Why You Need To Check Out Nick Carter’s New Twitch Channel

So Nick has always been the Backstreet Boy who likes to connect with fans and keep projects coming. We knew sooner or later that covid-19 wouldn’t be enough to keep Nick down. He just created a new Twitch channel called PopKidNick, and my inner nerd loves the name. What Nick aims to do is what a lot of people on there do, which is play video games and chat while he does it. We’ve all known for years that Nick loves his video games so it’s basically him sharing another passion of his with the fans.

I was able to watch early this morning, like I’m talking 6am PST – because I’m a night owl who doesn’t go to bed at any normal human time anyway. For once it came in handy. He said today he wants to do a sort of morning show. He played some solo music and even fielded questions from fans. That chat goes REALLY fast, fair warning. I found it hard to keep up. (If you’re curious, my Twitch handle is ZombieRainbowRose same as my instagram, in case you see me pop up in the chats during his streams. What can I say? I’m a nerd too and ForeverRebel was taken.) But even when we thought he wasn’t still answering, he’d answer the random question.

Sure there’s a few kinks he’s still working out but he’s new to this. As are we and I think it’ll be even more fun figuring it out together. In the end it’s basically Nick being himself. He’s cracking jokes, trying not to let his character get killed, and giving fans attention along with answers. I think his character being killed over and over and Nick getting caught up in trying to not die amused me the most, personally. Just because I also start talking to the game like it can hear me when I’m caught up in it.

I think what’s most exciting is that he said he wants to give solo music updates on there. Lord knows in the crazy year that is 2020 we need some new music. Save us Nick! He made sure to tell us that he’ll be recording in the first week of October, and I swear I suddenly heard a choir of Backstreet Angels sing in that moment. He even answered a question I threw in randomly which was if he’d thought about doing a concert live stream since we can’t have them right now. He said he’s been trying to work on things they can do, as has the group. Which, I’d love to see. Honestly you and guitar Nick, we’d all be happy.

So if you’ve been iffy about trying to check this out as you’re not into video games (which I can respect though I’m definitely a bit of a video game addict myself) there’s so much more than that. He talks about video games obviously, but also about anything interesting to him – whether it be his music, sports, or just random things that pop up. It’s just something fun to watch and help you forget the state of things right now, something I think we all need. Not to mention, a Twitch account is totally free to create. You just sign up and then subscribe to Nick’s channel PopKidNick, and make sure the notifications are on so you know when he decides to live stream! Make sure you follow his new accounts on Twitter and Instagram as well so that way you’ll know in advance when he plans to stream next!

Here’s the full stream from this morning so you have an idea of what else is to come.

Thank you Nick for finding yet another way to connect with the fans!

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