185 Thoughts Watching Dead 7 While Bored In 2020

In between the serious posts, I like to have fun. We all have a LOT more time on our hands these days. Mainly because while we all should and are taking Coronavirus seriously, everything has basically been cancelled – for now. No tours. No shows. Nothing really if you’re trying to stay safe. It’s not easy and we’re home a lot more than we used to be. Even myself who’s been working this entire time (essential worker), have too much time to get bored. So, I figure why not watch more movies?

Specifically…ones BSB have done as side projects.

This is an offset of my Thoughts Watching     In    where I’ve been sharing my random thoughts while watching old concert DVDs and TV specials. I figure we can have just as much fun here. In this one while I’m doing Dead 7, I also plan to tackle Vampire Burt’s Serenade, Casserole Club, The Hollow, and Kill Speed. So stay tuned for those! But first and this is a personal favorite of mine…Dead 7. Mainly because zombies. ZOMBIES! I love zombies. In fact in my VIP looped call today I literally wore a gory zombie shirt while everyone else made themselves look nice haha. I’m weird. I embrace it.

You can stream the movie right on Amazon if you don’t have the DVD to watch along with me!

  1. Nick’s intro here on the voice-over is so dramatic but I dig the deep voice.
  2. I still want him to release this rockier version of In The End. I really like it.
  3. The fact he cast across the board for 90s and early 00 actors and boybanders is another reason why I love this movie so much.
  4. Apocalypta is my kind of crazy villain.
  5. In a zombie apocalypse there’s only two kinds of people, psycho survivors and psycho killers. I’m not sure which I’d be but there’s comfort in knowing either way I’d be crazy.
  6. The fact there’s some mysticism in here is a nice touch, like the way she controls the undead.
  7. As someone who loves to write whether it’s blogging or fiction I can appreciate the creative choices like the “chapters” in here.
  8. Hello again Deep Throat Nick!
  9. That sounded wrong. Oh well, it’s staying.
  10. Hopefully Nick doesn’t see this…or if he does, he has my horrible humor and laughs.
  11. Jeff Timmons is hot. I said it.
  12. WALKERS! Shit sorry, not Walking Dead. My bad! Though I can definitely see the influences from there, since Nick is also a fan of the show.
  13. I freaking adore AJ in this movie. His acting slays.
  14. Copperheads – see, that’s their term instead of Walkers (what they use in Walking Dead). Notice people don’t say zombies?
  15. Johnny Vermillion is my favorite character in this whole thing. Sorry Nick/Jack.
  16. Ooh hungry zombie! EAT HIM!
  17. I’m kind of worried I might scare y’all by the time this post is done.
  18. Time for Daisy Jane!
  19. AJ’s LAUGH man. That laugh.
  20. I need AJ to act more, actually. I’d go see his movies.
  21. One eye’d Chris!
  22. “She’s got my eye but she’s got your balls.” Great line.
  23. The creepiness of Johnny can’t be understated.
  24. “I do prefer the morning!” Just…imagine me doing a chef’s kiss here.
  25. I’m pausing now cause Nick is on a tweet spree and so I literally paused the movie so I can work on this later and tweet him now. I’m usually working when he does this haha.
  26. It took me three hours to come back cause I got that sidetracked. Shit. Oops. Though he did like a tweet about me working on this exact post. Hi Nick! If you decide to read this.
  27. Please forgive my random brain – Nick and any readers of mine. I can’t help it.
  28. Ooh choppage! Finger licking good!
  29. JAIL BREAK! Well, we knew that was coming. Free Johnny!
  30. Copperhead teeth is currency in this world, a really gross but original concept. Bravo Nick!
  31. For those who may not know, Nick wrote, of course acted in, and helped direct it.
  32. AJ and this little kid, creepy to the max!
  33. Hey here’s Jon Secada as the Sheriff. This movie is literally a gold mine of singers.
  34. Great Chris, yell so you scare all the refugees.
  35. “Find some of our finest, craziest men…” HEY THE PLOT OF THE MOVIE!!! DING!
  36. The Magnificent Dead 7 – Here’s where you see the western influence come through, totally a play on the The Magnificent Seven, which thanks to my dad I’ve seen both the 2016 version and the one with Steve McQueen. I wonder if Nick was a fan?
  37. OMG YES JOEY! Not an NSYNC fan but after AJ, his character is literally may favorite in the movie. And Joey’s a decent actor, hilarious in this role. Whiskey Joe is perfect.
