70 Thoughts Watching “Backstreet Boys: For The Fans” in 2019

And I’m back with another Thoughts Watching In 2019 post! This one got held up for many, many reasons but I do love doing these kinds of posts when I have time. I finally had time! Not sure which video or DVD or special I’ll hit up next. I might need to do a poll. Right now I’m thinking Around The World In 100 Hours though, or the MTV diary. Something like that. But there’s the Frankfurt Concert, the Green Video, the CBS concert…so many options! So comment if you have a preference. For now, I uploaded the For The Fans VHS to Vimeo for your viewing pleasure since there’s no viable way to buy it in the year 2019. So feel free to open it in a new window, click play and follow along!



1. Remember the days when fast food companies collaborating with pop artists were the thing to do?

2. Literally got this thing at Burger King as a kid. That’s unheard of in today’s world.

3. This is the closest we’ve gotten to an Into The Millennium concert DVD and I’m still bitter about it.

4. Are any of the girls screaming in this video still fans? Let me know if you’re one of them.

5. Holy shit, Nick is a child here.

6. Damn, look at that arena.

7. Aww! I remember the surfboards, I thought this was the coolest idea ever.

8. Fun fact – Teen Rose wore out her copy of this VHS and I got lucky years later, when I found one at a yard sale. Totally meant to be.

9. This was an insanely massive production.

10. Geeky 2019 Rose still loves the space theme. I wouldn’t be mad if that ever returned.



11. Hell yeah we’re ready to party!

12. Kevin was gorgeous.

13. WTF Teen Rose, how did you miss Kevin.

14. Instead I remember being HEARTBROKEN that Nick’s curtain hair was gone. Like, I cried. Again, WTF Teen Rose.

15. I’ll always sway for you Nick.

16. I forgot AJ bleached his hair. Not his worst look, also not his best.

17. The round stage was a neat setup.

18. Not exactly intimate though. Then again 2019 Rose got spoiled. 2000 Rose would’ve killed just for nosebleed seats.

19. I still dig glasses on Nick.

20. Almost Twenty Years later and they’re still breaking records.



21. 70,000 seats?! Holy Howie!

22. “That’s a big ol’ stadium.” Nick, the master of words.

23. Kevin is so great with explaining things, he goes into real detail.

24. You know, Kevin should just give all the backstage tours. Real talk. Make that a VIP thing.

25. Don’t Want You Back should’ve been a single Nick! (I will never let this go.)

26. AJ patting his no-butt. Haha.

27. Damn, the pole dancing. Can we bring this back? BRING THIS BACK!!!

28. I just noticed their costumes look like what members of the Kingdom wear on The Walking Dead. If you don’t watch the show, google it, you’ll see what I mean.

29. Brian…vocally slaying the shit out of this song.

30. They still do pre-show hype chants. It’s still cute.



31. Brian is a bouncy ball.

32. They change so many lives. It’s really sweet knowing they continue to do it almost twenty years later.

33. The Meet and Greets with the fans are adorable. I do appreciate that they’re more accessible today than they were back then though.

34. Mainly because thirteen year old Rose never dreamed she’d meet them.

35. Man was she wrong!

36. Back to the show, I wish Kevin would still play this song on piano. So. Damn. Pretty.

37. What we really need is a Kevin solo album. This piano solo too.

38. Back To Your Heart, so simple and that’s what makes it so great.

39. Also…Nick on drums. Nick on drums! Bring this back too.

40. Those harmonies y’all.



41. I didn’t appreciate Howie enough but hmm, he’s looking good here.

42. As a hard core Frick and Frack stan back in the day, this used to be my favorite part of the tape – watching them play basketball with a Division One team.

43. “Together almost eight years.” DUDE, I wonder what twenty year old Nick would say if he learned they’d stay together for TWENTY SIX years and counting?

44. I will never stop loving the All I Have To Give hat dance.

45. They must keep it forever.

46. AJ always has the most swagger during this song.

47. Howie talking about what ended up being the infamous purple corvette. Oh Howie, never change.

48. Watching Nick talk about the Backstreet Boys being his family is just so heartwarming. Especially now. The feels.

49. Brian…man, “a good song is a good song” then listening genres. And now here we are nineteen years later with DNA.

50. Kevin you absolutely have many, many, many more miles to go.



51. You know I bet the energy at that show was electric. There’s something to be said for a show filled with that many people, singing I Want It That Way.

52. I wonder if they knew how this song would come to define the 90’s.

53. AJ’s sequined cowboy hat is peak 1999 culture.

54. Howie looks kind of hot with his hair down and wild like that.

55. I forgot Nick doesn’t do his big I Want It That Way note on this tape. Bummer.

56. Nick plopping on the floor is not only still a thing, but such a mood.

57. Weird time to cute away…to Nick looking for the video game room, but of course he is.

58. Does Nick still need glasses? Did he get eye surgery? Why don’t I remember why he stopped wearing them…does anyone know why?

59. Oh Backstreet Project. I wrote a whole post dedicated to my thoughts about you. Feel free to revive it though Nick.

60. Back to the show!



61. Not slightly surprised Kevin jumped down to say hi to fans at the barrier. That’s just Kevin, always showing his love for the fans.

62. Now that the show is over, it’s time for some product placement for Burger King!

63. Kevin should box sometime, I kind of dig it.

64. Nick…forever harassing Howie. I notice this a lot more in 2019 than I ever did in 1999 or 2000.

65. O-M-G those “bloopers” still crack me up. Yes Kevin I have many requests for you!

66. Nick’s laugh is precious.

67. “You can edit this right”? Maybe but Howie why would we want to?

68. Nick’s giggles are making me giggle.

69. TOMATOES!! TOMATOES!! Man…so feisty.

70. Tell me why, why can’t you hold the pickles? Backstreet Boys, forever asking the important questions!


As Kevin says…does anyone out there have a request?
Let me know below!

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