Five Things That Would Be Awesome To See AJ McLean Do On Dancing With The Stars


Not much longer till AJ is on Dancing With The Stars! And while we don’t know his competition or his partner (officially) just yet, it hasn’t stopped the excitement from flowing through the fandom. Once we do know all those things I’ll be doing another post about what we can expect from his partner, the people I feel will be ringers, that sort of thing. Just like I did for Nick. For now, after watching my fun little playlist of Nick’s journey on DWTS on my TDS channel…I started daydreaming about the kind of things that I’d love to see from AJ during his run on Dancing With The Stars. And be sure to bookmark this tag to easily keep up with all the DWTS posts, like information, updates, and the weekly recap blogs I’ll be doing all season!

If you guys can’t tell, I’m insanely excited. Now if we could just get Nick on The Masked Singer? It might just save the freaking year. (A girl can dream, okay?) 

Now then! Let’s talk about what we’d love to see!


1. AJ Winning The Mirrorball Trophy

Yeah this one is obvious and why it’s definitely needs to be listed first. I mean, I think Nick got robbed. Five years later and honestly? I’m kind of not over this. Fine. Definitely not over it.  It’s right up there with the fact the Boys got robbed of their Grammys back in 2000. AJ winning? That would help me heal. That would help us ALL heal. You know what? Him winning might just save this crazy ass year we’re calling 2020. This isn’t optional AJ. We need you to win!

(No pressure.)


2. Do a rumba to Undone

This was actually for a different song but you know what? No. This needs to happen for Undone. I posted an example of the dance itself below. With a certain pro. Now we’ve already had a taste of the Boys ballroom dancing to Undone during the Vegas residency. Now imagine an entire DANCE to this? It’s not the most obvious choice but I’m all for giving songs lesser known by the general public a great moment to shine.


3. Have Howie Come Onn the Show to Help AJ Learn to Salsa! 

Remember when AJ came on to give Nick some advice? It was adorable! And if there is any Backstreet Boy that knows how to move his ass and work those hips? It’s Howie. Not to mention I feel like the lesson would be super funny. That alone makes me want this so freaking much.


4. Incorporate the All I Have To Give hat dance into a non-freestyle dance somehow. 


AJ talked about this on GMA and now I can’t get it out of my head. It’s definitely a lot less obvious and I think that’s why I like it so much. Everybody got referenced so much during Nick’s run on DWTS that many fans got bored with it. There’s so much more to BSB!


5. Do a Dance…ANY Dance to Passionate

I’m still sad this damn song isn’t a single. I think it’s too slow for a Jive but it could be a cha-cha okay! This song deserves JUSTICE okay! Like give that poor song some much needed love and do a dance to it! I’m not picky here AJ and you’ve said it’s your favorite off DNA. You have the power to make it happen, okay? Please!


Bonus: A Contemporary Dance to Breathe

Okay this is cheating but I’m watching the DNA show they did in Argentina earlier this year on YouTube as I type this up, and it occured to me how breathtaking that would be. Picture it for a moment. Yeah. Talk about a slice of pure perfection. So forgive this add-on, okay?


Real talk, no matter what he does, or what happens? We’re so proud of you AJ! And we are here to support you every step of the way, and do everything we can to help you win that mirrorball! We believe in you! 

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