  38. Poker for teeth. Okay then.
  39.  Gotta love how Joe turned that around on a dime when they thought he was too drunk to do anything. Then goes back to drinking.
  40. Annnnd the Sheriff approaches him while he’s peeing. Classy.
  41. It’s Howie!! Howie! Hi Howie!
  42. The Vaquero is an interesting thing. Howie’s not an actor. He’ll tell you this. But he definitely entertains me in the movie.
  43. He has this ON and OFF accent lmao. He forgets to do it and it’s either thick or non-existent. That’s what cracks me up. I should count how many times he doesn’t have an accent.
  44. The Komodo! Or you know, Erik-Michael Estrada from O-Town. He’s a slice and dicer!
  45. Daisy Jane just gave up her wedding ring to find…well, someone we all love. Jack.
  46. Jeff Timmons is hot. I’ll say it again.
  47. More shirtless scenes please.
  49. Also Nick waking up is how I do when the alarm goes off, that WTF is going on moment.
  50. Don’t shoot the messenger! Literally.
  51. Cowboy Nick is fun to look at.
  52. You know the saying…save a horse and all…
  53. Quarantine Checkpoint, damn if that’s not 2020.
  54. Howie dropped his accent! Number 1.
  55. Nice game of pool after a dramatic meeting about how they need Jack.
  56. Do you hear a familiar song? Left For Dead! A bonus track from Nick’s last album in Japan and one of my favorites.
  57. Also the man challenging the Sheriff is Art from Everclear.
  58. Zombie kid!
  59. Dan Miller! He’s the bartender. I want boyband bartenders.
  60. Sirene, warrior priestess, I never noticed that preview of Lauren’s character before till now.
  61. There’s some real issues between Jack and Billy.
  62. Zombie Sheriff!
  63. Walkers! I mean…Copperheads!
  64. Cowboy zombies! Yippie yi yo kayah!
  65. I love the gore here, it’s perfect. Slice and dice!
  66. Okay Komodo’s girl is a bad ass too.
  67. Ahh there you are Jack, nice timing. Look at that tension.
  68. Joe apologizing to the Whiskey for wasting it is a mood.
  69. It’s flaming zombies! Hallelujah it’s flaming zombies!
  70. Annnd the thick accent is back. Go Howie.
  71. Way to be a buzzkill Nick haha, ‘Everybody’s gotta die someday’. He might’ve said “everyone”, not sure and I’m not rewinding.
  72. Komodo and his girlfriend are goals.
  73. The title for Chapter Four is just great – A Mine Full of Zombies.
  74. I still wouldn’t mind a prequel about Jack and Billy. Just saying Nick!
  75. Or for you to write a script like you were toying with doing earlier this year and last year.
  76. Accent is gone again! Number 2.
  77. Nick taking control is fun to watch.
  78. NEVER Split up in horror movies. Never ends well!
  79. Billy REALLY wants Jack to be wrong. Billy is petty.
  80. Accent is still missing on Howie-kins.
  81. Accent and Spanish is back! Run Howie Run!
  82. See! Splitting up is bad!
  83. Are you happy to be right now Billy?
  84. Check out Nick the zombie slayer though!
  85. A couple that kills together stays together.
  86. Rock doesn’t take out the brain Nick!
  87. A scythe however does, look at Sirene…well, Lauren.
  88. What the hell, Nick says what we’re all thinking.
  89. Whiskey Joe, Komodo and The Vaquero had way too much fun up there.
  90. Splitting up again! Didn’t you just learn that was bad!
  91. Volunteering for service means dying. She needs good undead, not good men.
  92. Journey To Apocalypta…it feels like a doomed one.
  93. I love that Sirene just decides to go along without knowing anything about them or their mission.
  94. And the accent has left once again. Number three!
  95. Annnnd it’s back again!
  96. Komodo killing zombies while Joey and Howie argue is perfect.
  97. And another one gone, another one bites the dust!
  98. Lure out the undead, kill them while they dine. Smart.
  99. I love the fact that Apocalypta (who by the way is Debra Wilson from Mad TV) can control her undead. That’s great to me.
  100. 100 thoughts! Man I get wordy.
  101. Ooh bonfire, someone should make s’mores.
  102. I’d be interested in the history of this world, like the Plague War.
  103. Talking about the epidemic and origins of the zombies, this hits a little close to home. Please don’t let Coronavirus turn us all into zombies. At least not yet.
  104. Again Nick has great ideas in this film, a lot of thought was put into the world building and the fiction lover and writer in me truly adores that.
  105. Who’s hungry!
  106. Okay her LICKING it was so gross.
  107. Brains, it’s what’s for dinner! Dun! Dun! Dun!
  108. Oops got too close during feeding time.
