Songs We Suddenly Want To Hear Backstreet Boys Sing As A Barbershop Quintet


This post wasn’t exactly supposed to happen. I swear I had plans to continue on to my Backstreet Sound post I’ve been talking about on Twitter. Really. But see, Twitter is why this happened. I was basically playing the “not writing game” also known as Rose getting super distracted by random videos. Mainly BSB ones though YouTubers sometimes too. What distracted me this time? Well the epic appearance that inadvertently inspired this post of course! (It’s always nice when I can actually show how my random brain comes up with this stuff. )

Most likely the tune that’s been in your head ever since they were on Fallon, too.



Yup, their skit where they did a Barbershop version of Sisqo’s Thong Song. I mean, who knew that Barbershop could really make that song even catchier than it already was? Not to mention the Boys’ harmonies suit this style so well it’s practically criminal. How many other songs could they improve upon? What ones would be JUST as epic?

In fact I’ll pitch this now, maybe make this a game on a future Backstreet Cruise! They pull song titles from a hat and have to try and tackle it Barbershop style, in the essence of Whose LIne Is It Anyway! Wonderful Union, Jen, hell if a Backstreet Boy sees this himself…make it happen! Trust me, the fans would just love it.

Okay, I’m done pitching. This list is what I came up.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts below!


1. Pretty Fly For A White Guy – Offspring

I have a bit of a soft spot for this song as it helped define the eclectic radio mix that was 1999. Also can you imagine it? Give it to me baby, uh huh huh. Not only are the lyrics absolutely off the wall in the best way, the rock theme done Barbershop style might just kill me.


2. Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child

Mainly because over the years we’ve all talked about Nick’s bootylicious bottom. I mean I’d do it just to see them try not to laugh as they sang it. I’ll pay to see this one happen. Especially if it includes Nick trying to twerk throughout (we all know AJ definitely will.) Are we ready for this jelly? Probably not.


3. California Love – Tupac

I’d be interested to see how they’d tackle a rap song in this style. Plus this is literally a 90’s hip-hop classic. Thus satisfying a major portion of the fandom I’m sure. California knows how to party okay! (I can say that, before we moved to Vegas, I came from there.)


4. Down With The Sickness – Disturbed

No genre will be untouched in this post! You want a metal song, here we go! I debated with this one but I think this song lyrically presents a fun challenge to sing Barbershop with a straight face.


5. Oops I Did It Again – Britney Spears

Can’t not have a pop song in here, of course! And who better than the queen of pop herself. Oops I Did It Again lends itself to some great times. Also, I’d insist they keep the part in the middle about the Heart of the Ocean. Non-negotiable on that one. I can literally hear it in my head, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…


6. Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus

Fake Mullets are required for this one. But it’s like I said, no genre is safe. I knew we needed a country song and this song immediately popped in my head as the most random of the bunch. Besides, I think Billy Ray Cyrus would get a huge kick out of it. Fun all around! But like I said…only with mullets!


7. All Apologies – Nirvana

This one’s for you Nick. I seriously thought about several songs from them as I knew they needed to make this list, but this is probably the best one for the job. It’s the exact opposite of Barbershop in every form but in a strange way the layout of the sound could really lend itself to it. It’s bizarre to think about and that oddity is why I want to see it.


8. Shots – LMFAO

Shout out to the cruises on this one. I giggled to myself just thinking about this and that alone makes it a win! They might need shots before tackling this idea.


9. Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC

YES I WENT THERE. Come on. Given all the times they’re asked about the rivalry (Fallon appearance included!), how could I resist? This would be funny not just because of the song but due to the irony. I’d definitely pay money to see this happen. This is the one and only time you’ll ever hear me suggest BSB sing an NSYNC song, by the way.


10. New Love – Backstreet Boys

I can’t do a list without including one of the Boys’ own songs. Now you might wonder why New Love? Mainly because usually most skits or random things include either Everybody or I Want It That Way. We need a different song. Practically any song would be okay given that practically every song has harmonies out of this world. But, I don’t know. Given the content of the song and the fact it’s a new one…I’d say New Love is a solid choice. Don’t say it’s the wrong thing. 


Fans rushing off to find ways to make this happen. 

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