Let’s Talk About a Carter and a Crocodile

Do any of you watch The Masked Singer? Because I do.

It’s this cheesy but hilarious show where celebrities, legit celebrities dress up in these crazy costumes and sing on stage. You never hear their real voice except for when they’re singing. You never see their face. Even those who work on set don’t know except for a select few and there’s confidentiality clauses all around to help keep the secret. People guess correctly sometimes but there’s never any leaks. Joey Fatone was on Season One as The Rabbit. Last season had Jesse McCartney as The Turtle. 

And fun fact, on Watch What Happens Live when asked if he was the turtle, and rumors were flying, he admitted he was supposed to be. That costume had been designed for him but between Lauren being pregnant with Saiorse and the DNA World Tour he couldn’t get the time to go do it.

Well tonight on the second episode of the new season, we were introduced to The Crocodile and many of us, myself included are convinced it’s our Boy Nick. At the beginning of the performance, admittedly I wasn’t convinced. He purposely tried to sing deeper to throw people off but during those bigger notes you can hear the rock loving Nick we know shine through. In fact I was at work playing the clip on my phone at least ten times and now I can’t unhear it. It has to be him.

Not to mention, I’m pretty sure no one else moves on stage like that, am I right?

It’s Nick or a long lost twin I’d like to meet.

Also keep in mind Nick is planning to go back to solo music, maybe because he knows this will be the perfect promo? Could we get a single by the end of the season? (Hey Jesse McCartney did it, it’s not completely out of left field…). There could be a reason so many stars are aligning right now. Between this and the new Twitch channel, I mean the Boy knows how to promote himself and market himself. Last time he released solo music he was on Dancing With The Stars. Just saying. Plus the Boy likes to do crazy things.

Now I try not to do rumor posts but there’s not really a way to do anything else with The Masked Singer. You don’t get to know officially who was on the show till they get sent home! So I’m going to leave the clues and the performances right here in this masterpost. I can’t really blog each episode without knowing if it’s actually a Backstreet Boy I’m doing this for. I feel like this is the best answer for now.

If it turns out there’s more than enough evidence it’s not Nick, I’ll let you know and stop updating the post going forward. But until then, I’m confident enough to let this ride. 

What about the Media Archive? I’m downloading each episode the The Crocodile is in and keeping them on my external hard copy of the archive. Once he’s revealed and it’s Nick, I’ll upload them for you guys. That way if I’m wrong, I don’t need to remove the files or anything.

Be sure to bookmark this post! Each week, I’ll post the clues video, and the performances along with what I think they mean. Comment below with your theories too! Because we’re not called the BSB CIA for nothing!


The Clues


Sneak Peak Clue

This one was from the preview episode of everyone appearing.

  • “A special set of Keys changed reversed my game forever, tic tac woah.” I think this is referring to the Florida Keys where he proposed to Lauren. Tic Tac Toe? I actually think it’s more for the Xs and Os, hugs and kisses.


Week One Clues

  • The fact he’s a croc. Let’s start with the obvious, he’s from Florida.
  • They Grew Up In Hollywood. This show is known for misleads. I think this is really about growing up in the industry which Nick has been doing by the time he was twelve years old.
  • They’re Happiest In The Water. Do I really need to explain this? For non-BSB fans who might stumble on this, Nick loves the ocean. Period.
  • An Italian Flag was shown. Nick recently found out in researching his family history that he’s part Italian.
  • Crocs have a “bad reputation” but is really sensitive. Nick has never hidden his rough past and battles with alcohol and drugs. But deep down he’s a good guy.
  • There were several images that referenced Vegas. Which, I loved. But my hometown bias aside, Nick lives in Las Vegas and the Vegas Residency did a lot for BSB’s career.
  • The water slide. One of Nick’s first acting gigs was going down a yellow waterslide in Edward Scizzorhands as an extra.
  • The Rainbow and a Teary Eyed Crocodile – both his children, Odin and Saiorse were rainbow babies.
  • Needed a “thick skin growing up surrounded by heartache and instability”  . No secret that the Carter family wasn’t the most stable place for Nick growing up. He’s openly talked about it.
  • Fish sitting in a pineapple. Okay this one has me stumped. If y’all figure it out, comment!
  • “I’ll croon and make you swoon”. Sounds like a singer who’s used to charming a crowd.
  • Hidden Talent. I think people are taking this the wrong way. Most people would have no idea Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys is a rocker at heart. I think that’s what this means.


