Bad Things Will Happen, But None Of That Matters…

We’ll find a way, as long as I’m with you, I’m OK


2020 has been a bit of a beast, am I right?

As we all know, the DNA World Tour which we were all excited to see, was postponed. As a regular lover of live music, whether it be BSB or anyone else? That’s just rough. No concerts till 2021. I cursed out Coronavirus so much over that alone and this is coming from an essential worker who’s life been full speed a head since all this craziness started. Live music is my lifeblood. I thought about writing a post capturing the feelings that caused but others did that (and in a beautiful way). But I want to talk about the hope that has sprung up within the fandom, and that’s something I love to do anyway since I’m a glass half full kind of fan. Not to mention it’s good to point out what’s making people smile.

You see, one thing I noticed is whether you were planning on doing the Australia/ New Zealand leg, or the North American leg, most fans have rolled with the new dates really well. Tickets are being searched for, new plans are popping up, there’s happy chatter again. And I want to thank the Boys for that. Both times, with both heartbreaking announcements of the delay of the shows, they came prepared. Practically immediately or very soon after saying they had to stay home (like all of us) this year, they came through with the new dates. A reminder that we will get through this. They will come back. No one is being forgotten. They still love what they do, and they still love the fans. They care about us. Just like we care about them.  (Check out the new dates here.)

I would’ve loved to have seen the Boys this summer. I was ready but…it’s okay that I’m not. I’d rather everyone be safe. Us and them. And ironically next year’s schedule works even better for me than it did last year. I’ve noticed this is true for many of us. So many of you guys are doing more shows next year! Staying home this year gives me an even bigger drive to do more things, see them more, and meet online friends I’d never had the chance to meet in person! It’s given me an appreciation for what I can’t have right now and took for granted in the past. I’m sure that’s true for all of us. We’re going to make it guys. I know the wait seems so long off. I get it.

We survived the Boys going on hiatus.

We survived Kevin’s break from the group.

We survived the Boys leaving Jive records.

The Boys came back from hiatus.

Kevin returned to the group.

The Boys are bigger than they have been in years.

Things have a way of working out the way they’re meant to. And anytime you guys feel down right now, just remember that those dates are just a year away. It’s like I said, hope has sprung up within the fandom again. We now have our light at the end of the tunnel and it’s so wonderful to see. The time will go buy quicker than you think! Next year when you’re in those crowds and hearing our Boys sing their heart out, it’ll be even more wonderful than before. It’ll be like your first concert all over again. Because we know what it’s like to go without.

As for Nick, AJ, Kevin, Howie and Brian? Thank you for always caring about the fans. Thank you for always being there, even now. You have no idea what it means to us. We hope one day to show you. Maybe next year on tour. Until just knowing that as long as there be music you’ll be coming back again is enough.

We love you.

We fit together, you make me better
Whatever it takes, I’m here forever
Bad things will happen, but none of that matters
We’ll find a way, as long as I’m with you, I’m OK

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