“Breathe” Is What Heaven Looks Like

I have a theory.

Some of you have probably seen me say this on my other fanpage twitter @BSBInVegas (Which I’ve been dubbing as BSB On Tour for DNA since the residency ended)….but I’m convinced that the Backstreet Boys singing Breathe (from DNA not In A World Like This) is what Heaven looks like after we die. Convinced. So much so that I felt this deserved a freaking discussion. Because it’s true. It has to be.


Fair warning, if you don’t want spoilers…turn back now.

Like I said, I’ve said it before. But I wanted to go more in depth. Post some real proof that this theory is SOLID, okay.


I have evidence supporting this. I swear.

I mean, first off, I’m not the only one who believes that Heaven means Backstreet Boys. Seth Rogen obviously believes this too due to his infamous ending scene that he had the Boys do a cameo for in This Is The End. Think about it, Jay’s one wish in that movie was for the Backstreet Boys to come perform. Now mind you, I do agree that’s Heaven. I just happen to disagree on what song they’re singing. I don’t think it’s Everybody. I think it’s Breathe.

Now take a moment and just listen. The perfection of this song live is simply so pure.


Obviously not of this Earth.


They rise up above us all for this song like angels, lit up by the blessings they are dropping upon us mere mortals.


Not so sure we’re worthy.

Actually scratch that! I KNOW we are not worthy. We have been given a gift in this one song beyond all others.If the first thing I hear after I die is this song…then I know I’ll have found Heaven. Because really, is there anything more perfect? I don’t think so. Could anyone else top this? Absolutely not. So I want to thank the universe for coming together and making this happen all around the world during this DNA Tour because we’re getting a taste of the afterlife guys.


Breathe is Heaven. Heaven is Breathe. No one can convince me otherwise.


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