Week Two For Group B Clues

  • Revived His Love of Performing To a level he hasn’t felt since he was a kid. Now Nick has always been a passionate performer but he’s definitely fallen off the side projects a bit solo wise, I think this is true since now he’s doing streams and jumping back into the studio. This probably really did inspire him.
  • A 5 on the house – Oldest of five siblings, youngest of five Backstreet Boys
  • The Orange Trees – He grew up in Florida
  • Pirate Flag – reference to the fact he is a hard core Tampa Bucs fan, and a reference to a tattoo on his wrist. He loves pirates in general. His money clip is a skull and crossbones.
  • American Flag is a nod to his last solo album All American.
  • Crocodile Family Reunion 2014. 2014 is when he married Lauren, which signaled the beginning of a truly stable family life for Nick.
  • There’s a Mirror Ball, which of course goes back to his run on Dancing With The Stars.
  • The Hair Spray is a nod to what was considered one of the most iconic hair styles of the 90s.
  • Him singing on a tree stump. This is something he’s talked about in his book and his mom did in hers as well, he’d sing Bridge Over Troubled Waters to the flowers standing on a tree stump.
  • Giving his dad 100$ – this is referenced in his self-help book. He won it as a grand prize in a singing competition when he was ten.
  • A few years later, Shazam! When he was twelve, he joined the Backstreet Boys, and would become one of the biggest artists in music history, hence the reference to the Shazam music app. 
  • On a stage that looks like it would be a large outdoor arena in a huge city – Something that’s happened many, many times for an artist like Nick.
  • The bonus clue of dolphins in a crocodile pinata. Lauren is part mexican and Nick has always had a love of dolphins. There’s photos of him swimming with dolphins as a teenager and he was an ambassador for the “year of the dolphin” once. Also BSB’s first performance of course, was at Sea World when Nick was still a kid.


Group B Semi Finals Clues

Okay we all know it’s Nick after tonight’s clues. That said, picking them apart is still fun. 

  • 6 Continents In 100 Hours – JoJo Wright though it doesn’t say it, is the radio DJ friend in the clip, he first became close friends rather than acquaintances on their “Around The World In 100 Hours” trip they did to promote Black and Blue.
  • House of cards in the background is a nod towards Nick’s first reality TV show, House of Carters.
  • The Toy Boat is likely a reference to Nick Carter racing
  • On Air Sign is a nod to the We’ve Got It Going On music video that starts off as a “radio interview”.
  • Video game lover, do I need to explain this? Nick is infamous for loving games and of course, now has his Twitch Channel.
  • The space theme of the video game looks very very familiar, anyone else think this could be a nod to Larger Than Life? Admittedly this one could be coincidence but it looks like the scene where Kevin is piloting.
  • The Lottery Ticket is for a 130,000,000 grand priace…guess how many albums BSB have sold? Yup, over a 130,000,000 million worldwide to date.
  • The Bonus Clue which was brought out by Bee who was Gladys Knight on season one, shares the connection through the last name. Nick worked with Jordan Knight on both NKOTBSB and on their joint album Nick and Knight. Also she brought out a sign saying he was in a cult classic movie, well…that’s another reference to Edward Scissorhands, though some think it could be This Is The End. Both are true but I think it’s Edward Scissorhands that this was a clue towards.
  • This last one isn’t a clue I don’t think, but it’s interesting. Tonight Nick performed a song by Jesse McCartney, who was the Turtle last season. And the Turtle was originally designed for Nick before he had to turn it down due to not being available.


Super Six Clues

First off…I screamed when we found out Crocodile made it to the finals! Now we ALL know for a fact it’s Nick Carter. There’s not a question and hasn’t been for a few weeks. That said, it’s still fun to do this! I’m enjoying myself. So let’s go to the clues! 

  • Jeans Block – Well I think this refers to BSB’s “Outlook at Beals” ad, a clothing ad from their very beginnings. Or it’s a reference to his middle name Gene, and Backstreet. This one was an odd clue.
  • Mentions how being the Croc has given him the freedom to do all types of music. Nick has been plagued with the boybander stereotype that all of us get frustrated with. We know Nick is diverse.
  • Mentions his kids, which of course are Saiorse and Odin. Also talks about wanting them to have the love he didn’t had, another reference to his rough childhood.
  • 8 Hours after every show to get home – that’s how long it takes to get to LA from Vegas by car. (I know from actual experience.)
  • The “Super Clue” well, it made me think of Ninja Turtles. Nick is a fan. They’re in New York where he’s born. ALSO as my friend Julie (@rokofages75 on Twitter) pointed out to me, he’s part of a set. That pizza is cut into FIVE pieces and the rat took one away. Edit: I’ve also been told this could relate back to the viral Pizza Rat video from NY where Nick was born.
  • After his performance they reveal who he’s connected to. Nick said he’s glad to be back on screen with Craig Robinson again. Because they were together on the movie This Is The End.


The Performances

Week One – “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi


Week Two For Group B – “Toxic” by Britney Spears


Group B Semi-Finals – “Bleeding Love” by Jesse McCartney


Super Six – “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith


Holiday Sing Along – Silent Night


Check back each week for updates!
Okay we know it’s Nick. How proud are we all of him?!  Comment below!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About a Carter and a Crocodile

  1. The only thing that came to my mind about the pineapple was the “though skin but sweet inside” but who knows… and I saw someone saying the lyrics of the song he performend “it is now or never” could be a clue to his first solo album


  2. Whoever the crocodile is, he did a good job doing an impression of Jon Bon Jovi moves and voice in his performance. That led my theory to the music video I Just Want You To Know from the Backstreet Boys, in which Nick masters a mix of rockstars moves very convicingly as the vocalist of the fictitious rock band.


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