STOP EVERYTHING – Nick Carter Just Announced Plans For A New Solo Record

Stop what you’re doing! Right now! This is NOT A DRILL.


Okay. I’m fine. I’m fine.

(I am not fine.)

So okay. I’m over here in Las Vegas wishing I was in Germany because Nick is over there doing a comic con appearance. I don’t know about you guys but Nick is wonderful at these things. Downright fabulous okay. He takes so much time with the fans. He gives every special moment you might want or need. I know from experience, having gone to a couple of these myself. Well, besides photo ops and selfies, he did a panel as well. And because the BSB Army is great and wonderful, video was uploaded immediately of Nick announcing he is planning between BSB dates, events and such (like the DNA World Tour ) that he will be working on a solo album. He plans to try and squeeze in more time in Europe, more time in Germany, to really buckle down and work on it. He wants to in a way recreate an origin story, as he puts it, which I suspect is digging back into the beginnings of Backstreet which absolutely started in Germany and spread into Europe before anywhere else.

Here’s the tweet!

Mind you, we love any and all solo projects. Whether it’s Howie’s musical and album, or AJ’s ongoing solo projects. That said, It’s been four years since the blessing that was All American. So come on, let’s get excited!

Do we know anything else yet? Ha. Nope.

But this is a post to spread the word that Nick is feeling that antsy itch he gets where he doesn’t have enough projects going. Cause let’s face it, he’s definitely the most prolific of the Boys and for a damn good reason. (I mean he’s done a book, four solo albums, wrote/directed/acted a movie, acted in a few others, several reality shows…) Usually when he says he’s planning a project, he gets into it. It nine times out of ten comes to fruition. I am hyped. You should be hyped. We all should be hyped. And don’t worry about the States guys, I’m not. Trust me, he’ll promote it here too. He always does.

Basically we’re being given…*gasp* advance notice on a Backstreet Project (ha). Where there’s a solo album? There’s a tour. Where there’s a tour? There’s VIP. There’s merch. There’s us basically shoving money at Nick demanding he take it. So get ready guys! It’s already looking like 2020 is going to be just as amazingly epic as 2019 has been.


There may be even more news coming by the way! He’s been teasing on Instagram on both posts and a live that he did that there’s going to be a big announcement. Okay sure it’s specifically aimed at Germany but still, with the internet that’s still joy for all of us! Thank you Fandom Gods that we’re living in the age of WiFi, Smart Phones, and the Internet. So stayed tuned for that too.

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