Things Fans Should Remember

I see a lot, so much on Twitter. More sometimes than I wish I did.

Now you may say I’m telling you how to feel, or what to do, or dismissing your feelings. I’ve heard that before from a few select people. But that’s not my intention. It never was. These are just my thoughts, and my feelings all throughout this blog. I do what I do for the fandom because I love the Boys, and I love being part of this fandom. But sometimes I do think parts of the fandom forget how lucky we are.

And we’re so lucky. How many groups have lasted as long as the Boys without breaking up? How many groups love their fans as much as our Boys do? How many groups are lucky enough to be as successful as they are to garner a massive worldwide tour like the one they’re doing now?

So why does it matter what Nick wears… when he’s doing fan events out of his love to perform and his love for the fans? Why doesn’t it matter that the Boys deserve some space, rather than people almost hitting them with their phones to try and snag a photo or video? Why does it matter how much other fans do if they can afford to do it? Why get upset that concert tickets fluctuate in price when we know Ticketmaster does that to every artist? (Yes I’ll forever say Ticketmaster is evil.)

You know what matters? Is that our favorite group is still making music. Our favorite group is still touring around the world. They love the fans. They do what they do because they love music. They love to perform. That’s what matters here. What matters is that fans are living their best lives. No one should be shamed for what they can or can’t do. Be happy that fans are supporting the Boys however they can.

What should matter is that the Boys are there to do these fan events and VIPs. They don’t have to. These are choices they make to do these things, because they want to for the fans. So respect them. Be happy they’re there for us to see and enjoy. Stop griping about things that don’t matter like what one of them wears. For me I love that they dress casual, it makes me feel like I can too! It’s their choice and they’re giving up their downtime to do these extras for us!

What should matter is that we’re letting them have moments of peace when they’re not in the spotlight. In fact often when fans stay calm they tend to pause and talk to you anyway! I know this from experience. Even if they don’t, remember that when they’re not “on”, they’re still people at the end of the day. Give them space when they’re not at a VIP or on stage. Stop treating them like they’re a commodity. They’re HUMAN. They deserve that!

Fans need to remember they deserve respect. 

For all the wonderful music, the shows, and joy they give us…

Asking for people to be kind and respectful in return isn’t asking for lot. 

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