Five Artists We’d Love To See Backstreet Boys Collaborate With Someday

Okay so unless you’ve been disconnected from the internet, you know that the new collaboration BSB recorded with epic producer and artist Steve Aoki, Let It Be Me has been released. We’ve known about this project since 2017 and while we didn’t know at the time when it’d be out or how…we know now. Honestly pretty much the entire fandom is buzzing about it. Collaborations mean something new, something different, a flavor added to an already captivating concoction.


So I got thinking, as I tend to do sometimes about what sort of things we’d love to see next. In the past the Boys have worked with some fabulous artists, in fact I’ve pointed out some of what I feel were their best last year. Ever since they left Jive actually, it seemed the floodgates opened for working with others without the projects being shut down. (Yeah, we still haven’t forgotten the fate of Helpless which featured Pitbull.) I asked on Twitter, and on Facebook at various points to get the fandom’s thoughts as well. These are what I came up with, with some examples of other collaborations they’ve done with other artists. Just to spark some ideas in your heads.


Maybe the Boys’ heads if they see this? The possibilities are endless!


1. Bruno Mars

Not only is Bruno one of the hottest artists in the past few years, but he’s got a great voice. He has a funk to his music that I think would give anything the Boys did an added flair. Given that the Boys have already worked with the Stereotypes who produce a lot of Bruno’s music? Think of Passionate and multiply it. Yeah. Amazing, right? Not to mention as evidenced in the song above, he definitely has a love and appreciation for the 90’s vibes.


2. Christina Aguilera

This one was my pick. She rose during the same time as the Boys did. Just as there was NSYNC and BSB? There was Britney and Christina. Me personally, I always felt Christina was the BSB to Britney being NSYNC. Not always getting the recognition and the hype, but always a little more deserving. (To any Britney fans seeing this, I do love Britney as well, please don’t be offended.) Not to mention her voice is one of those you just don’t hear very often. She is known to be a Queen of Collaborations, and could you just imagine her voice with AJ’s?


3. Panic! At The Disco/Brendon Urie

This one got suggested to me a lot and as someone who enjoys a lot of Panic! At The Disco’s music, it’s not one that would’ve come immediately to mind. But then I got myself listening to Brendon Urie’s recent song with Taylor Swift. Panic has always mastered the art of being a bit of pop and punk without straying too far into either direction. And his song with Taylor definitely felt like it put a fun twist on the sort of music she normally does. Imagine that twist put on to a BSB song? Sounds fun to me!


4. Pink

She’s another one that was suggested by a lot of you. Pink is one of those singers who can literally do just about anything. I mean hell she’s done singing while doing acrobatics. She’s always to me, been a sort of female counterpart to AJ. Someone who’s always traveled their own path and seen as a bad ass, yet also has quite the soft side. Not to mention? Powerful vocals. Pair her with BSB and I see something a bit closer to heart, that many can relate to. Like the song I linked here.


5. Charlie Puth

Hear me out. They already know each other after they appeared to “face off” on Drop The Mic. Not to mention, Charlie Puth is a hell of a song writer. He’s got a solid range. And his music? It’s soulful mixed with a tinge of dark pop. Seems pretty complimentary to the Boys and their talents, am I right? Just think about it.


One thing we do know…is no matter who they work with, the end result will be amazing!


Be sure to check out their new track “Let It Be Me”, out now!

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