You’re Never Too Old For What You Love, For Me That’s The Backstreet Boys

I had another blog in mind for this weekend as it’s one of those rare times I’m off. But I had an incident happen in my real life that basically spurred me to write this. I feel it’s something we can all relate to, too. Because I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever dealt with this. So let me explain why this post exists. At work I wear a BSB lanyard. It’s one of the ones you get at #BSBVegas VIP. And me being me, I took the pass off of one and attached my work badge to it. It’s a subtle way to showcase my fandom and to be honest I love wearing it. Over time it’s gotten a Walking Dead pin and a pin I got at the Museum of Death during my LA trip attached to it, because I just enjoy showcasing what I love.

Don’t we all?

Every once in awhile I get comments about this, usually pretty positive. Ever since the residency it’s seemed to have brought out the Backstreet Boys fans of Vegas. It’s a BSB friendly city now. But the other day I had a customer decide to make fun of it. Asking why I’d wear something like that in the year of 2019. It really irritated me. Long story short, the implication was basically that someone my age shouldn’t be still into them. (I can only imagine what that person would say if they knew I blogged about them.)

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. I’ve had people tell me that now that I’m in my thirties (I’m 32), I shouldn’t be traveling around for “some nineties boyband”. I’ve heard others say I’m too old for this sort of thing and need to grow up. But wait, what should age have to do with any of that? Why is there an age limit on this? You don’t hear people telling men they’re too old to travel for sports games. Or that they’re too old to fanboy over comic book movies. I’m an adult. I don’t have kids. I have my share of disposable income. I take care of my responsibilities and adult properly.

Why is it a big deal if I travel to see my favorite group of singers?

Why is there an age limit on going to do what makes you happy?

To put it bluntly, it’s a load of garbage.

There’s this idiotic idea that because Backstreet Boys are a boyband, you can only like them if you’re some silly teenager. You can only travel to see them if you’re young, as it’s implied too young to know better. I never quite got this, especially now since most people who were around when they first came out are full grown adults, not teenagers. But that’s how some act, as if we should’ve outgrown this. I’m sorry but who is anyone to tell us what to like or what not to like? Not to mention I grew up on this group. They’ve been a staple. Plenty of people can say that about many of their favorite musicians but that’s “acceptable” because they’re not a boyband? Get out with that kind of thinking. People shouldn’t be allowed to judge you just because it’s not their thing. There’s this snobbery that comes with boybands that I will never understand. Maybe raw talent for singing and harmonizing isn’t for them, but it’s definitely for me.

You are never too old to love what makes you happy.

If that means traveling around to see your favorite group? More power to you. Want to wear a concert shirt? You rock it with pride. Blast their songs on the radio and sing your lungs out. Who cares? One thing I will never let anyone do is decide what I like or shouldn’t like, or make me feel shame for it. Life is short so live what you love. Do what makes you happy.

For me, that’s the Backstreet Boys.

Anyone who doesn’t like it?

Well, keep on walking then.

3 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old For What You Love, For Me That’s The Backstreet Boys

  1. BSB music brings me joy. Their songs are three-minute pop gems that always make me feel better. I decided last summer that life is too short to feel guilty about the things that bring me joy. If the musician brings me joy, and I have the money to see them, I will go to the concert. I didn’t ever get to see Michael Jackson, David Bowie, or Prince, and I seriously regret that now. If people want to judge my joy, I don’t need to listen to them.


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