All The Things The Backstreet Boys Accomplished In The Last Decade

2019 is coming to an end.

And while we have SO MANY things to look forward to in 2020, sometimes it’s good to take just a moment and look back at all the great and wonderful milestones they’ve hit. Why? Because I love to remind people of the good. Not to mention we have a damn good reason to be proud of our Boys. Period. 2009 through 2019 was absolutely a roller coaster. Not just for the Boys but for us as well. So let’s go on ahead and look at all the great things the Boys have managed to make happen as a group.(I debated solo accomplishments too but the list got long very fast! So this is for the Boys as a group, that’s why I don’t have say Have It All or Nick on DWTS and Boyband, etc. on the list)

Of course this will be media heavy because we want to relive this as best we can!

Fun fact is that this post took ages to put together because I kept realizing I was forgetting things!



This Is Us is released and lands in the Top Ten on the Billboard 200 charts. Mind you, this was when even the Boys admitted radio was ignoring them and they were “treading water”. That’s what makes this even more incredible. When they’re down, you still can’t deny their staying power. Period. This led to a creatively done world tour and let’s not forget this is the album that gave us the blessing that was Undone.



NKOTBSB happens in a massive collaboration that spawned a another album debuting Top Ten on the Billboard 200 charts. This is despite it being a compilation album with only two new tracks. The beginning of this era is marked by an insanely epic performance on the American Music Awards, proving Backstreet is not to be forgotten. They also return to Rockin’ New Years eve, something they hadn’t appeared on in eleven years.



Don’t Turn Out The Lights Now gets released. The song does pretty well and helps launch the buzz for the NKOTBSB tour. The tour carries on for the next year and a half selling well throughout the country and overseas in Europe.



Kevin’s Return To BSB : Who could forget the announcement on the live stream for the NKOTBSB concert in London. The return of Kevin was definitely a mark of how things would only get better and better. We loved Backstreet without him, but we were happier than ever to see him return. Don’t ever leave again Kevin.

It’s Christmas Time Again is released and takes the holiday charts by storm hitting number one almost instantly. And also this isn’t so much a milestone as a note, to accompany the song they release their strangest music video to date. This was also the first song to have Kevin’s vocals on it since his return.




The Boys hit their 20th anniversary – proving to the world that they’re here to stay.

Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame: This was a huge moment for them and really sets in stone the mark they left not only in music but throughout pop culture that cannot and will not be denied.

In A World Like This was released as a single, hitting number one on the contemporary charts and doing well in a way no other song had since I Want It That Way, and no song did since until Don’t Go Breaking My Heart comes along later. This was the beginning of the reignited love from the general public to the Boys

In A World Like This the album was released, it was their first and only album released without a label and yet still managed to be another consecutive top ten launch on the Billboard 200 Charts at number five.This also made BSB the only band since Sade to have nine (at that point) top ten albums consecutively. Breaking records yet again.

Seth Rogan’s movie This Is The End features the Boys on one of the craziest cameos ever, which later gets them an MTV Movie Award.

The In A World Like This Tour spans for over two years and is a global success.

They get their very first viral video with their own take on the Harlem Shake. I felt a serious need to include this video. Because six years later it still holds up.



They release the documentary Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of. Thus giving fans and the general public quite possibly the biggest looks into their past and the road they traveled down to get where they are today. The documentary got great reviews for how honest and intimate they were throughout the film.



Backstreet Boys announce their collaboration with Florida Georgia Line. This collaboration does more than any of us thought it might, garnering them levels of respect throughout the country genre. The song God, Your Mama, and Me debuts at number one on the country charts, and lands into the top fifty on the Billboard Hot 100. This leads to their first performance at the CMAs and an award winning special on CMT Crossroads in 2017.

The Boys announced their Vegas Residency, this was groundbreaking in their surprise appearance on the iHeart Festival with an excited frenzy surpassing anything anyone could have expected.



The Vegas Residency becomes the fastest selling residency in Vegas history. What was supposed to start off as only a nine show run blew up in sales and to meet demand eventually turns into an eighty-show run spanning across the next two years. The first run of nine shows hold the record for attended residency in Las Vegas. This residency also led to a lot of appearances on many different shows and even a NYE performance as the buzz launched them fully into the general public.

BSB do a critically raved tribute to Florida Georgia Line on the CMT Artists of the Year. The song, was H.O.L.Y. and it’s beautiful. It deserved all the praise it received.




The Boys release Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. This song changed everything. It’s charting in the Billboard Hot 100, the Adult Contemporary Charts, Adult Top 40 and was seen as the “comeback” for the Boys because of all this. No, they never left. That said, this song got the world’s attention in terms of the general public. It got non-stop radio play. It was the right song at the right time.

They returned to Wango Tango. This is a show for hot artists. Not just anyone plays here. Then on top of this? They were one of the most talked about.

They won a CMT Award. Crazy, right? They won it for their performance on CMT Crossroads the previous year.

They performed on GMA which isn’t an “accomplishment” until I tell you that they brought in the biggest crowd the show had ever seen. Ever. Ever. Ever. Now that, is making a statement that Backstreet never left.

They returned to the VMAs. Not only that but they were one of THE most talked about performances. Mind you, before this they hadn’t performed on the VMAs since 2001.


They hit 25 years as a group. Enough said.

They announce the DNA World Tour which is their largest going tour since Black and Blue.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart gets nominated for a Grammy. This was their first nomination in fifteen years. Like I said, this song changed the game!



DNA is released and lands at Number One on the Billboard 200 Charts! Their first number one since Black and Blue and their tenth Top Ten consecutive album. They are the only boyband to do this.

They do a Superbowl Commercial with Chance The Rapper that goes viral. Not to mention we got a pretty awesome dance break to I Want It That Way and the sight of Kevin in his pink pimp jacket.

They get an exhibit dedicated to them at the Grammy Museum. The exhibit (which was incredible by the way) spanned through their lives and showed why the Boys are the iconic group that they are. It was a tribute to them and everything they’ve managed to do.

The DNA World Tour sells out. Sold out. You never know the kind of reach they have until you hear a full arena sing I Want It That Way in unison. Talk about chills. We’ve never been prouder.

The Boys are given a key to the City of Las Vegas. This is in honor of their residency and their donations to the charities while there. In addition they participated in a hand print ceremony to commemorate their time there as well.

They get nominated for a VMA. In 2019. You want to talk about wild? This was WILD.

They release a new song they collaborated on with Steve Aoki called Let It Be Me. Not only is the song fantastic, but the music video carries a beautiful message about the strength of love. All kinds of love. On top of all this, the song hits number one on the EDM charts. That’s right, yet another genre they manage to garner a number one in.

They return to the iHeart Festival this time not as a surprise guest, but one of the main headliners. This set features their very first performance of Let It Be Me but in later reviews they were stated to be one of the highlights of the entire festival. Because bringing amazing performances and putting on a true show is just what they do.


Over the past ten years the Boys have broken past 130 Million albums sold and they’re recognized as being the best selling boyband in history. We’ve watched them continue to work hard and put their all into everything they do, and the payoff for it was satisfying beyond any words I could come up with. There is a reason why they are not only still standing but are seeing success that usually doesn’t come twice to a group the media at multiple times wrote off as “just a boyband”. They are anything but that. Their talent and dedication truly shines through and we thank you Boys for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what awaits you in the next decade to come.

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