More Reasons Why We Love Brian Littrell


And it’s that time again. Time where we take a moment to step back and throw some good energy out there. A moment where we really take a moment to appreciate one of the five men who have given so many of us so much joy over the years. So far we’ve talked about Nick, Howie, and Kevin. Today if you didn’t notice the title, we’re here to give Brian a little (or a lot) of love.



5. He ‘s Not Afraid To Say What He Thinks

The truth can hurt. But Brian is able to put it out there. And that’s something that’s always demanded a level of appreciation and respect. He’s even able to say it about himself, no matter what others might think. Brian is Brian, he says what he feels and we have to love him for that. (Though we disagree with you in this interview Brian, we don’t think you’re an asshole. 🙂 )



4. His Endless Love For The Fans

Brian is ALWAYS the one giving fans attention during a show. He is the one always trying to catch your eye and wave. He’ll take your phone and take selfies with you from the stage, or a video. He’ll do everything he can to give you that wonderful once in a lifetime moment you’ll never forget. Not every singer is like that. But Brian? Brian is pretty special.



3. His Love For His Family

A man who loves his family as much as he does, it’s something to admire. It’s something to treasure. The love and pride in his eyes when he talks about Baylee or sees his son performing, it’s enough to give you warm fuzzies for life. You can tell his family is absolutely his world. We all wish we had someone like Brian in our lives. Baylee and Leighanne are pretty lucky that way.




2. His Sense of Humor

This is the guy who’s made it so we all say gotta go without thinking. He’s always got cheesy jokes and is playful beyond belief. How can you not love that? That’s just it, you can’t. Brian has this uncanny ability to make us all smile. We appreciate all the sunshine you bring with your ways of bringing laughter into the world.




1. His Ability To Face Every Challenge

No matter what life throws at Brian, he faces it head on. He is the one who had the bravery to first suggest a lawsuit again Lou Pearlman. He is the one who had to face the issues with his heart. And when he faced his vocal condition, he took it head on. He did not shy away. Now on the DNA World Tour he’s sounding better than ever. Know how proud we are of you Brian, because you’re amazing.



As always we could go on forever on the many reasons why we love you Brian…

Thank you Brian for always being a source of inspiration to those around you.

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