Everything You Need To Know About Hearts As Told By The Backstreet Boys

One thing you know if you’ve ever been or even ever listened to at least one album by the Backstreet Boys, is that they sing about hearts. A lot. Even the group twitter admits a lot of their songs feature hearts. So my random brain went to work. What if we decided to compile all their Heart Songs and take out all the things they seem to know about them to put into one post? Sounded like a fun time to me! I know it’s after Valentine’s Day but come on, I never miss an opportunity to joke around about the group I love.

So let’s roll!


1. Don’t Play Games With Hearts – Quit Playing Games

This seems like an obvious one. Simply put, people don’t like it. Would you? If someone cut you open and decided to use your heart as a board for monopoly, I don’t think anyone would like it. So quit playing games! Better yet, don’t start. Otherwise you’re going to tear them apart. All of this sounds very logical to me so far but this is also the start of the list.

2. The Right Man Will Never Break Your Heart – I’ll Never Break Your Heart

You see, they’d rather die than live without us. This promise right here basically keeps the standard for all men going forward. They’ll give you all of them, and baby that’s no lie. Pretty sure this right here is why I’m so picky with guys. I blame the Boys. This song is all about how the man you’re with isn’t good enough and being with one of the Boys will ensure your heart will never be broken.

3. Apparently A Shot To The Heart Won’t Kill You – Straight Through My Heart

I mean they have a whole song singing about being shot straight through the heart, by a single bullet. They can’t believe it even though they’re spinning ’round and bleeding. But they’re obviously fine enough to keep on singing about it despite the shot and the shock? So maybe it’s not so deadly? According to BSB it’s not! in fact they can’t escape this love. Not how I’d define love but, alright.

4. They Want To Take Their Hearts Out To Show Us The Shape – Shape Of My Heart

Looking back on the things they’ve done, they’re just trying to be someone able to rip their hearts out so they can show us the shape. I suppose if a single bullet can’t bring down someone, taking their hearts out is probably just as well. They kept us in the dark, and now they want to show us the shape of their heart. Which is literally nothing like the romantic hearts we’re used to. People know candy is just fine, right?

5. Well, So Much For Not Breaking Your Heart – Back To Your Heart

While one of the sweetest and most romantic BSB songs, this song is at it’s core an apology. If they’re apologizing? That means they did in FACT break your heart. What happened to NEVER? Never is a long time and apparently that doesn’t quite make it. That said, well the apology is beautiful and it’s pretty hard not to forgive something like that.

6. We Can Use Hearts For Trade – Give Me Your Heart

The song title is deceiving. We’re not giving them our hearts. Instead we’re giving them our love which is definitely easy enough. In return we get…not their love but their hearts. So hearts are a form of currency. Okay. What if I’m greedy and want to hold out for more. Wait, no if it’s a Backstreet Boy promising well, anything… then to hell with it you can have everything!

7. Hearts Follow You – My Heart Stays With You

Amidst more promises of not breaking our hearts… they also make sure we know that no matter where we go or what we do, their heart stays with us. I’m wondering at this point what happens to the empty shell. Is it a shell, or is it not? Technically the brain is still there so they may not be a zombie… though I’d be into that.

8. A Heart Can Be A Home – Welcome To My Heart

Yes I realize this contradicts a solo Nick Carter but this about the group anyway. In this song it talks about how you’re home now and welcomes you to his heart. Maybe that’s why the heart can be removable at this point. Because you can turn it into a possibly rent free way of living. And what says love more than a free house?

9. Don’t Break THEIR Heart – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

See this is an interesting evolution. In 2020 they’re still here with songs about hearts. But while it used to be they’ll never break your heart, then they sang about being sorry and finding a way back after breaking it. Now? Now they’re asking US not to break THEIR hearts. What happened to not wanting to break our hearts? Also how easy is it to break a heart when you have a song about being shot in the heart (that you apparently survive just fine)? No wonder they have mixed emotions, they’ve completely flipped their message!

This message has been brought to you by…the Backstreet Boys!
Heart Experts Since 1993. 



2 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Hearts As Told By The Backstreet Boys

  1. I always thought I’ll Never Break Your Heart was a little unrealistic. Surely a guy will do something to upset you if not hurt you.
    I don’t think the shot in Straight Through My Heart was literal but a metaphor for the girl capitativing then.


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