Nine Things We Learned From The Backstreet Boys In 2019

One more post before 2020! I have a few in the works for January but then this popped up in my forever buzzing brain and I decided it needed to happen. Mainly because this is about these little tidbits of information we didn’t exactly plan to learn this year? But we did anyway. I mean, we can’t forget these things so I’m making sure they stick in your minds for many years to come by putting them in this post.

1. Kevin likely traumatized an annoying child at Disney World.

I mean…did anyone else remember anything from that Grammy Museum interview besides Kevin’s story about the annoying British boy that wouldn’t leave him alone? I wonder if that kid realized he was antagonizing a future legend. Probably not but man that’d be a hilarious claim to fame if he learned that Kevin was telling that story and said it was him he did that too. (Fifty-three minutes in)

2. Nick thinks the Backstreet Market story isn’t true.

Yup something we as fans suspected for years, Nick admits. That said, the other four absolutely disagree with him. They insist it’s true while Nick’s like no, they just thought it sounded cool. I don’t know if I could picture them by any other name though.

3. Apparently there is a “walk” they do in the more dramatic music videos.

I could watch them walk forever. This was in an interview earlier this year where they were talking about their music video for Chances. They also make sure to show how it’s done. I mean, I wouldn’t mind learning from the masters. Because who can do a serious dramatic musical walk better than the Backstreet Boys? NO. ONE.

4. They’re still really good at singing in other languages.

They start singing I’ll Never Break Your Heart in Spanish and honestly, I think we all swooned. Apparently they’tr not great at learning to sing new songs in other languages though. What a tragedy. Cause man, they sounded great.

5. Backstreet Boys make some damn awesome chickens.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because they’re Backstreet Boys, that’s why. Their appearance on Jimmy Fallon this year not only included them performing Chances but it also included a beyond unique one of them clucking to Everybody. We knew we needed some Backstreet Chickens in our lives? And then later they do in fact cross a road.


6. Kevin really knows how to rock a pink fur coat

Probably the best part of the Doritos commercial. Well okay, the dancing to that version of I Want It That Way gave me some serious life too. I know it gave you life. Like…how can it not?

7. Apparently if you use slinkys, you can get some really cool album shots.

Who would’ve thought? This random bit came thanks to an iHeart Promo video. They pull things out of a box and start discussing it. All in all it’s pretty damn nostalgic? Also, it’s cute. Who doesn’t love some cute Backstreet Boys? Also it makes me wonder what other bizarre things have been used in the past to create cool looking photoshoots.

8. When the members have full chest hair, you’re no longer a boy band.

Well, according to AJ at least! What does that make you then? A man band? I mean, they go on to explain that there really isn’t a good way to define a boy band, as it was used back in the day to demean groups and try to say there’s no talent. Something I’ve argued for years, that if BSB are a boyband, then groups like the Temptations were. Prove to me that they weren’t. The whole interview is one the best of the year. It goes deep. The chest hair bit was the most random nugget. (Chicken nugget!)

9. It’s actually pretty cool having underwear thrown at you!

So one of the things that happens during the DNA World Tour is the underwear. AJ and Kevin change on stage. (Behind a little makeshift curtain of course) and then they throw signed underwear into the crowd at fans. A nod at all the times fans threw bras and panties at the Boys over the past couple decades. It’s freaking awesome. We’ve gone from roses to underwear and we love it. Underpants, who knew?

So to recap…the things we learned? Kevin has scared children, they have an intentional dramatic walk for music videos, Everybody can be clucked, Kevin can rock a pimp jacket, and finally…if you want a cool photo, use a slinky! Along with a few other things. Like underpants…being a thing. Which was probably my personal favorite lesson of 2019.

To repeat…Best part of 2019?

But wait, one last thing before we go…the honorable mention.

The Meaning behind DNA! Because this got rehashed IN EVERY interview known to man this year! In case…you don’t know and lived under a rock this album, I’m linking it below. This sums up the entire story, the original meaning and the current meaning in terms of the album. (Also we could have had a double album. I’m still heartbroken over this.)

Can’t wait to see what we learn next year!

Here we come 2020!

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