Song Spotlight Solos – Nick Carter’s Falling Down

I debated about what Nick song I wanted to do for this. I had a few songs in mind, including some from Howie and AJ. I even asked you guys for thoughts cause I always want your opinions too. But I haven’t talked about Nick in a minute so that narrowed it down. Then, it was about what song to focus on. Nick’s got the most expansive solo discography of the group. It’s great but it makes it harder to decide on anything. It probably means I’ll have to do another one of these in the future for him. Oh no. I’m raising my sarcasm hand, in case you can’t quite tell through the words of a blog. Lord knows I don’t need more reasons to talk about Nick. Or Backstreet in general. My name is Rose and I have a problem.

Refocusing, I then really thought about it…and I kept coming back to Falling Down.

Falling Down, for maybe lesser hard core fans who might stumble on to my site, is a song off of Nick’s second solo album I’m Taking Off. This album came out thirteen years after his debut solo record Now Or Never and sometimes when I do posts like these I wonder if the meddling Jive did with that made him a bit gun shy, so to speak. This album was a full on passion project. Nick didn’t have a label deal, he released it on his private one. He wrote on every song. Everything Nick did with this one he did because he wanted to and the way he wanted to.

I’m going into all this because this song is absolutely the stand out of the entire album.

One of the many reasons I’ve always been a fan of Nick’s is the passion he really, truly, puts into everything he does. Nick does not do anything half assed. Ever. If he wants to do something he goes full force. That’s simply the kind of artist he is. Whether he’s going to his knees on stage because he’s so caught up in the emotion of what he’s performing, or he’s doing one of those notes he wants to hold for five years to the point where fans think he might pass out. Nick as he’s said himself, performs as if it’s the last time he’ll ever be on stage. It’s pretty damn beautiful. This song showcases that passion perfectly.

Everything about Falling Down is a mood. And just captures what you’re feeling when you’ve lost someone (whether it’s in a relationship, through death, etc.) where you just can’t outrun the emotions and memories that person’s caused for you. I know for me personally, it was one of the few songs that helped me cope with one of the darker times in my life. I could just relate. You’re questioning everything you’ve said and done, wishing you could do it differently – wondering if you could. After Nick’s sister Leslie passed in 2012, he used the song as a tribute for her on tour. It was fitting in a way you may not have expected at the time.

The song is that feeling of darkness and ache, that endless wondering of…

What could I have done?

Could I have done anything?

Can I move on?

How do I move on?

The questions all of us have asked ourselves at one point or another. Falling Down is simply as real and raw as it gets.


Nick may not be Justin Timberlake and he’s always said he’s never wanted to be. But he’s gifted us with music that has meant something over the years. Not just to us, but for himself as well. If you’re one of those fans who don’t really pay attention to solo works, or a casual who came back thanks to DNA, or a new fan who doesn’t realize the rabbit hole she’s just dove into? Please do yourself a favor and give the song a full listen. Give it all of your attention. It’s one of those songs where the vocals can absolutely speak for themselves yet don’t have to. The emotion is carried through the melody and through the lyrics.The amount of pure emotion he’s put into every performance is stunning.

All of these things come together and create one of the best songs Nick Carter’s ever done.

What song would you like to see me cover next? Comment or tweet me at @thedarksidebsb!

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