The “Let It Be Me” Music Video and the Beautiful Message Shared Within It

It’s funny how visuals can completely change the message of a song.

I wasn’t sure what to expect this morning when I went to look up the new music video for Let it Be Me – the song Backstreet Boys did with Steve Aoki, but this wasn’t it. But you know what? That’s what makes it even better. I was expecting the standard fare of someone trying to convince another a relationship is still worth it. In a way, I suppose it still does that. But in more ways it doesn’t and I love that it breaks the norms. I love the message it’s carrying. It starts off with people talking about their struggles and trials within relationships. Cancer coming in to test a relationship. A lesbian couple, where one of the partners got disowned by her family. A trans person who talks about the hate and bigotry they face daily. A deaf person thinking they will never find love.

In the current state of the world where there is more hate than ever, we need artists to make a stand and say relationships like these are imperfect, and it’s that fact that makes them beautiful. It shows clips from their lives. These couples sharing each other just how much that love they have has changed their lives. It’s enough to make you tear up. As someone who’s always been an ally, I’ll admit this hits close to home. I have a close work friend who’s partner is transgender, and my cousin (who is like a little brother to me) has a same sex spouse. I know first hand the struggles they face each day. But the love they shared has always been wonderful. Inspiring. Seeing that shown in a video like this? It’s truly everything.

It brings such a new level to the lyrics of songs. There’s more layers to it now that I hadn’t seen before.

Wait, don’t leave
Nothing that’s easy is worth it
Nothing that’s worth it is perfect, yeah

I been thinking to myself, to myself
I want you all to myself, no one else
Even if it gives me hell, baby
I would take it all for ya

Suddenly what just looked like the damage of a previous relationship getting in the way of a new one? It’s about the struggles this relationship might bring, and how it doesn’t matter because they’re worth fighting for. What was seen as a normal love song played in a club suddenly has far more depth.

If we fall, then you can blame it all on me
Don’t have to tell me you’re sorry
It’s your call whether you leave or you take me
I’m still gonna want you like crazy, yeah

I find myself reanalyzing the entire song. Isn’t that what a truly thought provoking music video is supposed to do? Because that’s what this one does. It has me hustling to write this early in the morning before work because I simply couldn’t wait. I was chomping at the bit due to the nature of the video and the subject itself. I’m sure some close minded people will be against this piece but that’s okay. That’s also something that happens when you decide to really go for it as an artist. That’s what they do here. They put out a beautiful message about how ALL kinds of love are worth fighting for. That the fight can be rough and heartbreaking, but what you get in the end is forever worth it. That love is what will come through in the end of it all. That every person out there in the world is deserving of love and the hope that comes with it.

The Boys and Steve Aoki could’ve gone a more traditional path in doing this video. It certainly would’ve been the safer one.

But that’s not who they are.

So if you watch anything, watch this video. You won’t regret it.

Be sure to get your copy of “Let It Be Me” if you haven’t already!

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