It’s been a year since we’ve been blessed with the DNA album.

That album is what gave us the track we know as Breathe. Now, I love that song. I’ve talked about that wonderful and heavenly beauty that is that song. I won’t deny this. At the same time however, I also remember that when the track-list for this album was originally announced, it had a lot of us confused mainly because…they already had a song named Breathe on their previous album In A World Like This. Now for those who may not know this album because they’re a newer fan…(lifers don’t judge, it does happen!) please go look it up on Spotify. Or buy the album. Something. Mainly because it’s a very solid album and holds a lot of special vibes in fans hearts due to it being a passion project and their only album without a label.

But back to Breathe version one.

Breathe version one happens to be on that album. Now that song is very different than Breathe 2.0 which is the a capella track. It’s definitely got another otherworldly sense at the very beginning of the song. It showcases Kevin in a smooth and wonderful way, and I can’t imagine any other Boy carrying the song the way Kevin does. It simply has this chill sort of feeling that suits him. I wish it had been a single. If I could personify the songs into a BSB, Breathe version one would be Kevin.

They’re two very different songs. I almost wish they could’ve titled them differently but then I wouldn’t be writing this post I suppose. I can’t even think of how I’d title them differently. Breathe 2.0 can’t have any other title. I guess it makes sense because I’m sure they thought about the fact they were going to end up with two songs with the same name. In fact I remember when fans thought the a capella track was just going to be a redoing of the original Breathe. Small little fandom riots ensued until people realized that wasn’t the case.

On the subject of Breathe 2.0. The song is simply breathtaking. I’ve gushed about this song multiple times. Mainly because it’s one of those special pieces of music the Boys put out that is going to end up timeless. Not all of their songs, wonderful as they are – possess this quality. But this one does. Simple as that. It’s not just the fact it’s their only true a capella track to date either. It’s the entire package. The lyrics speak in the most beautifully haunting way. I don’t know about you guys but I immediately was able to connect to them. The message is everything.

I asked you guys what Breathe you prefer of course. Because this blog is nothing without you guys. I suppose I could just write because I love to do it. I already do. But I’ll be the first to admit I love knowing people read this. I love getting your feedback. Any writer claiming they don’t enjoy it is lying. Mainly because while yes write to love, but you could do that and never post it if that’s the case. So I asked and you all were very vocal about this.


My friend, who’s tweet is below sums it up well. Because like her, I got goosebumps the first time I heard it. Before playing it on repeat for the rest of the day. Do any of you get like that about a song? Where you fall in love instantly and have to play it over and over and over and over because it’s doesn’t feel like enough once it ends? Or do I sound completely crazy here? (It wouldn’t be the first time.)


Many of you couldn’t pick. Or you got mad at me for making you choose.


Then of course there were the group of you guys that loved the first Breathe and wouldn’t let anyone tell you any different! To hell with the majority!

In the end though they’re very different songs from very different eras. One definitely isn’t superior to the other. One was the kind of song they wanted to do and the way they wanted to do it. As I said above In A World Like This will forever hold a special place in the heart of the fandom. Because this was a project they did for the passion of it. No label to fulfill, no label to change things around. But the newest Breathe is special for other reasons. Each time you hear it, you might hear a different part of the beautifully unique arrangement. Personally any time I hear the first Breathe I get the mental image of Nick’s Breathe Dance. (Featured below of course for any who may not know.)

I swear Nick hears different music in his head than the rest of us.

If I had to pick one?

Well…as much as I made you guys choose.

Um, well…I choose both!

Yes I realize this is cheating. And since I made all of you choose I know you won’t be thrilled if I don’t. Fine. Fine. I’d choose Breathe 2.0 but honestly it’s close. And it’s mainly due to the emotions the newest one invokes in me anytime I’m able to listen to it. I still get chills when it plays. That sort of thing just isn’t an everyday feeling with a song. Though you know next time, do us a favor Boys and try to give us more variation on the song names? This whole being specific thing isn’t fun. Thanks!

Which Breathe do you prefer?

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