Thank You For Your Big Heart, Nick Carter

Sometimes, I do posts because I want to go into a topic. Share thoughts.

Other times, I do posts to keep you guys up to date.

And then…there’s just posts where I talk about wonderful a Backstreet Boy is, or how great they all are.

Today’s post would be that last one I just said. Mainly because I’m consistently impressed by how great, and giving Nick can be. I’ve actually made posts like this before, because it’s happened several times. See, most people think celebrities can be pretty self-involved. To be honest, that can be true for a lot of them. You’ll never see me deny that. But there’s a reason why I’ve been in the BSB fandom for as long as I have – well, okay many reasons. One of them is absolutely Nick Carter.

You see, Nick is a giver. He does what he can to give back. He’s talked about how he had a rough family life growing up. He’s talked openly about his struggles with substance abuse and even depression. I’ve seen the DMs that he’s sent to fans to let them know he does read them and that it’ll be okay. He appreciates his fans. He appreciates his blessings. So when he can, he does what he can to give back. Like when he visited the hospital here in Vegas after the Vegas massacre. Or when he volunteered at the homeless shelter for thanksgiving. I attended the toy drive where he donated plenty of his time for a charity kissing booth where he treated fans as if they were there for a tour VIP and kept thanking fans to taking part in the event.

Hearing about his visit to the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota during the Boys’ DNA World Tour?

Well, I wasn’t surprised. This is simply the type of thing he does.

Hearing that the kids didn’t realize who he was? That made me feel a little old.

But that was quickly drowned out by other feelings.

Then this video (last slide on this Instragram post below), had me all up in my feelings to the point where I decided I had to write this. Because I needed to talk about him, and just how good a guy he is. This moment right here is simply beautiful.


On top of all this, he also gave his time to their Star Studio.

It’s a network they air on the TV screens in the hospital for kids to watch and enjoy. So basically, it wasn’t enough that he was visiting their rooms. He made sure to give even more time and have fun on their little TV station. Please watch, it’s pretty adorable. Nick isn’t just giving back, but as always he’s having fun doing it. (Skip ahead to about nine minutes in, it airs live so eight minutes is just the screen saying “coming soon”.)

The point of this whole post to just be happy that Nick is the guy he is. It’s to say thank you to him, for having such a big heart. To remind him of how many lives he really touches. Thank you, Nick if by some chance you ever stumble upon this…for always being so kind, giving, and caring. For having more than just a beautiful voice or face…but for being so on the inside as well. This is getting a bit sentimental but honestly, this is why we stay fans. Because of the kind of person you are. Because of the good you strive to do. You brighten people’s lives, and I hope you don’t forget that.

Thank you Nick, please don’t ever change.

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