Ten Backstreet Moments From 2009 That You Might’ve Forgotten

Ten years guys. It’s been ten years since the end of the Unbreakable era and the beginning of the This Is Us era.  While a lot of things has changed since then, like Kevin’s return to state the obvious, this year for our fandom did have  some great moments too. The Boys had gotten their individual Twitters that year, for example. The barriers between and the fans were slowly coming down.

Another thing that was happening was that this was the year they created their YouTube channel. It wasn’t the massive thing that YouTube is today! And the videos kept on coming.. They definitely had some unique performances as I feel like this was where they found a sort of groove they didn’t have as much during Unbreakable after Kevin left. And their interviews? They were probably some of the funniest because by this point the Boys were being themselves and saying to hell with it – likely due to the knowledge they were going to end things with Jive after this album. As this decade comes to a close let’s look back and enjoy. Depending on how you guys feel, I might make this a series of posts for each year up through 2019.

But onto the time warp back to 2009!

1. Nick in a Box

A bored Nick Carter means some entertaining content. They were here to do some promotional interviews and appearances. While they waited, Nick thought he would surprise any unsuspecting person walking by the window…including AJ.  (This starts at about 54 seconds in if it doesn’t play at the part I intend it to below.)

2. “Brian’s Got Water Butt.”

Yup. That’s a direct quote. In what is supposed to be an update about their goings on in South America… well, boys will be boys.

3. Let’s Send Brian Out To Potentially Kill Fans

Another direct quote! A lot of promo for This Is Us got delayed due to Brian getting the Swine Flu. Once he was cleared to travel and due promotional appearances, one of the first was on Jimmy Kimmel. There were some dedicated fans who camped out and said they’d kiss him even with Swine Flu!

Relatable? Absolutely.


This was a five part series in Japan that was done and is to this day one of my favorite appearances. I lost the translations when YouTube blocked the videos but I still remember the gist for these below. All five are in the Media Archive folder but here’s what I feel to be the best one. Basically they’re asked about three things they love.

5. Backstreet On Ice

I never thought I’d see Ice Skaters doing routines while Backstreet Boys performed the music. I used to idolize Kristi Yamaguchi so this was really cool. Plus they sounded great. All in all a very unique appearance.

6.  “Whip It Good”

Not as risque as it sounds but just as funny. Can I just be someone who follows the Boys around during their downtime with a phone or camera and just record all their crazy shenanigans? Cause seriously that sounds awesome, and fun. I’d upload everything.

7. The Bonnie Hunt Interview

This one is very cute. They react to some very old school footage of them performing Got To Get It, they tease each other and talk about their bond…it’s all around funny and adorable.

8. Nick Picks on Brian

Each of the Boys have certain quirks when they perform. Fans know and enjoy this. Nick tends to be overly dramatic (he admits this) and goes to the knees. Howie winks. Brian of course, has his eyes closed or his leg lists. Well Nick decided to count how many times Brian lifts his leg during his solo song on the Unbreakable tour. It’s great.

9. The Boys on Hormiguero

Do I understand any of this? No. I wish we had a translation handy or subtitles. But watching the Boys on this cracked me up and it will crack you up too. They sing random things. Brian does a strip tease of sorts!

10. Straight Down My Throat…I love coffee so much yes, I can’t wait to drink it!

On the tour edition of the This Is Us album that was only released in Japan, it included a bonus DVD of some behind the scenes footage. Some of it happening during their promotional press and performances in Japan. A clip of this is below, featuring Brian’s love of coffee, him ticking Nick and later cracking his back, lots of Backstreet shenanigans. And…ending in an a capella.

Any moments from 2009 that I didn’t think of? Let me know!
Comment below!

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