Backstreet Boys, The Hair-volution: Part One – Nick Carter

Oh give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair…

Normally I wouldn’t do a  series of posts about hair.

Seriously. But things are rough right now. We’re all stuck at home. And I’m pretty sure we could all use a break and a laugh now and then. Because while what’s going on shouldn’t be forgotten, whether it’s BLM, Coronavirus, whatever – I will say again and again that mental breaks? They’re necessary. I figure after a tweet from a friend joking about how we could all vote on hair, we could use one of these. Especially since some of us are stuck with quarantine hair too with all this going on! (You do not want to know how insane I’m going due to my hair being long). It gives us a chance to poke some fun and laugh at the styles we thought were cool. Because I love poking fun at things I love…like the Boys.

Of course I had to start with the one who might possibly cause riots any time he changes his hair, our dear sweet Nick. My next one in this series is going to focus on AJ which will probably take me forever. Each post you’ll vote for the one you like most, maybe if I feel froggy we’ll have a sixth post where it’s the fave of all BSB hair. I mean why not get silly?

For now, let’s talk about Nick’s hair.

I’m planning to start with what’s easily the MOST iconic and most well known.


The Curtain Hair

I remember when I was a tween being obsessed with this. Why? Hell if I know now. But man back in the day I loved those bleached locks parted exactly in the middle. This style practically dominated the nineties whether it was on Nick, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Devon Sawa. Honestly even today I’m partial to it. I was thirteen when he finally cut it off and I cried, because young Rose had a lot of feelings okay.

He even brought it back for a short time in 2015. Why? No idea but damn if the entire fandom didn’t freak out when he finally decided to cut it again. I mean I say I don’t know why I liked it back in the day but when it came back, it definitely brought back old feelings. Could be deep down, adult Rose still loves it.


The Dumb and Dumber

Sometimes instead of parting it in the middle…Nick did this. Love you Nick but every time I see photos like this I think of that movie. Pretty sure he does too. He looks ready to try a tango in this shot. Too bad we had to wait practically two decades to see him do so on Dancing With The Stars.


The Buzz Cut

Short and natural. But you know, surprisingly it fit him really freaking well. I’m surprised he hasn’t done this more often. I mean who didn’t swoon as he killed vampires rocking this do? I mean okay Straight Through My Heart wasn’t the best video, but he looked great in it. That’s something right?


The “Just Been F….” Hair

I remember hearing this term a lot on the message boards in 2004. That was when Nick typically rocked this during his time with the original She Who Must Not Be Named”, shall we say? Basically it looks like threw some clothes on fresh out of bed after some fun times, ran some gel in his hair and called it a day. Can’t say it didn’t work for him.


The Biebs

Yeah, I don’t know. I would’ve loved to ask him why trying to look like Justin Bieber was a desire he had. But I’m not that bored. I mean, you know what? I don’t know what to say here on this one besides baby, baby, baby…no. Still love ya though Nick.


The Shaggy-licious

This seriously reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. He was sporting this one specifically in 2011 through much of his time during his I’m Taking Off solo era and the tale end of NKOTBSB. Got any Scooby Snacks?


The Criss Cross

This look appeared to be a new twist on the curtains and didn’t last long. Pretty much only stayed for the duration of the second I’ll Never Break Your Heart video and that’s about it. But when I think of that video, I think of Nick with his criss-cross-y hair surrounded by drawings of BSB as superheros.


The Braid Curtain

This came up a few times but most noticeably during the 1999 Disney Special. I don’t know why he decided to put his curtain hair into braids. I mean in the photo above it literally looks like curtain braids. In fact, I’m re-titling this look right now. I dub these the Braid Curtain!


The Spikey Hair

Outside of Nick’s curtains this is the most known look of his. Mainly because after he plays around with it, he tends to return back to this. This look first appeared during the Millennium tour where he revealed he cut off his long hair, making fans all around the world cry. Other fans? Well they cheered. What I think stands out though when fans think of this is Now Or Never for some reason and that’s why I picked a photo from back then. In the end, I felt this had to be the hair style we finished off on.


Now, I need you guys to vote! Which “Nick hair” is your favorite of all time?

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