Songs We’d Love To See Nick Cover In His Next Livestream


OMG Nick’s back again!


Admit it, you sang it too. Anyway. Nick just did two back to back live streams of him playing around in the studio to kind of get back into music and see what happens. And as you already know, we’re ready to see that lead into a possible solo album. We hope so anyway. Corona has delayed a lot of things, this included. Seeing him back in a studio is just exciting! Nick seemed pretty happy too to be in there, to be connecting with fans again, all of it. It did a lot to lift the spirits for a lot of us during what is absolutely a crazy year.

Nick asked if he wants us to see him do more things like this.

Obviously we all practically shouted YES WE WANT MORE! I’m pretty sure Nick heard us yelling it resoundly around the world from his “undisclosed location” as he put it. Keep giving us that exclusive content on Nick! (If you’re a member of the FC by the way, a Facebook Group was created to replace the forums, Nick’s official account is linked to it as well so feel free to join us there!) Refocusing again. I felt it’d be fun to give a list of covers we’d love to see him sing the next time he decides to do one, since during the livestreams, he gave us a few covers.

Now while I’ve already told him he needs to do Nirvana’s All Apologies, I asked on the TDS account your suggestions. Between all of us we have a crazy list of songs we’d love to see you perform Nick if you see this! If you want to add a few, just comment below! I’m including videos with the suggestions cause we can always use new music, especially in times like this!


I’d actually want to add Live’s Like A Soldier to this list too. I love Live in general but I don’t know, something about this song screams Nick should do it to me


Another song I’d love to see Nick do as I sprinkle in my own suggestions between yours, is California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and The Papas. I’m a huge oldies junkie and I could really hear Nick doing this song justice in a more stripped down and almost rockier feel. That probably sounds odd but it makes perfect sense in my brain the way a lot of my weird ideas do.



Y’all are giving me some serious gems!


Then suddenly this suggestion popped into my head and now I can’t get it out. Mainly because I can totally hear Nick belting on this song. Plus we know he’s a fan of them. So Nick…what about covering Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac? I mean come on, you’d kill it. KILL IT.


I did get a suggestion of Nick doing Blackstreet’s No Diggity, but we had BSB do that and man was it epic. So I kept the artist but changed out the song. Picture this for a moment…Nick covering their flawlessly beautiful song…wait for it…Don’t Leave MeI know. It’s a wonderful image.


I don’t know how the fanbase would react to him covering an NSYNC song, though I think it’d be funny to watch. But man, Sting’s Desert Rose? Why has that never occurred to any of us before!



I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest a Journey song myself. I mean…Nick loves them and I have siblings that grew up in the eighties. So of course I’m going to jump in here and add in The Party’s Over. Probably not the most conventional suggestion when you look at Journey songs but I love it and besides, he’s covered a lot of them over the years so why not something different?



Okay I never considered Limp Bizkit for this post but damn if that’s not a good suggestion cause their cover of that infamous song by The Who is really solid. I’m mentioning the fact the original comes from The Who mainly so I can use this as a way to plead for a cover of My Generation. I think it’d be fun, honestly.



Okay I loved this tweet for the bit about Who Needs The World alone. Besides the fact that man we BSB fans have great taste for a fandom that gets dismissed for loving a boyband! I face this battle at work all the time. People are so surprised to see my Spotify or my Google Music. People assume if you love the Backstreet Boys you don’t listen to all sorts of music! I’m a music junkie, comes from having music loving parents who’d always play stuff from the 50s through 70’s, growing up in the 90’s and siblings playing 80’s music. I just love talent and melody, that way a song can just hit your soul. I’m sure many of you feel that way too.

On that note, let me just add When I Get You Alone by Robin Thicke.

There’s no chance this would happen just in a studio but damn if it wouldn’t be fun! Nick’s voice would be freaking perfect on a track like this. I blame The Masked Singer and Jesse McCartney for this mention as him being the turtle is how I discovered this gem. When things get normal I pray Nick really does do the show so we can get a slew of covers. Speaking of that show… this one IS very possible and I know he’d kill it. Please do a cover of Kiss From A Rose.


Okay, let’s keep going with your suggestions!

If Nick does Marilyn Manson that would definitely be something different! But again, it’s not a crazy idea. None of these are!




Can we just have Nick put on a full blown concert at this point? Seriously! I want to see so many of these come to light. Just schedule an online mini-concert and prepare some cover songs to do Nick, and live stream that. Actually holy shit yes. Make this happen. Someone tell Nick to do this. I’m in love with this idea and I’m ridiculously happy about this thought as I type. Send help.

Many people won’t think of this but, this is a song I always thought would suit him so well. Literally since I heard this, I could hear Nick killing it. Why? My brain tends to go there sometimes. Can’t help it. Plus it’s a great song, Ne-Yo’s Closer still makes me want to dance every time I hear it.




All of you guys sent me so many wonderful and crazy and completely out of left field ideas. And I want to thank all of you for them! I mean literally if Nick ever sang even half of these I’d be a happy happy fan. Wouldn’t we all? So before we go, I’m going to leave one final thought for the end of a song he should definitely sing. But we’ll also end on what I consider to be one of my favorite covers he’s ever done. Both are songs by the same group, and one that serves to be an inspiration to all that came since…The Beatles.

Actually I would love if BSB did this too. But there’s something so beautifully simple about this song that makes it so poignant and that’s something Nick has always been able to do with his voice. When Nick sings, whether he’s down on his knees giving full drama, or sitting on his stool playing the guitar he sings with all his heart and soul. It’s like he told us, he performs like that time will be his last time on stage. That sort of passion is what makes the music touch you and with the rights songs, can capture you in all kinds of emotions.

And now, I leave you with a Nick video I know you’ll all enjoy to watch (most likely multiple times), Nick singing the Beatles classic…Here Comes The Sun.


Fans watching Nick as he sings whatever he wants.


What songs would you want to see Nick perform? Comment below!

6 thoughts on “Songs We’d Love To See Nick Cover In His Next Livestream

  1. Don’t stop believing- Journey, Alice In Chains man In a box, Mary Jane’s dance Tom Petty, Yellow Ledbetter Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd- Wish you were here, R.E.M. – Losing My Religion, Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody, Maria Maria-Santana Purple Rain-Prince, Jack and Diane John Mellencamp, Van Halen – You Really Got Me, Queen Another One Bites The Dust, Mike, and the Mechanics – The Living Years, Frank Sinatra, My Way, Seal – Kiss From a Rose, Cat’s In The Cradle- Harry Chapin, I’m Still Standing Taron Egerton, Rocket Man-Elton John, and Pinball Wizard-Elton John! 🙂


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