Nick and AJ Saved 2020 and You Can’t Tell Me Otherwise


I don’t know if you guys noticed, but 2020? It’s a hot mess. A complete disaster.

This year, as summed up by a gif. 

I mean it’s just been rough. Any concert plans? Gone. Christmas album? Delayed till next year because the Boys want to record it together in person. Okay, I can’t blame them but still. For awhile practically any hopes of a Backstreet Boys sense of joy, events, moments? Crushed. Which sucks when back in February we were all so hyped up by the second leg DNA World Tour announcement. But now? Gone. Everyone except for essential workers are stuck working from home. Those who aren’t, like myself? We’re out working too much and wish we could stay home for a minute. There’s two extremes and no middle ground. Basically no one is happy. Things are rough.

But then…the announcement came.

AJ signed on to do Dancing With The Stars.

And suddently? The world got just a little bit brighter. We’d be seeing a Backstreet Boy weekly! Okay sure it was JUST ONE Boy, but hey in a year like this, that was just fine. That was something. Yes we also have the BSB Podcast but while we love hearing them and their stories, here we could see him. And I mean, watching Nick on Dancing With The Stars was beyond fun in 2015, we knew there woudl only be good things to come with AJ!

Not to mention the podcast! It’s been so honest and vulnerable. Kudos AJ for sharing your truths with us!

The world suddenly became a little less…trashy? Or at least we found an umbrella to shield us from the falling garbage.

Accurate depiction of fans once we realized a BSB was going to be on TV every week.

Yes it was still coming down but dammit this little bit of active fandom was protecting us! Or you know, at least our sanity. We figured that was all we were going to get. The other four were off enjoying the unexpected break to spend time with their families. And who could blame them? Hard to get mad when your favorites looked so happy.

Then Nick decided to come back to Twitch.

I say come back because admittedly he did it before and flaked. I don’t feel guilty saying it because he even admitted the other night on a stream that he knew everyone expected him to flake! He’s self aware. But he decided to turn this into a real thing! Hell he’s bought a new mic, a new computer, has a green screen set up…he’s gotten so into it. He’s back connecting with the fans again on social media and on Twitch, in ever way he can. And what’s better than an uncensored Backstreet Boy coming online multiple times a week?

Not to mention…he plans on streaming live from the studio while he records his new solo album.

Once this really took off, well…fans basically lost their minds. In the best way. Many of us feel the world is on fire but at least we had things like this to help us keep it together. Cause honestly, that’s what it’s about.

Living our best quarantine lives, honestly.  

And while I can’t technically list this, because I can’t prove it, (okay I probably can) well we’ll say a certain pink crocodile that embodies the spirit of Nick Carter has suddenly appeared in our lives. It gave many fans a lot of feelings. I mean who knew a giant pink pimped our crocodile singing Toxic could be seductive? Apparently it can. And since that thing has the “energy” of Nick, it’s definitely lifted a lot of damn spirits. Just the idea that it could be him is enough.

This gif had no point besides me wanting to use it. 

So thank you Nick and AJ for saving 2020. Honestly. This year is now ending on a halfway decent note! You two saved us. You are the superheroes of Backstreet. Y’all could’ve stayed dormant, we would’ve understood. (And absolutely no shade towards the Boys that did. Seriously, we understand. Enjoy your family time!) But damn if we don’t appreciate it. No this year isn’t perfect, but thanks to the two of them, maybe it’s a little less messy?


Anywho, if you need me…I’ll be out trying to find them some spandex and capes.

Well, maybe not capes. 

Either way, they need to look the part, am I right?

Thanks for rescuing the year, Boys. 

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