DWTS Recap Week 3 – Ring Bells! Bang The Drums! You’re Gonna Love This Guy!!


It’s Disney Week on Dancing With The Stars and I was so excited. In fact during Nick’s run I was very disappointed they didn’t do it. Cause there were a lot of possibilities. This is always just a fun time where they go wild with the theme and the dances and make things a little magical. Now last week AJ was in the Top Five on the combined leader board of the past two weeks. But let’s be honest, we all want better for him. I went into this hoping the addition of Disney would add some magic for him.

So let’s get going!

Also I’m trying to type this while Nick is on Twitch and the show itself is wrapping up, so forgive me if this comes out a little later tonight. Update, actually more apologies about this being later in the evening. I had this post started but then I crashed after Nick’s stream for a bit. Honestly I blame these Boys deciding they can’t be bored anymore in 2020. It’s relatable but difficult, okay! I also wish AJ do like Instagram Lives and give us real peeks when they’re rehearsaing as I think it’d rally fans more on social media. But that’s just me. I know, I just said they’re doing too much. But this goes under his DWTS run, okay?

Back to my recap, you guys should see my notebook. The notes I have and stuff I leave out on these posts is insane. I should tweet photos sometime. Why so many notes this week? Because this is where you can see the front runners start to come out. The weaker dancers drop off and the cream rises to the top. AJ is definitely doing better but he landed in the middle of the leaderboard this time.

I know you have this AJ, do what you told Nick…get out of your head! We believe in you!

This week was weird in that people who were struggling shot up with a great dancer and stronger ones fell behind. Justina for example got what I think was her lowest score so far. Her Charleston was so disappointing as I really like that dance. It’s one I hope AJ does this season. It was just low energy and missed steps. Maybe she was having a bad week, or maybe charisma couldn’t help her get her way through this? Hard to tell. And Skai seemed to be super skittish during her Jive. She’s had two bad weeks though so this may be an example of the short rehearsal time weeding out those who can’t keep up. She’s adorable so I kind of hope not.

AJ himself was fourth tonight. It’s actually better now to be earlier in the show with voting being available during the show itself. It gives the casual viewers time to decide to vote for him based on what they saw. I liked his Quickstep. He gets so into the character and sells it to death. His steps were a lot cleaner too. I need him to get cut a break though, like give him a Cha Cha or something fun and simpler like the others got in the first two weeks. They unlike every other Quickstep didn’t break hold during the dance either. It was wonderful seeing him channel Aladdin so well.

Can we also talk about how cute Ava and Lyric are? Because they’re damn adorable/. AJ saying he’s now their prince about melted my heart to pure goo. He got his highest score of the week so far! Three 7s though after seeing later scores he deserved at least ONE eight. But it’s fine. He’s growing and improving, and that’s what gets you the win. People love a journey.

Jeanne and Brandon had one of the best dances with a Viennesse Waltz to the movie Up. It was a beautiful heartwarming dance that made me really notice her for the first time. Maybe she’ll be competition? Hard to say so early. But she made me notice her, and ended up with two 7s and an 8. Now let’s move on to Artem and Kaitlyn who aren’t bad but she’s so uninteresting to me. They had a rumba for Moana but it felt a bit sharp and less flowly. It was decent but it’s not “the best of the night” as Carrie Ann said. Derek even said so himself! Two 8s and a 7 felt a bit high.

Someone else I finally noticed? Vernon! His Quickstep for Beauty and the Beast was charming as heck. Now football players are always lighter on their feet and stronger on this show. But for whatever reason he wasn’t standing out till now. They broke hold but apparently that rule isn’t being enfoced like the infamous lift rule. He might be someone to watch, and he deserved his good score. The one to absolutely beat right now is Nev. I’m not even angry about it. Mainly because him being good all season with nowhere to go often backfires. Look at Nick. That Pirates of the Carribean Argentine Tango was absolutely fun and legit. He got the highest score and again, he earned it.

I’m pointing out a lot tonight but it’s stuff I noticed and figure needs to be said. Johnny Weir finally lived up to the expectation I set for him before the season. Skaters always do so well but I actually right now want to call his great dance a fluke. You see he did a Rumba for Mulan to Christina Aguilera’s new version of Reflection. That sort of dance is so in his wheelhouse as you need the flowy and majestic movements for skating as well. Based on the last two weeks I don’t think this crazy improvement will stick. We’ll see next week if I’m wrong next week.

Here’s the full leaderboard so you can kind of see how things went down

 Nev Schulman — 24
 Johnny Weir — 24
 Kaitlyn Bristowe — 23
Vernon Davis — 22
Jeannie Mai — 22
Chrishell Stause — 22
AJ McLean — 21

 Monica Aldama — 21
Jesse Metcalfe — 20
Justina Machado — 19
Skai Jackson — 18
 Nelly — 18
Anne Heche — 15
 Carole Baskin — 12 – Eliminated

When it’s all said and done all I want is for AJ to stick around and keep getting better and better. So far that’s being accomplished. Not to mention, Carole Baskin is finally gone! No more cat themed dances! I practically cheered when they said she was going home. One thing though we can never fall off on though is voting next week. AJ is in the middle which is one of the scariest places to be. Highest scores can save people. And people who keep scoring low have fans voting harder for them. The middle is where you get comfortable. Don’t do that!

Just know we’re crazy proud of you AJ and can’t wait to see what you and Cheryl do next week!  

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