Songs That Save You, Thank You Backstreet Boys

Let’s call a spade a spade.

This year has tested us all. Perhaps in different ways but in the end that’s what’s been happening. Nothing has been simple or easy. We’ve all experienced disappointments this year outside the fandom and inside of it. That’s just what the effect of Coronavirus has been in our lives, whether you’ve been infected or someone you know has, or not. Nothing has been normal and no one is a hundred percent sure when normal will come back. I know it’s definitely changed everything for me, personally and I’m sure it has for you as well.

But I know when things are hard for me, music tends to be what heals me. It’s what reminds me things are going to be okay even if it seems like it won’t be right now. Music basically helps me feel what I need to feel while reminding me that no matter what it is I’m feeling, I’m not alone. And trust me when I say there’s been times in the past or even this year when I felt alone and needed to be reminded that I wasn’t, that others have felt and are feeling what I’m feeling, and that it will all be okay.

For me, one of those songs is Breathe. There is something so incredibly soothing and uplifting about that song. I’m so thankful they recorded it and put it on the DNA album. It’s tied as my favorite on there (along with Passionate) because of the way I’ve turned to it when I’ve gotten upset. It literally is a reminder to just stop and breathe, to remember that without darkness there can’t be light, you know? Another is Song For The Unloved, I mean one of the lines should explain pretty sustinctly One of the lines is this is a prayer that tomorrow will help me leave the past behind, which if that doesn’t sum up this year I’m not sure what will. One I do feel needs mentioning here is Nick’s solo song Second Wind, because that song is about not letting the world get you down. It’s something Nick has learned personally and it translates well in the song. Whatever happens, it will be fine because I’ll just come back again. Finally the last one I’ll mention for me personally as the list has gotten long over the years is In A World Like This, because that song is reminding you again and again that in a world like this, I know we’re going to make it.

When I was a kid, bullied and teased for much of my childhood? What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful was like an anthem to me. It’s something that over time basically helped embrace how weird I am (and I’m pretty damn weird and crazy, I admit it) and stop caring so freaking much what people thought. Backstreet Boys were a constant for me. It gave me the safe space I needed then and that still holds so freaking true today.

That’s the thing about music, it hits everyone differently. It reaches out and changes you. No matter who you are, where you’re from…what you did? As long as you love the music. Look at us, who knew we’d still be here happy to be fans of the same singing group. That’s just the effect it has on people. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s something to keep in mind. I’ve asked you guys a couple times what songs do this for you and why, and I’m happy to include a few of those in here. I loved reading them, I love knowing how many ways their songs have helped you guys, and how they continue to do so. It’s beautiful and beyond words. In fact if you have a song that lifts you up and you want to share why, comment below.

Here’s your song choices and the stories behind them.

Music just does something for the soul. It touches a special part of you and lights you up. I often wonder if the Backstreet Boys know how many lives they’ve touched. And I hope all of you know right here, right now, you are not alone. No matter how tough things seem, no matter how bad it feels, or how dark it looks, you have millions around the world ready to rally for you. It will be okay. We will get through this together. And I mean this in all seriousness. If you don’t feel okay reach out to my personal twitter. I’ll answer as soon as I can and I do have it open for message requests. It will get better.

I don’t know why music speaks to us so deeply but I’m so happy it does. Because no matter what, it will be that spark of light. As long as we remember to turn to it, and as long as we let it. The songs, the melodies, the harmonies? That’s why we’re all here. It’s why so many incredible friendships were made. It’s why we’ve traveled around, across the world in some cases. The effect it has can’t be understated. And that’s why I hope this post reminds you of it, and helps you remember to seek solace in the songs that have always been there as a constant for us.

In times like these, I’m simply thankful for the music.

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