Don’t Let Go When The Daylight’s Gone… (How Music Can Heal)

This is one of those completely unplanned posts. Hence why two are being posted in one day. This needed to be written however, as much for myself as you guys.  In fact I have so many in my plans that I need to do, or feel a need to do. But I just watched a video on Youtube (linking rather than embedding as not to spoil those who don’t want it on the DNA World Tour) and it had me thinking about yesterday. Why yesterday? Because yesterday was Mother’s Day.

I try not to get personal, as in really personal on here too often. But sometimes I do. Sometimes I feel a need to just really express things. I like to always think you guys reading this don’t mind. I always hope that maybe, just maybe, you can relate as well. Or at least understand. Sometimes you just need to write something to help yourself just as much as you want to help others. This is one of those moments. Because as many of you know, I lost my mother very suddenly six and a half years ago. So that particular holiday is very hard for me in that it’s a reminder of what I no longer have.

I find in my darkest times, music can be my safe space. Music helps me cope with things I don’t know if I could cope with otherwise. And with that, there’s certain songs that tend to be my go to in times like this. But you know what song I had on repeat yesterday? A song that really just hit the very chord I needed? Breathe from DNA. It came on my shuffle as I was getting ready for work and it just really hit me in my soul. Maybe it was the flawless blend of their voices, completely a capella. Or maybe it was the lyrics which I’ve been very fond of since the get go. (As you can see from my site header.)

It could’ve been the combination, I’m not sure.

I just know I felt like it was speaking right to me.

Sometimes I truly wonder if the Boys realize how many lives they touch. If they really know how many ways they can reach people. Music can do so many things. It can bring joy. It can heal. It can bring people together. In this case, Breathe was a sort of therapy for me. It helped me get out my emotions without completely breaking down. It reminded me that no matter how dark everything felt that day, that it would be better. It would get better. Cheesy as it may sound, it reminded me to just breathe and let myself feel what I needed to feel, and allow it to help me move forward. That’s just what I did.

I don’t know if people who don’t love music the way I do can fully understand that. I’ve tried explaining it to family in the past that BSB were a constant in my life as it took the many highs and lows that it has. I just know that this is what it does for me. It’s continued to do this. It’s not some nostalgic connection. Their brand new music is helping me. I hope it’s helping others. Music can do so much. And while those outside this fandom brush BSB off as a boyband that can’t affect people like this, I call bullshit – to put it bluntly. They’ve changed more lives than I think they will ever know. All I know is that I’m thankful. I know that we’re blessed that they’ve stayed together to tour, release music, and to keep going. Because I know for me personally, yesterday would’ve been a lot harder without Breathe.

One day, I hope the Boys really know how much we love what their music has done for us.

Cause as much as I try to express that, I don’t know if words can ever fully cover the entirety of it.

Just know it’s true Nick, Kevin, Howie, Brian, and AJ.

Thank you for the music.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Go When The Daylight’s Gone… (How Music Can Heal)

  1. I’m just reading this now and I can relate in a different way….
    Music does heal you and let you step back and look at things a different way.
    You’ve written this beautifully Rose!

    Liked by 1 person

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