Nick Carter’s New Solo Album – All The Updates As They Happen!

Hi. My name is Rose and I’m a BSB fan.

(Hi Rose)

Also, I’m very fond of Nick Carter.

Yesterday I wrote a post out of excitement due to Nick’s news that he’s working on a new solo album. I thought I had time to create a post tracking all the updates however, seeing as he just announced it. Well, I absolutely should’ve known better. Nick Carter? He doesn’t do anything half assed. Ever. In fact he’s still tweeting as I write this. It’s a good thing I’m a night owl and the whole time difference doesn’t affect me at all! (He’s still currently in Germany.)

So as I shared in my post yesterday, Nick is working on a new solo album. To summarize it, at the comic con in Germany he made an announcement on his new plans. He wants to try and squeeze in more time in Europe, more time in Germany, to really buckle down and work on it. He wants to in a way recreate an origin story, as he puts it, which I suspect is digging back into the beginnings of Backstreet which absolutely started in Germany and spread into Europe before anywhere else.

One of the fans who attended posted the full panel up on YouTube.

Then he went to BMG’s office in Berlin the day after to presumably meet about the album.

And then JUST NOW Nick started tweeting out song titles he has popping up in his head.

Be sure to bookmark this post as I’m going to use this for any and ALL updates related to Nick’s as of yet untitled solo album. I’ll bold the date and add whatever information we get from there. For those who have been checking this site out over the past year, you guys will remember I did something similar for the Boys’ recording of DNA. I have full faith though that this album will be out sometime next year, based on Nick’s insane work ethic.
Future Updates check here!


Update December 26th

Nick said on his recent appearance on the Helene Fischer Show in Germany, that he plans to have it released by the end of 2020. He will release it initially only in Germany. (Well, that’s what buying import albums is for. God bless the internet.)


Update January 11th

Nick has confirmed in this video he posted that he’s recorded songs. Hopefully he does give us some teasers like he’s promising! If he does, you know I’ll make sure to post it here!


Update January 29th

So we got confirmation from Leena (for those who may not know, she is both a reporter and a big BSB fan) that Nick has a record deal offer! Things are progressing and I’m ready to see what Nick has to show the world! His last two solo albums were put out on his own independent label so this is pretty freaking exciting.


Update 9/23: Updates in times of Corona! Who would’ve thought? Nick was on his new Twitch channel, @PopKidNick who you can also follow on Twitter and Instagram, was talking about new music. Guess what? He said he’s planning on going into the studio to record in the first week of October! Happy Birthday to me! (It’s October 8th haha.)


Update 10/8

How kind of Nick to update us on my birthday! So there’s a few things to unpack here. First, if you’re not following him on Twitch you need to, like NOW. Because he said that WILL be where he’ll stream from the studio. Yup he plans on giving behind the scenes peeks of the recording process. I mean mind you, Nick is hilarious on Twitch and you should be following him anyway as it’s a fun time. But if you weren’t sold on it yet, pretty sure that’ll motivate you now.

He’ll be recording over the next few weeks and he mentioned who he’ll be working with throughout the project. He mentioned Martin from the rock band Boys Like Girls. This was where after getting some sleep, I came on and did my homework for you guys. He means Martin Johnson, the lead singer in the group. But he’s also a guitarist and a songwriter. And I noticed his songwriting leans towards the pop/rock side of things like with Avril Lavinge’s Here’s To Never Growing Up. One song in particular that I really like that he helped write was Kygo’s Kids In Love which I’ll link below.

No surprises that Nick is definitely leaning back more into the pop side of pop/rock like he said he wanted to do, and it’s something he did for I’m Taking Off. But this is pretty solid confirmation! Personally I can’t wait to see what he churns out this month.


Update 11/21

Nick is not only OFFICIALLY back in the studio, but today he gave us access to the process itself! He’s working with Martin who I talked about above if you guys are curious about his previous work. And he even gave people who were in the fanclub or had a Tier 3 subscription on Twitch, access to hear new songs! (You know how I always say you never know when being a member or subscribing comes in handy? Today was the perfect example and Nick said he’ll do more things in the future.)

For those who missed it, it’ll be posted on the fan club later for you guys to watch.

Anyways, as suspected we have another fun pop/rock album coming our way.

The first song he debuted was a throwback bop he called “Real Shot“. And when I say throwback, I mean throwback. It sounds like something that’d be the opening number for an 80’s movie soundtrack. In like the best freaking possible way. It’s a song that gets you hyped up for a roadtrip. I hope this is out in time for one I have planned next year (if it’s safe) with my friend Julie as we go to BSB shows. That’d be awesome. His voice soars on this and I have to say I’m incredibly impressed with how much his voice has grown.

Who knew that was possible?

The second song he played was “Girl I Knew” and this is a Nick at what he does best, a power ballad. It’s got a haunting melody on this one and from what we heard really shows off his range. He sings deeper in some parts then goes off into his falsetto. There’s also a nice vampire reference for those of you who like me or Nick, love horror. His vocals on this one are so smooth it should be a crime.

Honestly the take away from this is if this is what we have in the early stages, I know we’re all going to love the final project. We just are. I can’t wait to know more and have that album in my hot little hand…whenever that day will be!


Update 11/28

Nick wants to get a single out by Christmas!!! Now I called this in my Masked Singer post when I first started that at the beginning of October that he’d try to time it to whenever he’s unmasked. Nick, coming in to save 2020. He literally said he got inspired to give fans extra joy right now.

Bless him.


Update 12/2

Nick said again in a couple weeks he’s releasing something! If you heard a distant squee, that was me.


Update 12/16

We have a SINGLE coming on Friday!!!!!

No news on when the album will be out but forget it, new single! Pre-save the song and find out more at Nick’s website!


Update 12/18

Nick’s latest single, 80s Movie is out! You can read my thoughts on it here. Given the previews we got of two other songs and now hearing this one, I wonder if the whole album will have an eighties theme? Guess we’ll see! He also tweeted he doesn’t have an album release date…yet, though given this tweet from his friend Neurotictonic, I think the album is pretty much done. So maybe we’ll know soon.

Get the song here!


I have nothing else to say really for right now besides the fact that it’s wonderful seeing Nick so inspired! Can’t wait to see the final product Nick!

Keep checking back for more updates!

5 thoughts on “Nick Carter’s New Solo Album – All The Updates As They Happen!

  1. Can’t wait to hear more solo songs. I love you the bsb. I love your song I got you. If you like the jaws movie you should watch the meg. I’m a big fan of scary and horror movies.


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