Please Go Through With Re-Recording and Releasing Unreleased Songs Backstreet Boys

I don’t know if you guys watched the chat AJ did with Live Nation. It did in a few ways get lost in the mix of things cause that was the same week Nick decided he wanted to do some stuff for the fans. It’s pretty short but a cute watch where fans ask questions and AJ gives really good answers. Now, I know the Boys say a lot of things and sometimes things don’t work the way they say they will. *cough*CHRISTMAS ALBUM*cough* or *cough*ACOUSTIC ALBUM*cough*. Luckily we fans know sometimes things change. It happens…we’re patient!

Well, sort of.

That said, I’m in love with this idea and I really really want to see it happen. Due to my personal passion for it, I figure the more attention I can bring to this while they’re not doing any touring, the better!

So AJ brought up this idea where apparently the Boys have talked about rerecording songs that never got released. Yes, you read that correctly. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. I’m not just talking about the songs that leaked but songs that never made it to our ears! The ones in the proverbial Backstreet Vault. The idea is to basically re-record them, (most likely so then they have the rights ala Taylor Swift) and then release, according to AJ, fifty songs on a double album anthology.

Let that sink in for a moment.

We’re talking about fifty songs.

Fifty songs.


I mean, how can you not squeal at even the idea of this! You can’t. It’s impossible. If you didn’t scream or squeal internally or externally, something is wrong. Or you’re lying about it happening. Now we know that you guys (Nick, Howie, AJ, Brian and Kevin…if any or all of you see this) have home studios. This is pretty possible. Hell we just saw Nick at a studio on his live stream. This is doable and you can do it safely! All five of you may not be able to be in the same studio but you guys can each record things separately for producers to put together. You guys have a year off basically right now. Seems like now is a great time. And not to mention there’s some wonderful reasons to go for it.

Think of the buzz! It keeps people talking about you till you can go back on tour.
It can simply be a digital only release. Easy, simple and absolutely perfect for these times.
Fans will pay to make this happen. You have no idea. 

Now, we fans are crazy and know things we probably shouldn’t know. We absolutely know this. So here is a list of the songs we know exist but never got. There’s probably more songs we have idea exist. But these are the ones we have knowledge of and would like to see if you could record. (Note for fans: No I’m not including Spotlight as they never finished that song.) We’ve had a running list for years, updating it when we can. Some of you might remember I’ve made a post years ago, just asking for the release of these songs. Which if possible that’s fine too. But if you must re-record? Go for it!

I can’t overstate how much we’d just love to hear songs escape the Backstreet Vault! 

Okay, let me just leave the list right here….


The early days (1993-1995)
(What’s The) Bottom Line – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014. Clip of song leaked around 2001-2002
Fool – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014
I Will – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014
Only You – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014
Swing It Out – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014.

Pre-Millennium era (any time between 1996-1998)
Here It Is, If You Want It (written in 1996 with Gary? Toni? Corolla, snippet shown on Viva Jam)
Sacred Trust (written by the Bee Gees, hazy on if a studio version was ever recorded)

Millennium era (1999)
If… (written by Nick Carter)
Love Song (written by Brian Littrell)
Say What’s In My/Your Heart (written by Babyface & Dianne Warren. Cover of Aaron Neville song) Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014.
Tender Love (written by A.J. Mclean so not the cover of the Force MD’s track)
There For Me with Mariah Carey (planned but was it ever recorded?)
Treat Me Right with Foxy Brown (clip shown on MTV special)

Black & Blue era (2000-2001)
Say The Word (clip played on Early Show during recording of album)
The Rain (Brian Littrell co wrote with Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson & Max Martin)

The Dirty Little Secrets era (2001-2003)
Back In the Day (sung by A.J. during a phone interview)
Dirty Little Secrets (it was this song title fans named this recording period after)
Happy (sung by A.J. on TRL segment)
Let’s Get It Together (written by Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue for the album)
Why You Keep On Calling Me (sung by A.J. during a phone interview)

Never Gone (Late 2003 -2005)
All I Ever Wanted (?) – part of song performed at Never Gone sound check in London, Ontario. Sung by A.J.
Best Of My Love
Jealous with Boyz II Men
Money (1 minute version exists)
More Than This Life (co-written by Kevin Richardson & Rob Kleiner)
Siberia R&B version (A.J. mentioned this at a sound check)

Unbreakable era (2006-2008)
Contradiction ( Howie Dorough co-written with Ryan Tedder)
Stay Like This (written by Lindy Robbins, Tom Leonard & Emanuel Kiriakou)
When I Can’t (She Can)

This Is Us era (2009-2011)
Back To Her Future
Calling Out To You
I Die
Pure (ended up on Howie’s solo album but apparently a group version exists)
Shadows (given to Westlife but rumored that BSB recorded it first)

In A World Like This era (2012-2013)
Beautiful World
London Lights
Baby Girl (Things change)
Where is the love
I’ll Be Yours
Don’t Wait
My Perspective
Everybody Falls In Love
Sun Comes Out

DNA era (2015-2018)
Three Words 
(This is not the actual title we know but it’s what fans who went to the 2018 cruise dubbed it after hearing it on an album preview)

Unknown date but listed on ASCAP
She Said (assuming it isn’t “That’s What She Said” – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014.
Safety – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014.
Back – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014.
I Like It – Audio tape awarded in Lou Pearlman settlement 2014.

I’m ending this with a plea. Even if you can’t do it during a pandemic which, I believe you can but do totally understand If you can’t, please try to do this sometime soon. I know we ask for a lot, the Christmas Album, the acoustic album, and now this. But to be fair, you guys are the ones who put those three ideas into our heads in the first place! Just know we love getting new music from you. That’s why we’re so greedy. Your voices give us joy, you’re the lights in dark times. It’s that simple.

Please please please…make this happen!
Love your adoring fans. 

9 thoughts on “Please Go Through With Re-Recording and Releasing Unreleased Songs Backstreet Boys

      1. I was hopeful haha. I saw where it said there were “snippets” of some. Love any demos of BSB from like 2005 onward.


  1. Do you know who now owns the recordings Lou was awarded in 2014? I remember when his assets were auctioned after his sentencing, but weren’t those separate/after? Really curious, would still love to hear them.


    1. This is a really good question and I’m not terribly sure. The really early demos got sold off in auction and a fan bought them, and they’re now in the archive. Bit the ones from 95-97 I have no idea.


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