Dancing With The Stars Round Two – The Cast, AJ’s Competition, and The Ringers

Finally! We know the full cast! Today it’s been announced and we’re able to see just what AJ is up against. Now that we know more, let me break things down for you. Okay if you watched Good Morning America you already know but even so, I’m going to list it again for anyone who missed it!

Vernon Davis
Monica Aldama
Jeannie Mai
Jesse Metcalf
Nev Schulman
Kaitlyn Bristowe
AJ McLean
Chrishell Stauss
Skai Jackson
Anne Heche
Justina Machado
Johnny Weir
Charles Oakley
Carole Baskin


This is going to be a wild season. More atheletes than on Nick’s season, for one. Plus AJ is going to be on the same show as Carole Baskin? Well then. Admittedly there’s a lot more stars that I’d never heard of on this season than on Nick’s season too. And a large following is just as dangerous as dance experience. Luckily for us? AJ has both. Because the most well known tend to do the best and skate through the first several weeks while those who no one really knows fall off fast. Then dance skill comes into play. You can never fully predict how well someone will do…(like in 2015 who the hell saw Bindi winning before the season started? No one.) but you can make some solid guesses.

Let’s break it down!


The Ringers

Our Boy AJ is our biggest ringer in the bunch. He has dance experience and we know he’s the best dancer in BSB. Others may not know that but we do. And the voting group is usually people around our AJ now. People who grew up on Backstreet Boys. He’s an active boybander (from a group STILL going unlike others that did the show) used to lots of rehearsals and has the stamina needed. He knows how to work a crowd and yes, nostalgia is definitely going to be freaking helpful as hell right now.  I can’t stress how important nostalgia is on this freaking show and he’s definitely the star that tugs at this the most.


Johnny Weir is going to be one to watch out for. He’s an olympian figrue skater. I love figure skating and any other season he’d be someone I’d root for. That said, not happening this time. But I’ve never not seen a figure skater crush this show. They’re usually top three. And it’s easy to see why. They have to have the athleticism, they have to be able to move well to music, and it all translates very well.



Kaitlyn Bristowe is another. Annoying, Bachelor Nation is not a fan base to screw around with. I’ve seen that fandom get people far even when they’re the worst dancer left. Yep. What makes her really a ringer though is that she does have dance experience. I wouldn’t say it’s the most dance experience, but it’s not helpful. So I’d say she’s probably more dangerous than Johnny Weir cause her fanbase is going to be what helps the most getting her as far as she can go. The point of this is that we CANNOT slack on voting guys. Not once.




The Competition

Monica Aldama is definitely possible competition. She’s on that Netflix show, Cheer. I’ve never seen it but I feel like with cheerleading esperience that’s not the biggest of stretches to be good at dancing. Not much of a fan base though I’d assume so if anything she’d have to create one on the show, not the easiest of things to do.

Nelly is another one. I know it’s a weird take but even though he’s a rapper, he’s made a whole career in music. He’s got rhythm and I mean, it’s possible. I feel like he’d be someone we should probably keep our eyes on.

So there we have it. That’s what we’re up against and we’re ready! Stay tuned for more information when we have it. I have my post right here that I’ll be updating if the voting methods change, or anything else that needs to be added. Only a couple weeks till AJ hits that ballroom and makes us all proud! We can’t wait to see you shine AJ!

We got this!

Thoughts on the cast? Comment and let me know!


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