88 Thoughts Watching The Black and Blue CBS Concert in 2020

One thing I love to do in between my more thoughtful posts where I go on and analyze everything down to it’s last possible drop, mainly because I have a lot of thoughts and a lot to say…I do posts like these. I find they’re fun and a great excuse to rewatch some of my old favorites. With Black and Blue in fact turning twenty in November, it’s why I’m leaning more towards videos and such from this specific era. Can you believe that album was so long ago? It’s absolutely crazy. I’m linking this special below so you can watch as we go along! Feel free to check out my previous ones here.

Let’s go!

(Note: YouTube flagged it, and it was too big for Vimeo so Facebook was the only place I still had it uploaded for easy viewing. It’s also in our Media Archive!)


1. Legitimately scared how many thoughts this will end up being as it seems that number gets higher and higher with each one of these that I do. Thank god I have this burned to a DVD so it’s easier to do from my Chromebook

2. This whole VIP access bit is so cheesy but my inner tween still loves it. That’d be a cool setup to go into VIPs today actually.

3. It says EIGHT YEARS AGO A JOURNEY BEGAN. Jesus. I remember when I thought that was a long time. It wasn’t a long time. It was nothing. We’re literally over three times that now.

3. This was less than a third into their career by today’s standards. Hearing Nick talk about how much they love music and how powerful Kevin feels music is…it’s just a lot.

4. I wonder if they thought they’d still be here at it another twenty years later.

5. The production on this tour was absolutely ridiculous. In the best of ways. They haven’t had a tour this huge until DNA. Which makes this post feel timely.

6. Not going to lie, watching this after seeing Kevin’s jacket from this tour at the Grammy Museum is really freaking cool.

7. This was their “dark” era. Everything was edgier by pop standards at this point. Easy thing to forget. It’s a cool vibe though. They were baaaaaad boys! Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do…

8. I want that girl’s Frack beanie. You think she’s still a fan?

9. Man, all the dancers too. They add something to a production like this too. This was back when the idea of dancers on a tour wasn’t a big deal on a tour. Remember how that was a big deal when fans found out they’d have them for the residency?

10. I will never get sick of Larger Than Life. That’s it. That’s the thought.

11. Nick is SO dramatic on stage haha. Embrace those feelings.

12. “I want people to feel happy, I want people to feel like, like if they have any type of problems in their lives…or if there’s anything wrong, that they can switch on our  CD and they can forget about things.” Literally my entire life, well practically anyway…this has been how I felt. BSB is a safe space and I’m not ashamed.

13. Kevin is really hot here. I feel like this statement makes it into all my posts but young me didn’t appreciate it and I’m constantly reminded of this problem. Hearing what he wants the music to do is just lovely.

14. “I think that’s what happens with people and music, is they connect with certain songs”. I know Nickisms have been a thing for years and years but I still say he was deeper than people realized, even then. He knew the power of music and what it could do.

15. Sometimes five Backstreet Boys, wearing black and harmonizing to Show Me The Meaning is enough to make people happy. This is absolutely one of those times. Beautiful.

16. I always wondered what going to an arena tour was like (my first show wasn’t until Never Gone) and finding out last year for the DNA World Tour makes me wish even more I could’ve seen this in person back then. Especially with that really cool bridge they had set up for this.

17. Seeing these women just going all out in their singing along makes me smile. This is me, this is us…for as long as BSB sticks around. Living our best lives then and now.

18. By the way this was the FIRST Backstreet Boys Network Special. Why did it take so long?! Also hey Netflix can we have another one?!

19. God I love this melody. They did this for a Walmart promotion but it got attached to a lot of Black and Blue promo at the time. It’s simply sublime. SUBLIME. I would not be mad if they brought this back. Especially a capella. In fact yes. Make it happen. Now. Now. Now. Who do I need to talk to about this?!

20. Awww Baby Backstreet footage! Absolutely precious.

21. Look how tiny Nick is! And Brian’s accent…a tattoo-less AJ and a sweeter than ever Howie. Plus of course a model Kevin.

22. A crowd singing I Want It That Way really does hit you in the all the right emotions. This song is their legacy. It will live on forever.

23. From all black to all white. They look like angels here. Maybe they secretly are. I mean we learned in This Is The End that Heaven means Backstreet Boys!

24. I miss Nick doing that huge belt note. I know it’s hard but c’mon Nick! I know you can still do it!

25. I feel like More Than That is underappreciated in many ways due to the songs that came before and after. But it’s such a mellow but pretty song. It really showcases AJ. Plus I love watching the dancers at this part of the show.

26. Did Howie just do a lil hip shake? Okay then. Shake it Howie!

27. AJ’s hair is…a choice. But it still manages to be less crazy and better than a lot of his hair choices previous to this era.

28. Speaking of AJ, holy belting just now. AJ has always had the craziest talent in the group. His voice is unreal.

29. Dammit just as soon as I finished typing that Brian decides to soar vocally. Fine. It’s just that there’s so much talent in this group we love that it’s hard to focus on just one. VERY HARD.

