Backstreet Boys’ DNA World Tour (Everything You Need To Know To Survive 2020)

The year? 2020. Best time to be a fan? Absolutely!

While the new legs in Mexico and South America are just a short time away, the Boys have decided to yet again spring new surprises on us! Yes that is right! A SECOND North American leg is coming right here this summer. The pre-sale is Tuesday, February 11th, and the general sale is on LOVE day. That’s right, Valentine’s day. Which is pretty perfect seeing as BSB were a lot of our first loves. Details can ABSOLUTELY be found here!

I made sure to list the dates below. VIP add-ons have NOT been announced yet. But when they are, trust that you’ll find the internet literally exploding with excitement! If you haven’t joined the fan club yet, NOW is the time. Fan Club members get first dibs on tickets. You can easily renew your membership at There’s some great packages to suit every fan.

What about this leg? Anything new? Howie just answered this question today!

The production is gonna be a little bit changed — this past run was all in arenas,” Howie tells ABC Audio. “This time around….[it’s] a mixture of arenas/amphitheaters, so we’ve actually changed up the [stage] set.”

“I think overall, the set list is going to pretty much stay the same,” Howie adds. “But you’re going to feel a different vibe. It’s not going to feel like, ‘OK, well…I’m seeing the same show’ — you’re going to feel [like it’s] a totally new concert.”

Now to the part you REALLY want to know. What dates have been announced?!


July 10th – Wantagh, New York

July 13th – Homdel, NJ

July 16th – Camden, NJ

July 18th – Hartford, CT

July 19th – Virginia Beach, VA

July 21st – Washington, DC

July 23rd – Detroit, MI

July 24th – Pittsburgh, PA

July 25th – Darien Lake, NY

July 27th – Lexington, KY

July 28th – Cleveland, OH

July 31st – Indianapolis, IN

August 1st – Chicago, IL

August 2nd – St. Louis, MO

August 4th – Sioux Falls, SD

August 7th – Spokeane, WA

August 8th – Seattle, WA

August 9th – Vancouver, BC

August 12th – Salt Lake City, UT

August 14th – Concord, CA

August 15th – San Francisco, CA

August 16th – Wheatland, CA

August 19th – Denver, CO

August 21st – Wichita, KS

August 22nd – Oklahoma City, OK

August 23rd – Rogers, AR

September 11th – Saratoga Springs, NY

September 12th – Boston, MA

September 15th – Quebec City, QC

September 16th – Montreal, QC

September 18th – Toronto, OT

*NEW* September 19th – Toronto, OT

September 21st – Raleigh, NC

September 22nd – Charlotte, NC

September 23rd – Alpharetta, GA

September 25th – Jacksonville, FL

September 26th – West Palm Beach, FL

September 27th – Tampa, FL

September 30th – Irving, TX

October 2nd – The Woodlands, TX

October 4th – Albuquerque, NM

October 6th – Phoenix, AZ

October 7th – Chula Vista, CA

October 9th – Los Angeles, CA


So where else besides the US and Canada shall they be this year? Well here’s the dates for Mexico, South America, and Australia. If you haven’t decided to go yet, make the leap! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out. FOMO is real and…deadly. Okay fine, just deadly to the soul.

You can still get tickets at!

Feb. 20 Mexico City, Mexico
Feb. 21 Mexico City, Mexico
Feb. 22 Mexico City, Mexico
Feb. 24 Monterrey, Mexico
Feb. 25 Monterrey, Mexico
Feb. 26 Guadalajara, Mexico
Feb. 28 San Jose, Costa Rica
Mar. 01 Bogota, Colombia
Mar. 02 Bogota, Colombia
Mar. 04 Santiago, Chile
Mar. 05 Santiago, Chile
Mar. 07 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mar. 08 Montevideo, Uruguay
Mar. 09 Montevideo, Uruguay
Mar. 11 Uberlândia, Brazil
Mar. 13 Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Mar. 15 São Paulo, Brazil
May. 16 Auckland, New Zealand
May. 17 Auckland, New Zealand
May. 20 Brisbane, Australia
May. 22 Sydney, Australia
May. 23 Sydney, Australia
May. 26 Melbourne, Australia
May. 27 Melbourne, Australia
May. 30 Perth , Australia



Now I know there’s about to be a lot of fans reading this ready to ask about Europe dates. Thing is, those haven’t been announced yet. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen. It just means it may not have been worked out yet. The Boys have stated all throughout 2019 they plan on coming back to Europe for another leg so have faith! As soon as that announcement happens I’ll be back here updating this post. So bookmark it.

On To VIP!

So far VIP has only been announced for the dates in South America and Mexico. The ones for North America, New Zealand, and Australia haven’t been just yet.  VIP add-ons will be announced later on, so don’t worry just yet if you want a seat. Just keep in mind VIP as always, is limited. When the announcements come in I’ll make sure to update.

Okay…ready, set, GO PLAN! 

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