“Let It Be Me” – Backstreet Boys Change Things Up With Steve Aoki

Stop everything. Whatever you’re doing? It can wait.


Because the new single Let It Be Me by Backstreet Boys and Steve Aoki has arrived.

Go listen. Listen now. Here’s the link. Go get the song, stream it, download it…and then come back.

Now Steve Aoki is a hit maker. He’s a bit legendary, especially in the EDM world. Plain and simple. Fans have been buzzing about this since we first heard they were working with each other back in 2017. No one knew when we’d hear it. But this year we call 2019 has been full of blessings. We’ve gotten a new album, new music videos, several award nominations, Grammy Museum exhibits, and a massive world tour that has had many sold out shows. Who would’ve thought we’d get an epic new song on top of all that?

But get one we did.

Now when you get collaborations, you can never be quite sure what to expect. Mainly because while we know the Boys, you get a new ingredient added to shake things up a bit. It’s just how it is. Honestly? That’s a good thing. It brings out new levels, and it can bring the Boys to different heights. And in this case, it’s definitely different than the average Backstreet track. Now as someone who’s been a fan since the mid nineties, I know what to expect. I know who to listen for – who will be slaying the song. I know what to look for. In this song, several of those things didn’t happen. And no, that wasn’t a bad thing.

The song is smooth, one of those songs that would fit right in on radio but without compromising what makes Backstreet, well…Backstreet. If someone turned on the radio as this song was playing, I don’t think they’d recognize it as the Boys unless they were more than simply a casual fan. That’s what’s so brilliant about this single. It can sneak up on people, get them loving it before they realize who it is. By then, they’re already hooked. With all that being true, once someone found out…it wouldn’t be too shocking. Because Let It Be Me still manages to keep their signature to the song itself.

It starts off with Nick sounding like silk. Now Nick leading a song is pretty typical. It’s been happening since Backstreet’s Back and with good reason. That said, Nick’s vocals are beyond fantastic. He shows so much control on Let It Be Me. As the song moves forward, there’s no power belts on the chorus. Instead, it’s soft and convincing, even as the beat really picks up. It’s not trying to overpower you. It’s trying to talk you into it, in a sense. Then, Howie leads. Now, Howie’s gotten leads before. More and more since the Unbreakable days. But this song focuses on Nick and Howie solo wise. AJ, Kevin, and Brian can absolutely be heard on the backing harmonies and the chorus. But this is a Nick and Howie song. In typing this to try and compare it to another Nick and Howie song, I realized I couldn’t think of any. Kevin and Nick? Yup. AJ and Nick? Absolutely. Nick and Brian? All too common. Howie and Nick? No. Correct me if I’m wrong in the comments but none came to mind.

Howie really shines on this. Steve Aoki saw what he had and decided to showcase him in the best of ways. He goes for it later in the track at the two minute and half mark, showing just how high and powerful his voice truly is. It’s an easy thing to forget sometimes. Mainly because when you’re in a group that bursting with talent, fans simply can’t remember everything. He’s used in just the right way which is something previous producers haven’t been able to pull off with Howie, and I don’t get why.

So while this absolutely sounds like a BSB song? In some ways it doesn’t. That’s part of what makes this track so great. Just like how Don’t Go Breaking My Heart surprised so many last year with the same kind of qualities. That’s why I fully believe they have a hit on their hands. I’m calling it now. Even without seeing the music video yet, I have such a good feeling about this. The beat makes you want to simply jump up and start dancing, the guitar at the beginning almost makes you forget this can be a club song. This is a hybrid of all the best things about the Boys and Steve Aoki’s work.

Hell, I want to thank him for helping create this masterpiece.

If you’re gonna hurt someone then let it be me
If you’re gonna break my heart I’m ready to bleed
Even if it kills me, oh I’m begging you please
If you’re gonna hurt someone then let it be me
Oh let it be me

I mean the chorus is so catchy. After one listen I was already trying to sing it. Not to mention the way the Boys come together on it? Man. It’s pure ear candy. I don’t think anyone else would’ve been a good fit for this song. How many dance songs really show off vocal talent? Not too many. Yet it’s done here. The harmonizing all throughout the song reminds you of why BSB are at their core, a vocal harmony group.

Let It Be Me reminds even us long time fans that the Backstreet Boys truly can do it all.

Be sure to check out their new track “Let It Be Me”!

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