Ain’t No Place Like You – An Open Letter To Kevin Richardson, From The Fans

In times where there’s been a lot of change, or many things happening…sometimes you need to take a moment just to breathe. A moment to simply look around and appreciate everything. When there is darkness or negativity, I forever believe in finding the light. That’s what this is. This is the second of six open letters to the Backstreet Boys, one by one – followed by one to the group as a whole to simply show them love and appreciation for all they do. Each one will include tweets from you guys, and will be written from the heart. My first one to Nick, can be found here. (To any fans reading this, if you’d like to add to this open letter please comment below! I invite you to share in this love fest.)

Now it’s Kevin’s turn.


Dear Kevin,

When I sat here at my computer in the middle of the night, as that’s when I always seem to be most fired up for writing…the title for this open letter seemed to be inspired. You’ve told fans at a fan event I was lucky enough to attend last November in Vegas that No Place was autobiographical. It seems to be the song that strikes the biggest chord with you. In a way however, that lyric – there ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you can fully apply to us fans as well when it comes to you, Kevin. I’m sure you’re confused as to why.

It’s because of the years you stepped away from the group. Many fans call that time the Dark Years and while I fully enjoyed the two albums that came in the process and the memories? We all knew there was something missing. Someone who could make the band less Incomplete. Sorry, I couldn’t help the pun. You were missing, Kevin. Your way of bringing zen to a group that let’s be honest – is very hyperactive a lot of the time. You have this calming peace and serenity. We missed you terribly during those years Kevin. It’s crazy to think but it’s been seven years since you came back. It doesn’t feel that long to us. Not even close. Because we’re just happy to have you. Your energy and appreciation for everything that has happened heightens the love flowing through every event.You take the time at every VIP to make sure each fan is thanked and made to know that you see them, you’re happy they’re there. Do you how much that means to us, Kevin?

I remember during a show, you saw myself and a few others, all together and definitely from the hard core sect of the fandom. Now I’d done more than my fair share of shows during the Vegas residency (as Planet Hollywood was twenty minutes from my house). You spotted us and made sure to even say so as you pointed down at us. Saying you knew who the “BSB Lifers” are and that you recognized our unwavering support. Now I don’t get emotional during concerts. Yet I got so emotional then. Mainly because I never thought you’d recognize us, or realize it. I mean you have thousands upon thousands of fans. But that’s who you are. You are one who remembers, who tries in any way you can to let people know you love and see all that they do.

You’re an emotional man too. You never hesitate to cry. When you got your Grammy nomination, you talked about it during a show and got teary eyed that it was happening for you guys yet again. You take nothing for granted. Each opportunity and bit of recognition is always seen as the gift it is. It’s beautiful that you never try to hide how you feel even if it means you’re crying in front of a sold out stadium. In fact it was probably the back to back sold-out shows that made you cry. I’ve told you this once before, on the 2014 cruise but thank you for always sharing these pieces of your soul with us. It’s something you don’t have to do, but it’s something you choose to do. Probably knowing how many fans can relate to you and your not-so-mixed emotions. Whether it’s about your blessings, or your losses you are who you are and feel what you feel with no apologies. Your wonderful spirit is always there for everyone to see.

You’ve always been the caretaker of the group. As someone who is the youngest sibling in my family as well, I can’t imagine how odd it must have been to be suddenly be thrust to the role as the oldest in the group. But I credit you with saving lives, Kevin. You are the one who kicked down AJ’s door. You are the one who said the words that made him go to rehab and changed the course of his life that day. You are the one who kept protecting Nick time and again. You’re the one who gave Nick that book that he to this day credits with helping him turn his life around. Where would they be if they hadn’t had you? I shudder to think of what could’ve been. Thank you, for being there when they needed you most. There’s probably more that you’ve done, for all of them that fans like myself will simply never know.

Kevin we owe you so much. You are the epitome of what childhood Rose thought the Backstreet Boys were like. I made you out to be perfection and you come so close. You’re creative. You’re sweet. You’re appreciative. You are one who makes every person that crosses your path feel special. No fan forgets you after meeting you and there’s a reason for that. You are the strength and probably the backbone of why the group has survived all that it has. That is no coincidence and thank you for everything we know you’ve done, and all that we have no clue about. The day you left was the day you broke our hearts but the day you came back was one of the happiest for the fandom as a whole. You have no idea how many lives you’ve helped over the years, but know we see it and what you do.

Thank you for being the big brother, despite everything.
Thank you for always striving for perfection.
I hope you know how much the fans love you.
We hope that this post makes you smile.
In doing so, this open letter and tweets below have succeeded in their task.










You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place
in’t no place like you
There ain’t no place
Ain’t no place like you

11 thoughts on “Ain’t No Place Like You – An Open Letter To Kevin Richardson, From The Fans

  1. Thank you Kevin, for making us all feel like we matter, even when we feel like the smallest being in the world with everything happening around us pushing us down. You lift us up with everything you do, we love you Kevin, keep being you ❤


  2. This letter is so beautiful for an equally beautiful man. Kevin’s strength as a leader and vulnerability with the fans just makes my heart beat faster. He’s the big brother that all the guys need, and BSB was not the same without him because he is both the voice of reason AND the endless gratitude. You’re a beautiful human, Kevin! And those dance moves tho! 🔥


  3. This was so beautiful. Got tears in my eyes and chills down my spine. It described Kevin and what he means to us, and how much we missed him when he was gone for a few years perfectly. Coz indeed, however we enjoyed the albums and shows with the 4 of the other boys, there is no denying that the group is where Kevin belongs. Indeed incomplete without him. They’re unbreakable. Love from Belgium ❤❤❤


  4. Kevin. There are so many things I could write here. So many words I could use. When we talk about the dark years without you, they were real because something was missing (though the music and shows were still good), that missing piece was you. It was like everything clicked back into place. I still remember that feeling when they announced you were coming back. I cried so many tears of happiness. I did my first VIP this tour (though I have met you previously). This was a special moment for me because i got to do it with my best friend of 25 years. The same best friend who I met because of your music. We got to meet the five of you together and it was an extremely emotional moment for me. When my friend was telling you the story of our friendship and I locked eyes with you, this wave of emotion took over me and it took everything in me to hold back my tears. Saying thank you to you has so many meanings and I am grateful for everything you do for us fans. I dont think you realize how much it means to us. The smallest gesture turns our day around.


  5. We all have a favorite, well Kevin is mine. When he stepped away from the group, I definitely understood but because he is my favorite, things just weren’t the same for me. I’m so happy that he’s right where he belongs, with the group. I’m 37 and I’ve been a fan since the first album. When you kicked off the US tour in DC this year,
    I was there. I worked at that arena for 13 years. I started working at that arena at 16 and every concert that you had there, I was there so for me, my life has come full circle. During the costume change at the first show this year, Kevin talked about how we’ve all grown together. How we’ve made families of our own and I teared up just thinking about all of the time that’s passed. I realized that life has come full circle with them as well. It’s amazing that we can all share that special feeling together. I haven’t met the guys yet, I’ve been trying to through out the years at every concert. Even with access to the presale the DNA circle went fast but I’m still holding out hope that one day, I’ll get to meet the guys. Kevin, never change. No one else comes close.


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