Backstreet Boys, The Hair-volution: Part Three – Kevin Richardson

Hi again! Admittedly I probably shouldn’t have done AJ second in this series. That post was a project and might be why this one got delayed. But then again a lot’s happened too. Well, a lot by 2020 standards. Nick did some live streams, AJ’s going to be on Dancing With The Stars, the group has their own podcast…so you know, I got busy. But even when things pick up I didn’t forget fun little posts like this. Because we need to have fun and be silly now more than ever. In the dark, you need some light somewhere right? And honestly Kevin is a pretty big shining beacon of light generally speaking.

Let’s get started!

The Kevin Curtains

I know Nick is who everyone thinks of when it comes to the curtain hair. BUT Kevin rocked them too early into his Backstreet career. Honestly? He looked great doing it too. You didn’t live in the 90s if you didn’t at one point have a crush on a guy rocking some curtains. Just saying.


All Hail Caesar

This happened around the time of their debut era. It didn’t last very long either. It’s probably my least favorite on the list but I legtimately think Kevin’s never had a bad hair look. Ever. This came the closest.


The Rachel

Look at those feathery locks! This wasn’t a common look for guys but Kevin does whatever he wants and doesn’t care what people think. Now this wouldn’t be blinked at but gender barriers were a lot toughwe in the 2000s. I wonder if he did get inspired by AJ’s favorite show?


The Rapunzel

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your long hair! And man did it get long. I mean SUPER long. Fans debated about this look for awhile but it was a crazy sight watching Kevin whip his hair back his forth all across the stage in Vegas. I’ve joked about Kevin being the hippie of BSB and I mean, could be why this fit him so well. Plus when he did cut it he donated it to charity. I wonder who was lucky enough to get such flowing locks? Can we find that person? I’d be interested in borrowing some so we can make some Kevin clones.

For science.


The Snoop

To this day Kevin’s short lived corn rows get him compared as Snoop Dogg’s long lost twin. You know, I do see it. I mean, how can you not? Snoop Doggy..doooooog…


The Classic Spike Up

Classics are classics for a reason. This is the one Kevin tends to rock most often and with good reason. Why mess with perfection? Seems silly to do so. Honestly though it’s like I said, Kevin’s never had a truly bad look. Unlike some of the others…ahem. So you be you Kevin!

Next up…Howie!

Okay time for you to vote! Which “Kevin look” is your favorite of all time?

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