The Best Solo Memories From 2009 to 2019

Just like the Boys had their greatest accomplishments in the past decade, I couldn’t bear ignoring their solo moments! The past ten years have brought us many, many solo projects. Honestly it’s more than I realized as I once again kept having to go back and add something I’d almost forgotten. Lots of new things came about between albums. Hell, sometimes they happened during album eras and we were overloaded with what I like to think of as Backstreet Goodness. I mean really, you can never have too much BSB as a group or solo!

So…we’re going to (try) and do this in chronological order. At least by year.

Let’s roll (with it – ha!).



This year was rather slow for solo projects mainly because they were busy promoting This Is Us. But Nick being Nick, and never being able to keep still released a gem of a collaboration song with Jennifer Paige, singer of the 90’s hit Crush. I love this song. Sometimes I manage to forget how great it is. And it is great, and damn well deserved a mention in this post. Anything else would just be a Beautiful Lie right?



Kevin’s Movies – So four years after Kevin had taken his infamous break from the group (and pray he’ll never do again) we get his first solo venture outside of the Boys. While he never gave us a solo album…which I still to this day pout about, he did give us a movie. If you have not seen the Bloody Indulgent for the love of all that is holy and Howie, see it! You can buy it on Amazon. It’s a vampire musical guys. Like if you enjoyed Dead 7 you’ll enjoy this. Period.

He goes on to star in another independent film called the Casserole Club. This one is a little less horror and a little more dramaticl, set in the 1960’s. Again this was a side to Kevin we hadn’t seen yet and is another solid watch. I’m just a horror junkie with a dark sense of humor so Bloody Indulgent was more my forte.


Have It All – To this day this is the only solo album AJ has put out, but it’s only been released in Japan! While it started out with the single Teenage Wildlife, a video that features furries and is definitely unique, this album was revealing in other ways too. The track Sincerely Yours really delves into AJ’s feelings about his biological father. The album plays to his biggest strengths while showcasing his ability to soar on any genre. It’s a great album. Put it on Spotify AJ!


The Pendant – I almost forgot about this until I checked myself. This was a short fifteen minute film that Nick wrote, directed and acted in himself. He did fan showings with it as well. See, Nick’s writing bug had him long before Dead 7 came along. You used to be able to buy it on his website but since you no longer can, here’s a YouTube link.



I’m Taking Off – Okay so there’s a lot of Nick here. The guy likes to do things! In February of 2011 Nick sprung his first solo album since Now Or Never. That’s a big deal. It’d been nine years before he got that urge to try again. This was a passion projects of Nick’s seeing as he was behind the writing of all the songs and then it was released through his solo label, something he hadn’t done before. The album was solid all around and gave us the beautiful song we know as Falling Down. The tour that followed as space themed and Nick in one of the purest forms we know him. We as fans were incredibly glad he had to guts to do this again all on his own as I feel had he not done this he may not be as prolific as he is today.


Back To Me –  Up until this year this was the only Howie solo project we ever got. Now I love Howie, I’ve come to appreciate him far more in the past decade than I ever have before, if I’m being fully honest. Sometimes fans can be blind.. That all said, I didn’t know what to expect from him on a solo album. No one did! What we got was an album filled with upbeat earwroms of songs that would stay in your head for hours. 100 was great and gave us the video of the infamous laundromat dance off scene. This album has me always looking forward to Howie’s future projects. I only wish he’d done a tour for this.


Kevin Posts Performing Videos to YouTube. – That’s it. They’re done from his house as you can see Kristin walking in the background. But they’re wonderful covers while Kevin’s playing his piano. I don’t know how many fans knew about this so that’s a major reason why I’m making sure to include them. You can never get enough of that voice.



Facing The Music and Living To Talk About It – In 2013 Nick releases his book. In this book Nicjk gets honest with some of his darkest moments and how he managed to turn it all around. During interviews he’d talk about how he was doing this with the hopes that others would learn from his mistakes. He credits Kevin as being a huge factor into why he was able to see he was being self destructive.



I Heart Nick Carter – This was about Nick and Lauren starting their life together. It was cheesy, it was funny, and showed that they’re both lovable dorks who are totally right for each other. It ran for eight episodes only but in the end that was enough to tell their story. No need for them to end up like the Kardashians or something.