30. So far I’m not going super crazy with the thoughts but I don’t know if I’m that far into the special. I haven’t watched this in awhile.

31. Shape Of My Heart in Lakers jerseys. Welcome to the gun show, sponsored by Brian.

32. I just want to point out while they all try to reach out and touch hands, you see Kevin doing it the most. It’s not something I noticed back then but having been to my fair share of shows, it’s something I see now. Kevin’s always been the one trying the hardest to touch a fan cause he’ll know what it means to them.

33. Okay once again Nick’s really really into it right now. I love it. Be dramatic Nick!

34. Holy shit and sing your lungs out apparently.

35. See here’s the footage they use on the 100 Hours DVD and the Diary special. I do have my theories about why such limited footage got used. But I want to focus on the positives. I do remember being annoyed by this.

36. I was hardcore, I wanted to see new things!

37. Nick just posted a video of BSB in Argentina and it reminded me of the reception they got in Rio and Tokyo back then. The love hasn’t died. Like at ALL.

38. “Down to earth” then pans to someone kissing a gross camera haha. Um…

39. I still love the Cape Town bit, because they’d never been there. So fans finally got their first time. Appreciate that you get to see them. Many fans don’t get to.

40. Kevin’s turtle dancing!

41. Yup. Rio. That passion hasn’t died. It may not be as…intense but to be fair we all grew up. But yeah that dedication is still there. I can’t imagine how scary it is though.

42. As long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything. How true this is. We as a fandom have a common goal, supporting BSB. It’s something we should remember when we have our differences.

43. Remember when teddy bears were still a thing? This was just as fans shifted to throwing bras but plushies still happened then too.

44. I forgot about the mini stage on the other side of the arena. Man, they really did have a crazy production. They sort of brought this back for Vegas too when they would appear in the crowd for All I Have To Give at Zappos Theater.

45. I’ll Never Break Your Heart is so simple, what carries it is solely their harmonies. That’s why this song managed to be so special.

46. What are they wearing? Brian has some weird red shirt that makes me think of an old man.

47. AJ has this green…thing that is so bright it glows.

48. Does Nick have a poncho? No but it’s some weird red tie dye thing.

49. I can’t describe Howie.

50. Only Kevin looks normal.

51. Aww they’re talking about writing together. Not a necessity but it’s something I always liked.

52. Time has more meaning now than it did then. I wouldn’t be upset if this came back.

53. AJ laying down on the bridge gives me SO much anxiety. He could’ve fallen!

54. Oh my Frick and Frack loving heart. These Brian and Nick moments during songs, le sigh.

55. They still sing at the drop of a dime. Got to love it.

56. Time, look where they are and what they’ve been through… I mean really.

57. Why is Nick tugging on AJ?! Well can’t blame him. You’re in danger AJ!

58. I can’t get over the fact that for these two songs only Kevin is dressed normal. Good job Kevin.

59. Kudos to whoever designed the bridge part of the stage. That’s definitely a cool way to make it so everyone gets a good experience of the show.

60. This is basically the “rock” version of Everybody and I love it.

61. How can you not?!

62. The futuristic look is pretty bad ass too.

63. Nick with a guitar filled a lot of my fantasies as a teenager because of this moment in the show.

64. Cause we’ve got it going on in the kitchen, and bacon and eggs and ham….when did this turn into a cooking show AJ?!

65. Nick just THROWING THAT GUITAR away. Nick! Instruments cost money!

66. I may not break a hundred with this one. No wonder my hands aren’t tired. Then again this one wasn’t exactly a long special.

67. Nick REALLY wants to know if he’s sexual.

68. The answer is always yes.

68. Probably my favorite part of the show was this performance of Everybody.

69. SHIT NOPE. I forgot they did Get Another Boyfriend on this special. WHY WASN’T THIS SONG A SINGLE. I’m still angry about this.

70. I was never so happy than when AJ got his way and the song got brought back in 2017, staying in the set-list up through the current era. The song was done SO WRONG.

71. AJ lifting up his shirt reminded me of my five second crush on him.

72. To this day I say Good God! while singing along because of this special.

73. Sing it Nick!

74. Good god!

75. The dance moves for this song were freaking legit. Look at those coats fly!

76. I’d get another boyfriend if that other boyfriend was a Backstreet Boy.

77. Got to love how every time Nick loses a layer of clothing screams follow. I’m one of those people myself. Even at my current age.

78. The choreography for that song had a lot of spins. You think they got dizzy?

79. Kick butt audience. That’s cute. They don’t censor themselves anymore.

80. The Call. Great song. Bad message! Why are cheating Backstreet Boys hot?

81. Fine all Backstreet Boys are hot. No matter what persona. Sue me.

82. Kevin lost the jacket! Yay!

83. You know Boys we’d never be mad if you just performed without shirts at all…

84. Nick’s movements remind me of a giant spider. A hot spider but a spider.

85. All of them have less clothing! Yay!


87. Wait what just happened?

88. They disappeared! Goodbye Backstreet Boys! It was like magic! Bippity Boppity Backstreet!

That’s a wrap!
Let me know what special/DVD you want to see me do next in the comments!


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