It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn…(Practicing Self Care)

I love the lyrics to Breathe 2.0.

Honestly give the song a listen right now. It’s got such a feeling of peace around it.

This is going to be a bit off topic in a few ways for a BSB blog. But I feel this needs to be said. Things are very tough right now. If you look on the news it’s so easy to be scared. It’s normal to be scared. It’s a scary time. We don’t need to go into details about why the Coronavirius is scary. If you see the news then you already know. And people should take it seriously, absolutely. But this is something our generation has never seen before, quarantines like this, massive shutdowns.

But the thing is you have to get off social media. You have to turn off the news.

I’m not saying stay in the dark. That’s the opposite extreme to watching it ALL the time. I know many of us are worried. Hell most of you probably have extra time on your hands due to layoffs or working from home. Me on the other hand I work in retail so I’m seeing the panic and chaos first hand. Fans are worried about the tour being cancelled, shows and vacations not happening. Don’t feel guilty for this either. It’s normal to be upset or disappointed as long as you remember and understand why it happened. I’m worried about my shows at the end of July/beginning of August. That’s okay. It’s okay to feel.

I need to you guys to practice self care. Do what makes you happy. Watch or binge BSB media if that’s a way for you to do so, for example. (Lord knows I have the media ready for you.) Read books. Play video games. Write. Writing in my form of self care, it’s how I channel my feelings or distract myself from real life. I’m channeling my emotions into this very post. I’m guilty of not practicing self care myself when I should be. I understand.

Just don’t focus on everything bad going on all the time. Try not to keep thinking about what you can’t control. Nothing is set in stone. Things can get better. I believe things WILL get better. Pet your dogs, hold your family close…and listen to Backstreet Boys. These are what will help you make it through. Why? Because they will help you escape for awhile.

Music is therapy. It helps you heal.

In fact I want to do a post to just focus on all the happy memories you guys have. So send me a photo, any photo of you and the Backstreet Boys. It can be a selfie, a VIP photo, or it can be you surrounded by memorabilia. With the photo I want to know the story with the photo. Why it makes you smile any time you look at it. Life is filled with ups and downs. so I want to help you guys focus on the good times that will light our way through the bad. You can dm me on the @thedarksidebsb twitter or email it to me at

It’s always darkest before the dawn guys. 

But…the sun does rise again. 


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