A Plea for Passionate (to Be a Single)

It’s not often I do posts begging for the Boys to do something.

Generally speaking I support pretty much all the decisions they’ve made. Especially lately. They are the music veterans. Not me. I trust their judgement and it’s gotten their career pretty damn far, so of course they know what they’re doing. So please don’t take this post as any lack of faith in any way shape or form. I just, felt a need to write this and I follow my gut most times when it comes to writing. When DNA first came out, I was blown away. I still am. It’s frequently on shuffle either on my phone or my computer and sometimes I even play my vinyl copy just for the hell of it. But there’s absolutely a song I still…six months later have NOT gotten sick of whatsoever. And yes, you guessed it…that song is Passionate.

I could rave about that song for years. Hell I just might given that I have my own corner of the internet to do so in. This song is unlike any the Boys have ever done previously. It’s a song that showcases their skill, is an absolute jam, and could surprise many. From my own experience, I have the song as a ringtone and I am constantly asked who’s singing it. I explain and most are pretty shocked about it. Then they ask me if it’s on Spotify. I think that’s pretty telling. Not to mention, the song was produced by some major hit-makers – The Stereotypes. This song just has an edge, it’s funky, it’s got an energy you cannot deny. Whether you want to admit it or not, you find yourself jamming to it pretty damn fast. And that breakdown towards the end is pure fire.

The main reason for this post is that the last single the Boys have released was No Place. Which admittedly was more of buzz single that took off once it got posted to YouTube to promote the album (along with Breathe). If you don’t count that, then the last single was actually Chances. It’s been a minute. Part of me fears we won’t see another single from the record. I don’t speak for the entire fandom, I’d never presume to. That said, one of the songs I always see fans raving about (besides New Love) is Passionate. I feel like this song is doomed to become the Get Another Boyfriend of this era. The song that you’re like “HOLY SHIT this is amazeballs!” but doesn’t actually get released or anything. Other examples would include That’s The Way I Like It, Don’t Want You Back and let’s not forget Undone. Please don’t let this song fall into that category.

If anyone with the power to make this happen reads this? Consider it! This song could really capture mainstream radio in ways I didn’t even expect Don’t Go Breaking My Heart to do. It has a magic that shouldn’t be ignored. The music video would be crazy and fun, cause it’d have to be…right? Combine that with the raw talent the Boys have always possessed and showcase in Passionate and I don’t see a way for this not to blow up. Imagine them performing this live on TV spots. There’s so much potential here. I’m simply a fan who wants to see the world appreciate the not-so-hidden-gems the Backstreet Boys can truly offer.

As Nick has said about the song, I’m passionate about Passionate.

So consider making it a single.


2 thoughts on “A Plea for Passionate (to Be a Single)

  1. It’s my alarm. So great waking up to it every morning (well, on weekdays, anyway). So wish they sang the whole song on the tour, it’s one of those songs you just can’t sit still for


  2. I wish they all would be singles! I agree with Passionate as well, but Brians vocals on Just Like You Like It, my personal fave, has my vote too!


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