The Grammy Museum’s BSB Experience…As Told By A (Real) Die Hard Fan


The Grammy Museum.

The exhibit known as the Backstreet Boys Experience opened back in April and it’s been the buzz among the fandom. It’s been talked about of course by Buzzfeed, newspapers, music reporters and such. But the thing is, can we really trust their opinion? They don’t know Backstreet. I mean, not like we know Backstreet. These are the same people who think BSB reunited. They’re the ones who keep saying that DNA is a “comeback” album. (THEY NEVER LEFT!) I may not live in Los Angeles but to be honest, Vegas is pretty much a hop, skip, and a jump away. Literally a forty-five minute flight. Seemed a pretty easy decision to go with a couple friends and make a trip out of it. Especially since The residency has ended and the Boys were over in Europe. I won’t see them till August! I had to fill that BSB emptiness with something and this fit the bill.

I asked if you guys would want a review a couple months after it opened, I mean I’d understand if you didn’t.

But you made it pretty clear that you did.

So here we go!

This will be very image heavy, and that’s with me being picky or editing images into mini collages so I could really give a full run down. I know there’s a lot of you around the world who may not be able to make it to Los Angeles to see it. But if you can? I recommend it. There’s other exhibits with other artists that if you’re a music freak like me? You’ll totally enjoy it. Obviously my favorite was the BSB floor. Because yes, the Backstreet Boys experience? It’s a floor. (Level Two, to be specific!) I walked in and I’ll kid you not…I looked around and went, wow I’m home.


So when you go down the stairs you’re welcomed by the beautiful slinky shots from the DNA photoshoot. Though, I wonder why Nick’s at the bottom? Either way, it’s a wonderful greeting. As is the explanation behind the reasons for this exhibit that are on a wall as soon as you turn a corner. What I love, (and you can click on the photo so you can read it better) is how it goes on to talk about the Boys’ relationship with the fans. It’s a major reason why many of us have stayed fans throughout the years beyond the music.


Reading that wall alone? It made me look at everything on display with the mindset of everything they have accomplished, everything they’ve done…are just precursors for all that is to come.  They’ve done so much, worked so hard, and as a fan it’s so easy to just be proud, you know?



I think what was so cool were how many personal items made it into the collection. Newspaper articles about Brian. Howie’s college degree, Brian’s high school diploma, and even the clothes a baby AJ McLean made it home in are proudly on display. Things that go beyond what made BSB, the Backstreet Boys. Instead these are things that made the Boys…themselves as people. Their lives are there. Photos and trinkets that have helped shaped who they are today. Speaking from a fan’s aspect it’s the personal touches that really brought it to the next level. There’s even a video wall where you can see clips from Howie’s personal home video collection. Which, if any of them ever see this? PLEASE release those on a DVD. Kevin’s home videos too. Trust me. We fans would get a huge kick out of them if you’re ever willing to share.


A lot of clothes make it into this exhibit. Not just the infamous shirts from Quit Playing Games, either. Which of course I’ll be including a photo of inside here. You have Brian’s Wildcats jersey, and you even have the suit Howie wore to the Orlando Florida charity event back in 1998.




They have an section where they put fan gifts on display I really loved the display cases being modeled after fan gifts. If you want me to be honest it reminded me of the sort of doodles I’d do during classes as a pre-teen while humming I Want It That Way to myself. It’s a little bit of everything. Handmade gifts, scrapbooks, basketballs…


Can we talk about how touching it is that the Boys have held on to these gifts over the years?



I think seeing the outfits for shows I’ve been able to see, was definitely upping the coolness factor.

But then again, so was seeing the Black and Blue tour jacket Kevin wore!

That jumpsuit of Howie’s was literally from one of their earliest tours.

When I think of iconic, and Backstreet Boys? I think of the Millennium tour, and the outfits.




Now, let’s talk about the now infamous fan wall. This wall is HUGE. I mean huge. All covered with not just plaques honoring their record breaking albums, but photos submitted by fans. Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? This whole thing honors the fans and touches on everything the fan-base has been there through just as much as the Boys themselves.The people who put all of this together picked the photos and they range from selfies, to VIPs, random meetings, you name it. I feel the album plaques being displayed along with them is fitting. As those wouldn’t happen without both the Boys and the fans who have supported them. God, so many achievements. It just showcases their journey and how special it’s all been.


Then you have the wall that is a virtual copy of what my walls happened to look like in my bedroom pretty much from the ages thirteen to eighteen. I absolutely couldn’t resist posing with a giant Nick. I mean it’s a Nick post with his curtain hair. (Confession: I cried when he first cut it off during the Millennium era.) Just past where I posed is a room where you can film your own confession to the Boys, or about the Boys.

On the other side of the confessional room is the #BSBMosaic which is a mosaic where you can print tiny sticker photos to help make a giant pictures of the Boys. This piece of art will actually be GIVEN to them once the exhibit ends. Cool, am I right?



Finally, the last piece is a little video setup where you can sing with some holographic Backstreet Boys. Probably for the best I didn’t do that as…my singing really stinks. No need to harm the ears of other visitors. I did however, go and do a holographic photo with the group that I’ll post here happily. Also? There’s even a little theater where the Boys did their Q&A where…you can watch their Q&A on the big screen! (Mainly because Kevin’s ninja turtle story will never get old.) Not to mention the sticker machine where you put in the token they give you, and you can get your own DNA sticker. Some of them are even autographed. I got Howie, sadly unsigned.

If you can go to the Backstreet Boys Experience at the Grammy Museum? Do it. I cannot say this enough. It’s literally everything for a fan who, if you’re reading this is just as much a die hard as I am. You can see everything you’ve been able to see as a fan on display, bringing back ALL those memories. You can see the little things that mean a lot to the five men who’ve brought us so much joy over the years.

Go if you can. Do yourself that favor. If you can’t, I hope this helps you enjoy it wherever you are in the world.

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