Top Twenty Cheesiest Things The Backstreet Boys Have Done In Their Career

Sometimes I get ideas due to a very random brain.

Other times, I get them thanks to you guys commenting and sparking an idea off. This one is the latter. The Boys have had a long and very legendary career so far. There’s absolutely no signs of slowing down. Sure 2020 has kind of forced everyone to that but beyond that, they aren’t going anywhere. But since this year is crazy, I thought I would do this to keep us laughing and rolling our eyes at the choices that were made and things that we as young fans ate up eagerly. We’re adults now so we can totally look back and laugh! We can also enjoy how silly they are today without any remorse.

This list is going to include songs, videos, interviews, photos and merchandise. The cheesiest of cheese. I refused to accept anything less. So…shall we?? (Note: This list was originally supposed to be a Top Ten and became a Top Twenty because I kept thinking of things. The Boys are gold for a list like this.)

We shall!

Let’s start with the item that inspired this list…


1. Around The World Board Game.

This game was based on their Around The World in 100 Hours stint. It’s hilariously bad and filled with factoids and trivia we all had to know. I played this somewhat with some friends of mine because Wonderful Union had it in the VIP setup during the Vegas residency. It was cheesier than even I remembered. You’re little airplanes going around on BSB faces. SO. MUCH. CHEESE.


2. The Get Down Music Video

Now while my friend Sara literally has an entire post filled with questions about this video on her own fabulous blog, I couldn’t help but mention the video here. They’re dancing in a video disco ball. On half a disco ball. Doing body rolls. Dressed like they’re ready to taste the rainbow. They also do jumping jacks in it. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? It’s a blessing this video never got released in the US.


3. The Backstreet Project Webisodes

I’ve done a post dedicated to these but this had to make the list. Have you seen these? WATCH THEM. They are literally the funniest in an ‘oh my god what am I watching’ type of way. I love you Nick. The comic was great. Webisodes? Ehhh not so much. But they make me laugh. A lot. Picture the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon from the early 90’s, add some extra cheese and make it about a boyband instead. That about sums it up.


4. This This Is Us Photoshoot

Included this because this isn’t even that old! I mean it’s from 2010! Why are they dressed up like they’re about to open a Backstreet barbershop? Also it seems no one got the memo about what kind of photo this is supposed to be. AJ thinks it’s a goofy photo, Nick thinks he’s supposed to look cute, Brian is trying to be serious and Howie looks terrified. I blame it on the fact Kevin wasn’t there. Yup, that’s it.


5. Funny Face

I know I know what I got to do
To get a get a smile out of you
Make my lips touch my nose
Cross my eyes until I go blind
Before I go blind

I am sorry. I know a lot of Nick fans love this because admittedly he sounds GREAT on the song. But I’ve never once been able to take this song even semi-seriously. This This Is Us era b-side never got released and rightfully so. Then again it does make me laugh any time I listen to it so I suppose maybe it’s doing it’s job?


6. The Millennium Countdown Commercials

You know immediately what I mean if I just go… THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!! These commercials are the product of an era where record labels were enjoying crazy massive sales and campaigns this big were the norm. Backstreet could do no wrong at this point so yeah, put them all in weird locations around the world including Brian playing gladiator going THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!! before reminding fans about the day Millennium comes out. I still remember it thanks to this though so I guess they did their job.


7. Singing Posters

Yeah you heard me. You would buy a poster, touch it and it would play a BSB song. Did the battery last? No. Did it play the entire song? More like thirty seconds. The entire thing was silly but damn if I didn’t play mine till it died. In fact I think I still have it in my BSB bin somewhere.


8. Head shaped CDs

Yeah, this was a thing. Why? I don’t know. It was the 90s? And yet we wanted and needed to have them all. Made no damn sense why these existed. I know.


9. PDA 

Okay I’m realizing This Is Us really was a giant cheesefest as many on this list are coming from this era. Now you have to remember in 2009 a lot of fans had finally reached adulthood, the Boys were sans Kevin, and they were trying to grow. PDA walked so New Love could run. It tried to be sexy. Now…the song failed massively but it doesn’t mean we enjoyed the attempt. Them performing it live was actually a bit hilarious.


10. BawkStreet Boys

Hilarious? Absolutely. I mean who knew you could cluck the entire Everybody song and do it in harmony? Crazy? Yup. The Boys do not take themselves too seriously now. Cheesy? Also very true. Possibly the cheesiest thing they’ve done in recent history.


11. Gel Pens

You ask why, and I just shrug and remind you it was the 90s. This basically combined two of the biggest trends – gel pens and Backstreet Boys. I had these as a tween and was heartbroken when I lost them.


12. Beeper Commercials

They’re Swedish Beeper commercials but that doesn’t make it any less funny to watch. It seemed that they stepped away from random endorsements like this the bigger they got, but this gem has survived for us to watch in modern times. It’s a time capsule of the 90s.


13. This Fruit Themed Photoshoot

Don’t know why it exists. Don’t know who thought it was a good idea. I’m confused. Hell, I was confused back in the day when I’d see these photos on fan pages.


14. If You Want It Be Good Girl Get Yourself A Bad Boy

Along with being the LONGEST title in BSB song history, it’s definitely the one of most over the top songs they have in their catalog, which is saying a lot. There’s a reason why they never perform this song despite a massive amount of fan demand. In 2011 the fandom united to do a write in song vote where fans got to pick the song for the 2011 cruise concert. We know they hate it so of course we tell them we want it, because we enjoy picking on our Boys. The song is just so freaking cliche, it’s that bad song that you just to sing!


15. Rub A Dub


You read that correctly. Oh the gems of the BSB Demos.I tried to google the lyrics and that failed. I tried to type them up and I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get them out. So just listen to this and come back. You won’t regret it.


16. All I Have To Give… The Conversation Mix. 

I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t mention this. I have a full post here dedicated to this plate of steaming hot cheese but it definitely has to be mentioned. I die laughing any time I hear it. Though I do enjoy to this day hearing Kevin say No Diggity. He’s literally the only Backstreet Boy able to pull this song off semi-seriously.


17. Outlooks at Beals Commercial

We can forgive them for this, they were still trying to break into the industry. Does it make it any less funny to watch though? Nope. Not a chance.


18.  It’s Christmas Time Again’s Music Video

This video makes no sense. But I’m fine with it because it blessed us with the Pandaskunk. Still, I did actually ask them who was behind the concept because it’s so…what the hell worthy and all of them denied it. So seems like they know it too.


19. The Harlem Shake Video

Fun fact, remember Nick was at first SHOT DOWN for suggesting they do one of their own when the Harlem Shake was the viral challenge to attempt. It came out when the trend was starting to die down as a result, ironically garnering it even more attention. Now this video was cheesy beyond belief but damn if it didn’t go full on viral. When you’re right Nick, you’re right.


20. The Sears Commercial

Okay seems like basically any commercial they did was super cheese. They had this whole thing though during the Millennium era where they basically poked fun at the fact fans were mobbing them everywhere. So at least they were making fun, and having fun!


What would you say are some of the cheesiest things Backstreet Boys have done?
Comment below! 

One thought on “Top Twenty Cheesiest Things The Backstreet Boys Have Done In Their Career

  1. To me PDA wasn’t cheesy just over the top. Funny Face is cute but I didn’t think it was single material either.


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