Why We Would Love to See The Backstreet Boys Do Instagram Live Home Sing-A-Longs To Help Us Through Quarantine

Okay first off! Thank y’all for being patient with my lack of posts. Coronavirus madness SUCKS and my life got far crazier than I expected in all this. I had to let this fall to the wayside a bit to retain my sanity. That said, I’ve got ideas bubbling in my brain and fun things coming. So again, thank you for sticking around!

Speaking of Coronavirus, Steve Aoki just did a little live chat with some artists and one of them? Our very own Nick. And beyond the fact Nick was idly playing with his Alien action figure as the chat was going on… (I about died laughing. Also when I’m at my computer or chromebook I tend to play with my figures or my Nick funko), the subject came up about when things might get normal again. A lot can change and social distancing plays a huge factor in that. I’m not naming the date that came up as things have been hard to predict – but suffice to say it may be awhile before we see normal again.

Which, absolutely sucks. Necessary? Absolutely. I’m an essential worker. I know first hand it’s needed.

Still stinks.

And it’s easy to feel low about it. Especially when I think about how hyped we all were in February before we knew what 2020 had in store for us. Very easy to get down. And honestly, it’s okay to. No judgement. None of this is normal, or right. It’s okay to get upset. Many of us use travel and concerts as a way to live our best lives and see some of our best friends around the world. I know I do. It’s normal to feel this way.

Now I’m going to leave this clip here to make you smile before I continue.

But one thing I’m seeing a lot of artists do? Instagram lives! Think about the living room concert they did, but instead it’s nothing but BSB! Some artists are doing acoustic sets for fans to watch from home, while they perform from their homes. One of my favorite actors Shane West basically did a whole live stream of him talking about and watching Tangled. NKOTB have been doing group chats. And it got me thinking how much I’d love to see the Boys do this. I know they have lives and families. Admittedly I’m counting on Nick or AJ getting bored eventually. You can only do so much at home. But this way fans can tune in, hear our Boys sing. Or maybe they could do a group chat live stream on YouTube and tell us funny stories. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. We could do it in the style of old school Soundcheck parties. A few questions, maybe a few songs…who knows? They don’t need to even BSB songs. I’d love to see them perform some covers? Invite fans to chat with them via IG and sing along!

In Nick and AJ’s cases, maybe solo songs they’ve been working on? The possibilities are endless!

It would mean a lot to us. In some cases it may remind fans that we’re not alone in all this madness.

Nick, Brian, AJ, Kevin and Howie? If you see this, think about it okay? We’d love it! 

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