Song Spotlight – If You Stay

You have to love Twitter.

NSYNC and BSB trended the other night and of course brought up the age old question of who was better. Obviously I have no hate for NSYNC but yes I’ll die on my petty freaking hill that BSB were better. It’s also a great reminder that had Twitter existed in 1999 the world would’ve ended. Because man did it bring the inner teenybopper out of people! I mean that was the great war of the nineties, okay. I’ve talked about this before. But that’s not why I’m here now, it’s just how I got the idea to talk about this wonderful song.  Because people argued NSYNC did r&b and BSB never could. The thing is, so did the Backstreet Boys! (I’d argue they did it better but I digress…) In fact they’ve dabbled in literally every genre at this point.

I then saw a FAN say after I tweeted this song to Nick about how he should’ve mentioned this deep cut, say they never knew this song existed! I was shocked. I was sad. I was horrified. Because it’s a good song and it was in fact released! Not on a Backstreet Boys album, on a soundtrack…but still! I knew this song needed some extra attention. So here I am ready to talk about If You Stay. 


Like I said, this is technically a released song though it is a cut track from their early debut days. Recorded and written by the same people who gave us Set Adrift On Memory Bliss as a matter of fact. Personally I think If You Stay is better, but that’s a personal preference. Feel free to sound off in the comments if you agree or disagree. I like seeing the discourse on here and on Twitter. Why did this one not make it, yet Set Adrift did? That’s something I’d love to ask the Boys. BSB if you see this, feel free to let us know! The Boys themselves seem to love that song. They had it on both the Black and Blue Tour as well as the NKOTBSB Tour. I love when they throw deep cuts on tours. More of that please!


Thankfully the music gods were kind and we got it on the Booty Call soundtrack.

Yup. I know, right?

Tell me again BSB don’t belong in the r&b world again? Cause if you look at that soundtrack I’d love to beg to differ. Plus listen to the song, they slay it. The harmonies are simply sublime in this and Brian shines so freaking brightly with AJ on this song that it hurts. It reminds you that not only can our Boys tackle any genre, this particular one is one where they do what they do best. Their harmonies are made for this kind of music. It’s like vocal silk. I’ll die on this hill screaming it from the rooftops. I’ve learned I pretty much will enjoy any type of BSB music as long as they sound good and the song is good, but this will always be my preference.

Can you blame me? So do yourself a favor and listen to the song.

Trust me, it’ll be an eargasm worth having.


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