Thank You For Always Being There, Backstreet Boys

I had a long post planned, originally for this.

But then the Coronavirus happened, throwing us all through a loop.

We live in a weird time right now and had that not been happening, hell we might have had an anniversary event or something. Who knows? We don’t. You can’t undo events to find out what happens. You can only wonder. Sometimes, I wonder what my life would’ve been like without the influence the Backstreet Boys have had in my live. In your life. In all of our lives. You, see they’ve changed so many lives by coming together twenty-seven years ago. No one could’ve known what was to come. Their coming together was even a miracle of sorts on it’s own. (Which I already looked at back in January).

I think a lot in times like these about what could’ve been, what might’ve been.

You see, their music was there for us when we had nothing else. Whether you were lonely or bullied, when you were sad or happy, their melodies were there to guide you through. Their music videos made us smile, and sometimes laugh. We’d watch interviews on TV or online, shaking our heads at hearing the same things being asked over and over – or laughing at some of their antics. From when a majority of us were children, their performances, their music, and their presence was a constant for us.

They brought us friendships we never would’ve had otherwise. I know this to be true. Some of my best friends don’t live anywhere near me. I met them through a single shared interest – a love for the Backstreet Boys. I would meet people at concerts due to flying solo since I couldn’t convince anyone to go with me that lived nearby. The world became quite a bit smaller due to the connection that spanned continents around the world. This is so important right now. While so many are confined inside their homes due to quarantine, what’s guiding us through are zoom or house-party video chats with friends we’d made due to a love of BSB. In that way, their existence is what’s preventing depression from taking over in an already tough time. Where would we be without those friendships?

They give us moments to remember.  It doesn’t matter how big or small it might be. Maybe you had the chance to chat with them at a fan event or an after party. That selfie on a BSB cruise. Those minutes where they take your hand during a concert and sing to you. The meet and greet where you finally got to meet them for the first time. Seeing that notification that they followed you on Twitter, replied to your tweet or a comment on Instagram…hell, maybe you got a like. Those precious memories, tiny spurts of happiness that will make you smile even as others might roll their eyes at you for it.

They give us a home.Even when the world tells us we don’t fit in, even when people try to judge us for what we love…does it really matter anymore? This is what makes us happy. When the world rejects you, their music is your safe space. You are special and wonderful and happy here. Nothing can change that. We may be dysfunctional but we’re definitely a fandom family and you’ll never be rejected from it. We may not know what the future holds for us right now, but we know one thing, the gift of their music will always be there whenever we need it.

So thank you Nick, AJ, Brian, Kevin and Howie. Thank you for all the sacrifices you give.  Thank you for the music. We love you for all the memories, the smiles, and the moments of happiness you’ve given. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us over the years. We will be here for the ride as long as you’re at the wheel and we can’t wait to see where else you will go. 


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