Kevin, I Know It’s Been Years But Please Release “Cover Story”

Solo projects.

They all have them. They’re one of those things where each of the Boys pursue whatever flavor of passion attracts them. In many ways they’re very revealing in the sense that they showcase a side of them we may not see in Backstreet. Howe’s had two solo albums now and has a play about to debut; AJ has a solo album, and All The Cool Kids and maybe a country album? (We love you AJ and we try to keep up), Brian has his dedication to his son’s career alongside a solo album, and Nick, well Nick always has his many projects. Now Kevin, Kevin has had his movies. And they were great. I love love love the movie Bloody Indulgent, But once upon a time, he used to tease about a solo album.

Cover Story.

He performed songs from it on the 2013 cruise. The idea was rather than original songs, he’d make an album of cover songs deeply personal to him throughout his life. Sounded like a pretty awesome concept. And fans of course got excited for it. The project was supposed to be released in 2014. Then it got delayed till 2015. I mean, this happens. We all know about Backstreet Time, right?


Then a fan asked Kevin about it and he said he was too much a perfectionist to release it.


This post is a plea five years later to release this out into the world. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It could simply be a download on the official site or through the music sites. We simply just want to hear the music Kevin. I’m sure the project was wonderful. Because your talent and voice shines any time you decide to showcase it. I understand that you may not think it’s perfect but is anything perfect? Look at the music again, maybe give it another shot. Your fans will wait. We just want to hear your story.

Hell the fact I’m writing about a project that technically doesn’t exist this many years later says something, right? I hope so. Take a moment to consider it Kevin, if you ever read this.

We understand if it never gets released. That said, I felt it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Your voice has such a smooth tone to it. You have such a fire and passion for music I feel we’d all love to see you showcase your talents on an album all about you. Covers can tell your feelings just as clearly as anything else. Your take on Danny’s Song moved many fans to tears, myself included. Please consider letting us hear the rest. Please. The kind of raw emotion you like to put into your music is the thing we love to hear.

If you ever decide to release Cover Story Kevin, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the chance to hear it.

Either way, know that we the fans love you. 

(And are still hoping you’ll do some sort of solo album someday, even if it ends up being a different album)

One thought on “Kevin, I Know It’s Been Years But Please Release “Cover Story”

  1. Actually I’d love to hear him do instrumental piano album. Maybe something like jazz or classical or whatever he used to learn to play the piano. But I agree I would be nice to hear his voice front and center since hear rarely gets any leads on Backstreet Boys songs.


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