Nick and Knight – And now we’re up to the collaboration project Nick did with Jordan Knight! They only released one single but the tour while low key, was something to remember. The album, coming from the perspective of someone who isn’t NKOTB fan, was actually very catchy and enjoyable. Then again, I should expect nothing less from a Backstreet Boy.



Live Together is released by AJ. This song is the first of a run of songs for the various versions of his yet unreleased second solo album. AJ’s upcoming solo album has gone through a few revisions. This was before he was bitten by the country music bug. We may not know when that solo record is out but we are enjoying all the songs that we’re getting in the meantime! AJ isn’t AJ if he’s not experimenting.


Nick Goes On Dancing With The Stars – Admittedly I have a soft spot for this point and time. That was when this very blog got started and we as a fandom did our best to unite behind Nick and help him win. Was it stressful? Hell yes. But it was also incredibly satisfying. Nick made it all the way to the finale with the perfect partner, Sharna. He ended up placing in second but we’re fine with that, for the most part. Either way we were all beyond proud. Plus the fun dances they did are still easily rewatchable. If Nick ever decided to go on an All Star season, I don’t think any fans would be mad about it


Nick Releases All American – Does this Boy ever stop? Not really. He’s an energizer bunny! This album was everything Now or Never could have been. It’s pop, it’s rock, and it’s just fun as hell. Isn’t that what good music should be? Something to make you smile and bop your head to the beat? That’s what this does. Not to mention it gives us the song 19 in 99 which is downright freaking glorious.


Kevin’s Solo Teases –  He hasn’t released a solo album. But he did tease a song. It was supposed to be for a solo album known as Cover Story but tragically that album never came to fruition. Still, at least we got a few songs out of it. I think I need to write a letter pleading with him to release an album. He’s told fans he’s too much of a perfectionist, which I suppose is something to be expected.



Dead 7: Ub 2916 Nick released this baby.  Boybands, Cowboys, and Zombies. How could this ever go wrong? That’s right it couldn’t! Nick got with SyFy, and wrote this movie, directed in it, and even acted in it. He reached out to many people he knew, getting NSYNC members, 98 Degrees, OTown, and AJ and Howie to join in. AJ’s evil laugh throughout this movie is everything. Thank you Nick for making this happen. Seriously. It made so many of us happy. And it gave us the song In The End.



Nick is a Judge on Boyband. This was fun, and very cute. Nick was a judge along with Emma from Spice Girls, and Timbaland on a short lived ABC show to create a new boyband. The way the show goes about forming it is a little strange. Still it was great to watch because you could tell Nick really cared about these kids and helping them grow. He did his best to give the best advice he could. The result? It was current group In Real Life. Nick has even kept in touch with them, inviting them to see the Vegas show. They’ve gone more than once as I’ve spotted them myself leaving Zappos Theater. So Nick had a real effect on these kids’ lives.



AJ Goes Country – This was something a bit unexpected but not disliked. While we do not have a confirmed date for his yet upcoming solo album? We do have a couple new songs with beautiful videos to match. My personal favorite is Night Visions both for the video and for the song. He outdid himself with that one. AJ is nothing if not insanely talented. Watching him perform is enough to give anyone chills.



Howie Just DROPS a Surprise Album! Howie out of nowhere just goes surprise! Here’s a new album! There’s a reason he’s been called Stealth D! It’s a family album aimed more at kids but is still a delightful listen. Which One Am I, the song is cute and funny. The Me I’m Meant To Be is something that really touches you.

You could tell this was a passion project for Howie aiming for something he wants to do, rather than anything else. That sort of love and energy shines through on the album itself. It was inspired while he was working on his musical Howie D: Back In The Day which debuts next year.


Brian Does A Duet With His Son Baylee – Anyone else feel old here? I do! Baylee, who is now 17 has released a solo album of his own in the country genre. One of the tracks is a duet with his father Brian. Feelings? Yes. So many emotions. It’s a very pretty ballad that showcases not only the talents but differences between father and son. Here, Brian shines but Baylee is also able to stand on his own.


So far that’s all the solo projects. All unique and a way for us to get another glimpse of the Boys outside of their Backstreet roles. What awaits in 2020? Who knows? Maybe AJ’s solo album…maybe Nick’s? Definitely Howie’s musical! All I know is, whatever comes next is sure to be amazing. Mainly because they don’t know how to give us anything less. 


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