We Got You – An Open Letter To Nick Carter, From The Fans

In times where there’s been a lot of change, or many things happening…sometimes you need to take a moment just to breathe. A moment to simply look around and appreciate everything. That’s what this is. This is the first of six open letters to the Backstreet Boys, one by one – followed by one to the group as a whole to simply show them love and appreciation for all they do. Each one will include tweets from you guys, and will be written from the heart. (To any fans reading this, if you’d like to add to this open letter please comment below! I invite you to share in this love fest.)
I decided we should start with you, Nick.

Dear Nick,

I don’t know if you’ll ever read this. Sometimes, I hope you’ll read the ongoing BSB fan blog by this simple fan who grew up in Las Vegas loving you and your music, but I don’t kid myself. There’s a lot of Backstreet Boys fan pages. There’s a lot of fans. But maybe I’m wrong. Either way, I hope this post reaches you more than any of the others I’ve written in the past. Because this open letter is one of love. And as a very wise group that preceded yours once sang, all you need is love. I feel this is very true in the case of you, Nick. Because love is what really seems to drive you, isn’t it? That’s how your fans see it. Your love of performing fuels that crazy endless passion we witness every night you’re on the stage. Love of music is what keeps you endlessly churning out albums whether it’s solo or with the Boys. Love of the Backstreet Boys is what seems to drive you to get BSB to be the best it can be, through the best collaborations, the best writers, the best songs, the best producers. You strive for excellence – because you truly love what you do.

You also love your fans.

We fans feel this Nick. We feel it every time we meet you. Every time you do little things on Twitter to make that fan’s day, be it a follow, a tweet, or acknowledging their birthday. None of those are life altering. But yet, aren’t they? You do things like answer Direct Messages from fans, encouraging them in any way you can. You’ve touched so many lives. You’ve changed so many.

We know you’re not perfect. None of us would ever claim that you are. It’s your imperfection that makes it so easy for your fans to love you so. You’ve always owned up to each and every mistake you’ve made. You’ve used those mistakes to move forward. You don’t blame others or try to take the easy way out. Instead you use it to help prevent others from doing the same. We’ve seen you at your low points. Many of us grew up right along with you as you got older within the heavy spotlights of fame. But seeing you now, happy and healthy?

It’s wonderful.

We’re so happy you’ve risen above every challenge you’ve faced Nick. It’s beyond inspiring to see. Your happiness when you’re with your family and sharing that, honestly should be bottled up and sold in stores. The fuzzy feelings it causes would make millions. We’re proud of you for being able to become the person that you are. Your beautiful children are so lucky. Lucky to have parents like you and Lauren. People who know the importance of family and love. Thank you for all the time you give us away from your family. We know that can’t be easy and hope you know it means a lot to us.

You have such a big heart, you’re constantly giving back. I’ve said this before, but I think what touched me the most was when you visited UMC here in Vegas after the Vegas Massacre. As someone who grew up here that hit me hard and your way of doing what you could to comfort the victims, to show appreciation for all the doctors and nurses? It reminded me of just how big a heart you have. It’s why you’re so wonderful. Thank you for sharing that big heart with the world.Thank you for doing all you can to help others. You don’t have to. But you do. We see it. We love you for it.

Your energy is infectious. Sometimes many of us wonder where you manage to get it. But you’re always bringing this feeling of joy right along with you. It’s all in the little things like in how you pick on Howie in the middle of a show when you don’t think people are paying attention, tease the other Boys in the middle of interviews, or joke with fans at events. You never stop being yourself and I think that’s one of our favorite things about you. You don’t hide who you are from the world.

We know sometimes things can be hard. But we’ve got you Nick. We’re not going anywhere. We will support you through all the ups and downs. The way we have for years now. Decades. (Which is as wild for us as it is for you). You once told a fan in a reply to her Twitter message that in the darkest of times, fans were your light. That’s beautiful. It’s touching. And we’re not going to stop being that any time soon.

If I could go back in time and tell twelve year old Rose one thing back in 1999 as she swooned over a curtain-haired Nick Carter? It would be this – they say don’t meet your idols because they could disappoint you, but in the case of Nick Carter…it would be better than she ever expected. I would tell my younger self he would be everything she thought he was, and better because the one she wanted to meet was an idol. The one she would meet years later was a human with all the imperfections that made him better. He’d be a person.

A damn good one.

Thank you Nick, for being you.
Know we see how much you give, and know that we appreciate it.
Your talent has given so much joy to the world.
We fans only hope that these words and tweets below will do the same for you.
If you manage to read this and smile, we know we’ll have succeeded.

The world on the outside is trying to pull us in
But they can’t touch us
Cause we’ve…got you.

8 thoughts on “We Got You – An Open Letter To Nick Carter, From The Fans

  1. Hi@Nick Carter ! Congrats ! I wish you Lauren KittCarter And Odin Reign Carter all the best of Luck with the upcoming birth of your second Child !🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀p.s Congrats on breaking Records with the #DNAWorldTour with Backstreet Boys And Baylee Littrell ! Im very proud of you guys ! 😀 Thank for not giving up on zbackstreet Boys and Your Fans ! We appreciate the things you do for your fans and you helping others ! You got 💯%percent Support from youre 🇨🇦 Canadian Fans ! From @anysegaudet


  2. I may be older but I love your music just the same. Recently I went to two of your concerts and it brought me back to my teen years. Hopefully I can meet you one day. Here is to another tour!


  3. You are an admirable human being. Thank you for all that you do and more. We got you, always. You and the Boys will always be our light at the end of every dark tunnel. ❤️


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