  109. And now you’re dinner.
  110. Man they’re getting a feast today.
  111. Komodo just deciding to take a field trip, guess that’s okay.
  112. Accent has left the building! Number four!
  113. Then it came back!
  114. Well, Jack’s group found the feeding pen.
  115. Ha! I laughed really hard at Nick kicking that random copperhead off the mountain.
  116. Accent has dropped again. We’re at five times! And I might’ve missed one or two extra times. Not sure.
  117. We should have a drinking game for Howie along those lines.
  118.  Johnny watching them while Billy and Daisy are being cocky…
  119. Bye Billy!
  120. It’s a Trap! Admit it, you read it and thought of Star Wars.
  121. Brothels man…Joey is far too distracted.
  122. Howie’s got a baaaaaad feeling about this.
  123. I love that Whiskey Joe’s got a plan of how to die.
  124. Joey getting invited to make a fun time into an orgy is lovely.
  125. Frenchie Davis is great right now.
  126. Howie noooooooooooooooooooooo!
  127. Howie lost his accent again. Final count is five.
  128. Goodbye Howie.
  129. Aww, Whiskey Joe’s tribute is sad.
  130. Roaming through the mountain, Again just appreciating how Nick as a gunslinger.
  131. Almost went down Daisy, be careful.
  132. Okay…this feels TRAP-esque.
  133. And here we are. Hi Johnny!
  134. Why even follow Apocalypta? She literally kills all her minions.
  135. Ooh to watch her die right in front of Billy. All while Johnny laughs.
  136. Who let the herd out! Brains! Brains! Brains! Brains!
  137. You’re too late Jack.
  138. Aww, look at the brothers there for each other.
  139. Follow the creepy laugh! Follow Follow Follow, Follow the creepy laugh!
  140. Bless any of you that have read this far.
  141. RUN RUN RUN!
  142. I wonder how many fans are zombies in this movie. Those who got to be there, let me know.
  143. Billy is MAD. Don’t blame him.
  144. Jack’s focus is on the mission, Billy does not care.
  145. So much unresolved drama between the brothers. Again, prequel Nick?
  146. I love that they just steal the horses while the owners are too busy torturing. Priorities.
  147. Oh hey, y’all have company.
  148. Come on Joe and Komodo, join the fun!
  149. You’re a dead man, One eyed Chris.
  150. Man don’t piss off Johnny.
  151. Now this whole scene is just back to back bad ass moments.
  152. Then just Komodo asking how they are.
  153. Johnny’s leading a hell of a blood bath.
  154. A little choppage here, a little choppage there, Komodo brings it everywhere!
  155. Johnny can’t control copperheads like boss lady.
  156. Sirene is a beast with that scythe.
  157. Damn Billy just dove in like a damn hero.
  158. Joey is how I’d be in a zombie apocalypse if I was a gunslinger.
  159. Jack…Jack he’s gone. Bye Billy.
  160. Johnny got bit and still doesn’t care.
  161. But I LOVE that he got decapitated!
  162. Oop, Apocalypta is pissed the hell off.
  163. Jack is not playing anymore. He’s ready for some payback.
  164. Geeze was she a football player before? She tackled the hell out of him.
  165. Did Apocalypta just pull a Mike Tyson?! Crazy Bitch is an understatement.
  166. Follow the leader…that’s what Komodo’s been playing.
  167. Whiskey Joe needs better priorities.
  168. Aww goodbye Joey.
  169. Ooh shit, well, there goes Komodo’s girlfriend Trixie.
  170. Joey had his guts ripped out.
  171. Good to know Whiskey Joe’s final plan worked.
  172. Oh Komodo, that was dumb to let her bite you.
  173. Should’ve stabbed her sooner.
  174. And now it’s time to say goodbye to Komodo.
  175. Damn that’s a lot of copperheads coming in to feast.
  176. Kill her Nick! Kill her! Thank you!
  177. Finally the zombies can eat her instead.
  178. I love that it’s a tiny little girl zombie that bites Jack and takes him out.
  179. For someone who was cavalier about dying, he looks pretty upset about the fact he’s about to.
  180. In The End is such a perfect theme.
  181. We end with a close up on Jack’s sky burial, while Sirene walks away.
  182. I love Nick’s voiceover.
  183. If it’s Dead 7…why did she survive? That’s Dead 6! I have questions! Answer them!
  184. Though I think it’s just because Nick didn’t want to kill off Lauren’s character, which aww, that’s sweet.
  185. We’ll miss you Jack aka Cowboy Nick!

Well…thank you for joining me for my watch of Dead 7 while typing every thought that pops into my brain unfiltered. What movie would you want to see me do next that the Boys have starred in? Let me know below! 


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