A Fandom’s DNA: As Told By Top Ten Lists of Backstreet Boys Songs

Sometimes I like to just spark random discussions on twitter. Completely spur of the moment.

I asked you guys what your personal Top Ten BSB Songs list would look like. I was just expecting a few responses and holy hell did my mentions light up! What I found to be the most interesting was how across the board the lists actually were. There were a few songs that seemed to pop up on the majority of those lists, but overall you just couldn’t tell what someone would pick. It was really neat and I think it speaks a lot to the Boys themselves.

How so, do you ask?

Because the Boys have stated that that “signature Backstreet Boys sound” is the blend of their voices. Yes they’re pop musicians but they’ve dabbled in practically every genre. They’ve done a capella, New Jack Swing, R&B, country, electro-pop, pop/rock, I think the only thing they haven’t done is grunge. Which, given Nick’s love of Nirvana…could happen someday if they ever get crazy enough to try it. DNA as an album showcases this trait as well in how diverse an album it is. It literally has a track for every taste possible in this fandom. I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that when it comes to the music, we all can’t all quite agree about which way to go. Mainly because they’ve dipped their toes in everything, and have each found something to love because of it. They’ve broadened our horizons, especially those of us who like myself, grew up on them. It influences your musical tastes in ways you may not realize.


The universally loved ones seem to be…

Get Another Boyfriend – Which can we TALK about the MISSED potential of this song? This kills me. I wasn’t sure when I sifted through the replies before writing this post what songs would get named the most. Part of me felt it’d be mainly singles or ballads and this sort of shone through like a dark horse. It’s a damn good thing they brought this song back to the set list.

As Long As You Love Me – As someone who considers this to be one of my favorite singles I’m not too surprised this gets named a lot. Not only is it the original story of Brian and Leighanne, but the video is a cute one. It’s what spurred my childhood adoration of Frick and Frack. Not to mention the chair dance lived on to be iconic. Thanks Fatima.

I Still – I will forever rage about the fact this song wasn’t a single in the United States. Forever. This song is wonderful and damn it they need to bring it back to a future tour. I demand it. Based on how many fans love it, I’m clearly not alone in that thought.

Breathe – The latest one, from DNA and it’s easy to see why. It’s their vocals raw and beautiful. The blend that is absolutely the “Backstreet Sound” in it’s purest form. I don’t think this will never stop being a fan favorite, even after we’re blessed with more albums in the future. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it here, this song is what Heaven must sound like. I am convinced.


As for my list? I adjusted it slightly from when I originally posted it, mainly because I was up early and forgot a song existed. For those curious, here’s my line up of favorite BSB songs of all time. And to be honest, I’m sure it fluctuates a bit depending on how I’m feeling.

  1. 10,000 Promises
  2. Song For The Unloved
  3. Passionate
  4. Breathe (DNA)
  5. It’s Gotta Be You
  6. Trouble
  7. Light On
  8. I Wanna Be With You
  9. Shining Star
  10. As Long As You Love Me

I looked for a trend and I did notice a lot of them are upbeat, and there’s a lot of harmonizing.

Here’s some of the ones you guys tweeted my way.


Some of you loved ballads, others had no rhyme or reasons to the lists. If I let myself go to twenty I know that I Still, This Is Us, Undone, Downpour, I Still, and Get Another Boyfriend would all be in eleven through fifteen. But I felt Top Ten was more a challenge. As several of you made sure to tell me. Some of you couldn’t choose at all! Part of me couldn’t blame you either. It’s not an easy task. For many of us, Backstreet Boys are just one of those groups where you’ll love practically any song they put out. Why? Because their voices and harmonies are simply that beautiful. Case in point, my love for She’s a Dream that many of my fandom friends judge me for, is based on how pretty the vocals are.

Easy to see why so many people stayed on that struggle bus of being unable to decide.

And my favorite reply…

Which I mean, relatable!

In the end however the entire catalogue of the Boys, which is quite massive when you include all the bonus tracks and leaked unreleased songs from over the past two and half decades…they make up out DNA. They are why this fandom has so many opinions. Our tastes are so varied because their songs touch on everything. Some touch on religion like Divine Intervention, while other songs spread messages of hope such as One In A Million or Song For The Unloved. Many are love song classics of course like I’ll Never Break You Heart, Chances, or Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, but we can’t forget the fun dance songs like We’ve Got It Going On, Get Down, Passionate, and Straight Through My Heart.

Finally there’s the occasional song that doesn’t make any sense – I see you I Want It That Way.

I wouldn’t change a thing about any of it. The diversity of tastes and opinions within our fandom family is what makes us so unique I think. Let’s face it, I don’t see 98 Degrees doing country. Or pop/rock. (No offense 98 fans.) I don’t see NSYNC doing that either if they ever get back together. What makes the Boys so great was always their lack of fear to try new things. It’s always pulled in new fans, different types of fans, and I’m thankful for it.

In the end it’s interesting to see what songs fans truly love from the Boys. Are any of them songs you would pick? Let me know what your top ten would be! 

4 thoughts on “A Fandom’s DNA: As Told By Top Ten Lists of Backstreet Boys Songs

  1. Just 10? You’re right, that is hard! My list FWIW:
    1.The One
    2. Who Do You Love
    3. As Long as You Love Me
    4. I Want It That Way
    5. Missing You
    6. I Still
    7. Stay In My Life
    8. I’ll Never Find Someone Like You
    9. Best That I Can
    10.I Need You Tonight/ Heaven In Your Eyes (because this was as close as I could get to Nick solo work, lol! Would’ve picked Don’t Walk Away, I love that song.)
    Hmm–it IS heavy on the ballads, my daughter is right: I’m a sucker for those!


  2. Honestly, I like all the inspirational songs like Show Em What You’re Made of Story of My Life Song for the Unloved Answer to Our Lives they did it was refreshing change from love/sex ballads they did. If I had to choose from the ballads, I really like What Makes You Different because it is prasing inner beauty.


  3. The ones I always hit repeat on once when I hear them on my Spotify in no particular order:
    Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of
    Breathe (DNA)
    Breathe (IAWLT)
    Back to Your Heart
    I Just Want You to Know
    As Long as You Love Me
    I Want it That Way (the new acoustic one)
    I Still


  4. It is hard to pick ten but I lean heavily towards the early R&B influenced songs. I also like when they go away from the typicl love song and go inspirational like Show Em What You’re Made of . I even found one in which they do social commentary
    All In This together which I think was written by AJ (You can judge for yourself how well it worked out). My list is constantly changing as I add or delete some but here it is. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa7RaTOyT7Uo17E_jCc49L0CzwlHZmu07


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