It’s A Weird World and I Know You Know It, Backstreet Boys (Song Spotlight: Weird World)

While I have other posts in the works, it’s been hard to focus due to all the tour madness going on right now. I hope everyone has been successful getting tickets so far! And I hope that other countries get tour announcements soon too. One thing I never have trouble talking about however, is how special a song its. It’s why I do these Song Spotlights at the most random of times. They’re the ones that simply flow no matter whatever else is going on.

This time, I decided to go with Weird World.

Why? Because it came up on my shuffle today and I was immediately hit with ‘wow, that’s a really good song’. Sometimes, ideas come that easily.

Now I know, it’s a song from Never Gone, admittedly an album I have complicated feelings on. But that said there have always been some great gems on that album. That’s why this is actually the second spotlight post for a song from that album. (The other being I Still.) Because this song is absolutely one of the special ones. I remember back in the day not thinking so immediately but this is one of the timeless ones that you truly grow to appreciate over time. Eighteen year old me just liked how Nick sounded on this song. Adult me loves this song so much more.

Now granted, this song does in it’s simplest form hit every pleasurable aesthetic. Nick sounds fantastic throughout the track. This wasn’t in the best time in his life, as he’s admitted to us fans over the years. I think we can address that safely enough. Just like we know Kevin wasn’t the happiest back then since he left directly after this era ended. But the piano driven medley is lovely. Nick sounds fantastic showing off his full range in this one, and his voice suits the song better than any other. Sometimes songs driven by him and AJ turn out to be the most emotional. (An example of this would be Madeleine but that’s another post entirely.) I often wonder if it’s because they had the roughest pasts, thus making the music deeper?  I’d like to ask them this someday.

What I do know is they are welcome to bring this song back, singing with Kevin at the piano.

2005 was a really weird time for the world, now that I’m thinking about it. Music shifted as a result after 9/11 and it wasn’t as pop friendly as it used to be. Rightly so. For the younger generation of fans who may not remember, that day hit the US as a shock. It startled us all and the war in Iraq was a very recent thing. Americans were less trusting, airports had now become a pain, everything was fresh and raw. Weird World in many ways was a snapshot of the world at this time. I think that’s what makes this song special. How many BSB songs can we really say this about?

Sent a message to a G.I. in the desert
Said thank you man for bringing another dawn
Back here it’s her and me and we’re having our first baby
He’s out there taking them on

The song was written by the group Five For Fighting. They’re a great group. You might know a few of their songs, my personal favorite being 100 Years. But it’s like taking one of their songs and stamping it with the trademark harmonies that brought the Backstreet Boys to where they are today.  Those lyrics I featured above? They are absolutely representative of how it felt like back then. Many people signed up for the military after 9/11, and by 2003 we were knee deep in Iraq. Much of Never Gone was recorded in 2004 so it’s in a way a time capsule.

In other ways, you can look at the song as a bit of a fan motto in modern times. I realized this on Twitter today. Because many people just don’t understand the life of a fan. Oh, it’s okay for sports and stuff but a group like BSB? Somehow that’s not acceptable and has an age limit. Many fans like myself don’t bother explaining ourselves anymore. In that sense, I think these lyrics can fit.

It’s a weird world and I know you know it,
It’s a weird world and it won’t slow down.
It’s a weird world no matter how you roll it.
Hey hey hey sweet baby
There’s a way, just stand up and fight it
Hey hey hey
Never give up and don’t let it wear out, your love

It’s a strange song in some ways but also beautiful. It’s uplifting in that it’s encouraging you to keep fighting. In a world that sometimes feels darker than ever these days, songs like these are so important. Music is therapy for the soul. It’s something I’ve always firmly believed. Music is one the best forms of self care you can have. Are you feeling down? Then maybe give this song a listen. Just do me a favor.

Don’t let them take away your beautiful smile.

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