain the magic of that era. And that’s the thing, isn’t it? It really was magic. The Boys were on top of the world. Everything seemed perfect. It felt like they were dominating the world…and they were.

On a more personal note, if I had to have one single album represent my childhood? It absolutely would be Millennium no question. The memory of begging my parents to take me to the store for the midnight release of the album. Coming home from school to put it on blast and dance around my living room as I belted Larger Than Life. (My poor parents put up with me pretty well, actually.) That era was the exact moment when my new bedroom wallpaper became Backstreet Boys posters. In a weird sort of way this album changed lives. It changed mine. It changed theirs, absolutely. This was the album that had me in for life.

There was absolutely a mania going. You did whatever you could. We didn’t replay videos on YouTube over and over again. Instead? We ran home to call into TRL so I Want It That Way could be number one on the countdown. Or so we could vote for what the next single would be…only for Nick could call in and mess with the vote. (Justice for Don’t Want You Back and for It’s Gotta Be You!) Which I know I’ve mentioned before but I’ll never forget this and will always mention it in any post discussing Millennium. (I love you Nick…but this will haunt you from the fans forever)



We called into our radio stations, driving DJs absolutely bonkers I’m sure as we begged for them to play Larger Than Life, I Want It That Way, Show Me The Meaning, and The One. It took more work then, if you want my honest opinion, in supporting your artist. These days a lot of it can be done sitting at your computer, laptop, or wandering around with your smartphone. Wow, I really sounded old saying that. But it’s true. In many ways that extra work felt better.

The fact this album is hailed as one of the best albums of the nineties. The fact that this album is one of the best selling of all time. The fact that Millennium stands the test of time. All of these reasons are why you couldn’t deny this record. People who hate pop will begrudgingly admit that I Want It That Way is a damn good song. This is an album that can’t be denied. It simply can’t. But it’s not just that, either.

Combining that with my own special feelings with this era, is why I’m smiling as I write this post.  My first discovery of fansites, or how I’d be at a sleepover with my best friend, while we all argued who was cuter – Nick or Kevin. (My answer still hasn’t changed ) Waiting anxiously to try and win radio contests for Millennium tickets…(sadly we lost.) This album absolutely defined a generation. That may sound dramatic but it doesn’t make it any less true. That is why I’m in my feelings so much knowing that this album is turning twenty.

Because the magic surrounding this perfect album, this perfect era, it hasn’t faded.

If anything, it’s gotten stronger.

So Happy Birthday Millennium.

Thank you for the beautiful songs, and thank you for the memories…

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